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I have a Console Application made in Visual Studio 2013, Framework 3.5, c# and I want a Silent Installation in other PC.
I have tried with InstallShield but I have to buy the license.
I have read to use "msiexec.exe" but I do not have .msi file.. I only have the .exe file in Debug folder...
Any Ideas?
Ron Beyer 24-Jan-14 8:56am    
Typically silent installations are for installing files from other installers. Is this your goal? How are you going to have the user initiate the installation?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Jan-14 9:35am    
MSI file is not something that you need to have, this is what you create with some installation frameworks...

Yes, VS 2013 does not provide any installation framework, and I think this is good; the one which was supplied with VS 2008/2010 wasn't good enough. I would highly recommend open-source WiX toolset:[^],[^].

Unlike former Visual Studio Setup project templates and unlike InstallShield, WiX has thorough support of MSBuild project standard and a very good integration with Visual Studio. For further thoughts in support of this option, please see my past answers:
installshield and Visual Studio 2012[^],
Custom setup project[^],
How to conditionally install components based on processor architecture type (32-bit or 64-bit)?[^].

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You have to create another project in your existing solution.

Right-click your solution in Solution Explorer, choose 'Add' -> 'New Project'

Select 'Other type of project' -> 'Installation and deployment' (I'm not sure of the translation, as I do not have the english version currently installed).

From there you should be able to select which project you want to deploy, and configure the process.

Good luck :)
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