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can you help to find the Mixed nodes in the given XML?

<child id="1">
word text <name>first name</name> word text
<child id="2">
word text

<xsl:template match="*">
******* it should be check current node is mixed node or not *******
******* mixed node : it contains both text + nodes *******
<xsl:if test="self = mixed-node">


1 solution

There is no such thing as "mixed nodes". I think your difficulty is related to the case where you have the node <name>first name</name> "in the middle of other text". In fact, there is no such thing. From the DOM standpoint, the actual hierarchy looks like this:

Element: "child"
   Text node: "word text "
   Element: "name"
       Text node: "first name"
   Text node: "word text"

Are you getting the idea? There is no any "mixed" nodes here. Instead of having a text node with some content in the middle, you have two separate ones. I hope it will help you.

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codeninja-C# 24-Jun-13 1:57am    
Hi SA,
Thanks for your response My +5.
I know there is no key word to find mixed-nodes in Xpath.
My understanding is,
if count(text()) > 0
then current node is mixed node
please correct me if i am wrong

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