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I have an array with 4 values(mouse coordinates. When i left click it sends the values to the array

Point p2 = PointToClient(Cursor.Position);
            string coords = string.Format("({0},{1})", p2.X, p2.Y);
            imgcoor[0] = p2.X;
            imgcoor[1] = p2.Y;
            imgcoor[2] = p2.X;
            imgcoor[3] = p2.Y;
            TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter("xk24.txt");
            tw.WriteLine(imgcoor[0].ToString() + "," + imgcoor[1].ToString() + "," + imgcoor[2].ToString() + "," + imgcoor[3].ToString());

The problem I am having is it only writes once. Like I hit on left click twice and it takes imgcoor[0-3]. What I want to do is doing this operation repeatedly and each 2 clicks will be on one line but I can't get it to work. Any ideas and help appreciated.

So when i first click it should write to xk24.txt like 497,300,499,300
and when i hit left click again it should record it to the second line.

It seems like it records it once and closes the file and doesn't rewrite :(
TolgaCiftci 21-May-10 8:45am    
Thank you for all your help I got my answers.
OriginalGriff 21-May-10 10:08am    
In answer to your comment "what is the difference between File.AppendText(path) and StreamWriter(path, true)".
In practice, none - the probability is that the AppendText will call StreamWriter with a "true" parameter. I would use the AppendText because it is more obvious to a casual read than "true" on the end of a StreamWriter command. Others will, I am sure, disagree!

Of course it does - the StreamWriter creates a new file each time you call it!
Use the File.AppendText method:
using (StreamWriter sw = File.AppendText("xk24.txt")) 
        sw.WriteLine(imgcoor[0].ToString() + "," + imgcoor[1].ToString() + "," + imgcoor[2].ToString() + "," + imgcoor[3].ToString());
Plus, it is a VERY good idea to encapsulate your file access in a using block - until the file is disposed, it may not be available for more writing.
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TolgaCiftci 21-May-10 8:36am    
Sorry I am new to programming what exactly the difference between appendText and StreamWriter? just before you answered I added a boolean and it worked but I want to learn the difference. TextWriter

tw = new StreamWriter("xk24.txt",true); This is what i did and worked but your code also works so what are the differences?
I would use File.AppendAllText or File.WriteAllText instead, because it's cleaner, and it always cleans up after itself.
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You should append the text to the file. Change your code like following

TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter("xk24.txt",true);

Here the second argument is append
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