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Hello everyone

I have developed one customized software as well as demo(Trial Version) and setup for the same. Its working fine as expected.

This software uses MS Access database that will be located in C drive of the system.When i tried to install it on some machine,i got error for permissions,that is its not able to access C drive on every system.So i thought about another way out.

Now,i want to make setup like we get CDs from market that runs program only when we insert the cd.I am unable to figure out,where the database is being created for this type of CDs?

If we purchase game cds,then it remembers level,score,player name etc,that is it stores data somewhere. So my question is

1) How to make program/setup that runs only when we insert cd(No installation required)?

2) Which technique to be used as per as the database is concerned?

I expect your valuable responses. I really appreciate the same.
Updated 16-Jun-13 21:49pm

1 solution

1) Don't hard code any path in your program. Not even in setup. Let the user choose where to put program files. That applies to databases, too.
The benefit is that the user can choose a path that he has write permissions to.

2) There is software that uses a CD in the CD drive to check if you have a paid instance or if you simply copied the data off of someone's PC. The easiest way to do this is to store the path to a file on the CD during installation and check upon program start, if that file is accessible.
There are more sophisticated ways, but all of them are as doomed to fail just as the easy one is when some bloke feels has enough energy and intention to circumvent your measures.

3) You can run software directly from CD without installing. But you cannot store any data there. If you want to (like in your gaming example) you have to have access to a writable medium.

4) For autorun functionality, just place a file named autorun.inf in the root directory of your distribution medium and let it contain
action=Descriptive text to let user know what will happen when running your software
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