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Write a programme to create a webpage that prints the name of the STUDENT database in Wide Latin font and set the subtitle with description of the STUDENT to the screen. Set the page layout to the webpage. Insert one image after the database with a Thank you note.
Updated 27-Jan-14 5:35am
H.Brydon 27-Jan-14 10:20am    
Sorry, but this site is not for doing homework, "fix my program" or writing code for you. You need to try a little harder...
phil.o 27-Jan-14 10:33am    
It's not a matter of kindness; you really should learn to try and do your own homework.
Basically what you are asking for is cheating.

1 solution

If you have a specific programming problem then we are more than happy to help. We do expect that you should be able to show some code or evidence that you have tried to solve the problem so that we can advise you where you are going wrong. It's not fair on you if we write the code for you - most of the developers who answer questions are experienced professional developers so we may solve something without you getting an understanding of what we wrote; and if you don't understand what we have written then you probably will not be able to progress much further in your course.

What I will do is let you know what steps I would take.

  1. What are the requirements? Break them down into smaller steps - but keep away from thinking in terms of code at this point.
    • Have I adequately broken the problem down? Do I need to break the problem down further still?

    • Do I have a complete set of requirements at this stage?

    • Have I accounted for problem cases?
  2. Now that I have the requirements, order them and prioritise them.
  3. Break each requirement down into nice small, testable program elements.
  4. Write and test my code.
  5. Review the code. Does my final code satisfy ALL the requirements in 1?
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thatraja 27-Jan-14 10:42am    
joshrduncan2012 27-Jan-14 11:06am    
Nice. +5.
Pete O'Hanlon 27-Jan-14 11:12am    
Thanks. I don't want to discourage.

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