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I'm looking to build a tool on the web so that users can actually build their own powerpoint slides using the data from my site.

I've tried using jquery UI with limited success,but more complex features take too long to develop. I love the ways google's presentation tool works and would be happy if I could build something close to that.

I'm looking for way to accomplish this task, using libraries or embedding code, whatever. am just looking for ideas on how to go about getting this done.
First advice: forget PowerPoint. This is proprietary software. Create your own.
qadirv 27-Oct-14 10:22am
Well, I have a workable solution in mind, but my jquery/javacript skills are average.I tried building it, and it's not the most user friendly solution available.
If you know someway I could maybe get the presentation builder working through an iframe, or maybe integrate some tools, I'd be looking at a faster solution.

What I've tried so far is to use jquery to build slides, and then export them using openXML. It's worked with my tests so far, but I still need to go into more details with each and every feature of the tool working side by side... which is quite a task.
So I'm looking for something easier to build. Any ideas would be helpful!

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qadirv 27-Oct-14 10:18am
Thanks Maciej,
But what I'm looking for is a way to build the presentation, and then export to powerpoint. Not to just display the presentation.
Any other suggestions ?
Maciej Los 27-Oct-14 10:43am
Yes, please see updated answer ;)
qadirv 27-Oct-14 10:54am
Hi Maciej,

About the first link, this allows me to embed a powerpoint presentation I create on to my website, which is not what I'm looking for.
I'm looking for a way to allow my users to create their own presentations on my site, and then allow them to export the file to powerpoint.

Currently I'm using OpenXML to do the export. I convert the HTML into OpenXML and the try to export the file as a powerpoint slide. This part is diffcult because I then need to define a position, size, and type for every image, text, graphs, shapes etc. this becomes quite tedious to do, so I'm looking for a more elegant and cleaner solution. This would work eventually and I know it, but I'm just looking to see if there's a faster way out!

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