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Hello All,

This is kind of irritating me,

Now i have an excel sheet which has some rows. Find below the example

Service        Status        
-------        -------
Value 1        OnGoing
Value 1        Completed
Value 2        OnGoing

I have another sheet which contains a combo box and in the combo box, i have value1 and value 2 as the items. Now when i click on Value 1 i should get 1 ongoing and 1 completed, But what i am getting as result is 2 as ongoing and 1 as Completed. How do i sort this out?

Updated 15-Dec-13 8:45am
phil.o 12-Nov-13 5:45am    
You tagged 'VBA'. Is there some VBA code involved in the process? If so, that could be helpful to see it :)
Edit: the title of your question is misleading, you should correct it and find a better summary ('getting the count of a text' suggests the problem is finding the length of a specific string)
CHill60 12-Nov-13 14:48pm    
As phil.o says.. post the code that is causing the problem otherwise we can't help
thatraja 16-Dec-13 6:01am    
Where is DD?

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