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how can i calculate the age of user when he selects a age in calendar control. i want this to done when button is clicked.I used a txtbox and below it a calendar control. how can i do this without using ajax.Suppose when user selects 2/12/1987 then in database automatically age=26 yr should be submiteed.Thnks.
_Damian S_ 18-Jun-13 2:35am
Why do you want to store the persons age in the database rather than their date of birth?
Rambo_Raja 18-Jun-13 2:39am
ah ;) i know that its not good to keep age in DB but i just want this only to be done..
Member 10721202 10-Apr-14 16:08pm
he how to date calaulation after age see

1 solution

Age is a little more complex than you might think! See here: Working with Age: it's not the same as a TimeSpan![^]
Rambo_Raja 18-Jun-13 3:01am
hi!...can i use javascript to get age...?
Rambo_Raja 18-Jun-13 3:04am
code in javascript is as: function ageCount() {
var date1 = new Date();
var dob= document.getElementById("dob").value;
var date2=new Date(dob);
var pattern = /^\d{1,2}\/\d{1,2}\/\d{4}$/; //Regex to validate date format (dd/mm/yyyy)
if (pattern.test(dob)) {
var y1 = date1.getFullYear(); //getting current year
var y2 = date2.getFullYear(); //getting dob year
var age = y1 - y2; //calculating age
document.write("Age : " + age);
return true;
} else {
alert("Invalid date format. Please Input in (dd/mm/yyyy) format!");
return false;
OriginalGriff 18-Jun-13 3:17am
You can do it in JS, but you would need code very similar to that in the C# link I gave you.

BTW: If you want a JavaScript solution in future, you should put that in your question rather than C#...
Member 13975474 1-Jan-21 1:57am
Is Dob a textbox or asp calendar?
Rambo_Raja 18-Jun-13 3:24am

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