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I am trying to to do is if you hold the shift key when moving the mouse from one point to another that it would fill in between them. I don't seem to know how to do it. I have so far if someone could help me please?

//Set the draw Function
function DrawCanvas(xpos, ypos, PressedDown,PressedShift) 
	var cwidth = document.getElementById('canvasWidth').value;
	var ccolour = document.getElementById('canvasColour').value;
	//Check if Mouse is Pressed Down
    if (PressedDown) 
		//Start drawing a new path
		//Set Stroke Style
        canvascontext.strokeStyle = ccolour;
		//Set Line Tickness
        canvascontext.lineWidth = cwidth;
		//Set the Linse Style to Default Round
        canvascontext.lineJoin = "round";
		//Go to the Current Point of the Cursor
        canvascontext.moveTo(currentXpos, currentYpos);
		//Draw Straight Line From Current Position
        canvascontext.lineTo(xpos, ypos);
			canvascontext.arc(currentXpos, currentYpos,50,0,currentYpos, false);
			//End the Current Path

		//Make the Drawing Visible
	//Set X and Y Positions to Current X and Y Positions
    currentXpos = xpos;
    currentYpos = ypos;

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