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I am creating search fuctionality for my website. I have one textbox and button, user can enter any search term in textbox and i checks whether it is present in my table or not through stored procedure. @cat parameter contains user search term...
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sps_search]
@cat nvarchar(100)
	select * from tbl_adregister where category like '%'+@cat+'%'

In table (tbl_adregister) the column(category) stores the category id and there is seperate table(tbl_category) for storing category names(category_name) and id(category_id).
My problem is user enters text value in search box and how can i match it with the table(tbl_category).
[no name] 9-May-14 7:28am    
Can't you do a join on the category id?

use SQL JOIN[^]

select ta.* from tbl_adregister ta join tbl_category tc on ta.category_id =tc.category_id  where tc.category_name like '%'+@cat+'%'
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Belwo statement should do the work ;)
select r.*, c.*
from tbl_adregister AS r INNER JOIN tbl_category AS c ON r.category = c.category_id
where c.category like %@cat%
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