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Hello friends,

I have created one blank excel file with "Sample1" sheet name and placed in one folder. My requirement is, I have one button and when button is clicked, I need to write some data in excel file and then excel file will be downloaded, this all concept is written in [WebMethod] which is called by jquery ajax method.

When [WebMethod] is called then I copy blank excel file in specific folder and write content into it and then download that excel file, My problem is, I want to download excel file with specific sheet name. Suppose, sample blank excel file sheet name is "Sample1" then downloaded file sheet name should be "Sample1" but when I open downloaded file then sheet name is changed with the file name.

        context.Response.ContentType = GetMimeTypeByFileName(System.IO.Path.GetExtension(fileExtension);
        context.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"" + fileName + "\"");

virusstorm 8-Aug-13 11:42am    
When you copy the Excel file and write the data, are you writing it to the "Sample1" sheet?
Imran Khan Pathan 16-Aug-13 5:49am    
yes, actually my file name is "SampleExcelSheet" with sheet name is "Sample1" and when I copy, My file name will be "Sample1" with sheet "Sample1", but suppose, when you download first time, it will be "sample1" but second time, it will be "Sample1_1" something like that, no matter what will be file name during download, but sheet name should maintain its name

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