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Assume this is my agent code

'DGP 1 01052013'

DGP is string

the last 8 digit is the current date and the in between integer is unique code ,its should be increase for every agent entry

it should be like

DGP 2 01052013
DGP 3 01052013
DGP 10 01052013

DGP 100 01052013
no spaces between the code.

VICK 29-Oct-13 1:27am    
What have you tried and Where You are stuck?? Post your query..
King Fisher 29-Oct-13 1:52am    
select right(advisor_code,8)from tbl_advisor_table

select (SUBSTRING (advisor_code,4,100)) from tbl_advisor_table

this is upto ma knowledge

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King Fisher 29-Oct-13 2:00am    
i wanna increase the middle value
Thanks7872 29-Oct-13 2:08am    
Go through that Article,learn how to do that an implement it.
King Fisher 29-Oct-13 2:39am    
yes i do,
create table  ad
Id int identity(1,1),
Pid as case  len(Id) when 1 then 'DGP'+' '+convert(varchar,ID)+' '+'01052013'
when 2 then 'DGP'+convert(varchar,ID)+'01052013'
else 'DGP'+convert(varchar,ID)

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King Fisher 29-Oct-13 2:30am    
it s nice .thank u
King Fisher 29-Oct-13 2:40am    
the last string should be the current date..
King Fisher 7-Dec-13 7:52am    
i hope u can ..
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King Fisher 7-Apr-15 2:38am    
I got solved this Question 1.5 yr ago. ;)
CHill60 7-Apr-15 3:27am    
Not only is this an old question (as the OP has pointed out to you) but your solution has nothing to do with the actual problem!

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