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i want to print all the images in a folder by using Processstartinfo.verb="print" command

i have the code to print single image like this
dim psinfo as new processstartinfo

but i want to print more images at a time by using this command. in Folder if i select all images(Ctrl+A) and then RightClick and then print. then this is working fine and printing all images. in the same way i want to print images using if Anyone know how to do this please reply....
Updated 16-Oct-18 3:31am

1 solution

check below code

For Each file In IO.Directory.GetFiles(folderPath)
        Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo(file )
        If psi.Verbs.Contains("print") Then
            psi.Verb = "print"
            psi.UseShellExecute = True
            psi.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
            psi.CreateNoWindow = True
            MessageBox.Show("No 'print' verb associated with file extension " & IO.Path.GetExtension(file))
        End If
    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try
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pullareddy S 23-Apr-14 1:25am    
hi ,Thanks for your reply..
For PNG images This condition always showing "False" psi.Verbs.Contains("print")
if i skip the above line i am getting a error "object reference not set to an instance of an object" at Process.Start(psi).WaitForExit()

can you please check once please.
DamithSL 23-Apr-14 1:36am    
that's true, there is no print verb for PNG files.
pullareddy S 23-Apr-14 2:13am    
hi Damith,
even PNG dont have "print" but we can print in the above code. i no need to check for the print verb. My main requirement here is i want to bind ALL images in a Folder to a SINGLE printwindow (single processstartinfo) .how can i do this .....
pullareddy S 23-Apr-14 1:35am    
And also if i run by commenting .WaitForExit() .i got 5 different windows of print for 5 images.but i want only one window with 5 images one by 1 by showing image 1 of 5, 2 of 5 like that...please check...

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