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I am beginner in coding and studying BCA in nepal and want to have more knowledge on C programming and other programming language. Can I start from beginning and learn these programming here.
Updated 25-Dec-14 2:15am

in my opinion, you will be needing following resources:
1). books
2). online resources
3). IDE
books~~ the definitive book on C would be The_C_Programming_Language[^]
Undoubtedly it is a great book, but i had a tough time with it as the language was highly technical and i had no understanding of compilers/operating system at the time.
So i switched to "C_In_Depth by S K Srivastava[^]", check if its available in Nepal. The english was easy and the code examples were bug free to great extent.
Another good book with lots of code and good explanation is
Deitel & Deitel "C How to Program". To try out the code in this one, you will need the Microsoft Visual Studio express edition.
Apart from these, there are many other great books, which you can refer to later on, once your basics are clear.

online resources~~Google for 'C Tutorials' you can easily find many sites\tutorials on the internet.
I would recommend having a look at Alex Allain's

IDE~~an integrated development environment where you can type compile and execute code.I would recommend codelite[^]. It's quite resourceful,light and runs on major operating systems.

Don't just read the theory. Install the IDE and try out the code examples.Try to solve the exercises at the end of chapters. Be as hands-on as possible.

hope this helps !!
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Read Let Us C by Balaguruswamy....

Nice book for Beginners
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If you're going to start off, then first of all you should learn the concept of programming being used today, that is Object-oriented programming. Other types are also used, such as functional programming but OOP is widely used.[^].

To learn C programming, do read the tutorials and information provided on this website,[^]. Not only this, you might also like to read some other blogs that are teaching C programming language, and again it is a positive response that you can learn these concepts from CodeProject, but no one would like to answer a question such as, "Why is 1 stored in an int and not in char?". These are basics, and we need you to learn these yourself if you get into trouble like errors while execution then we would welcome you here to learn them and ask questions here.

Do give this blog post a read, New Developers and the Importance of C[^]
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Dec-14 12:26pm    
You are talking more of C++ (OOP, etc.), not C...
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 25-Dec-14 13:07pm    
Oh yes, I almost missed this part. But as C is more like a C++ nowadays, it won't be a trouble, learning C++ or C, they can be written and compiled with same thing. For example, if you include C library it is a C program, if you include the C++ library to the same project, it is a C++ program. Only thing missing is a the class keyword in C, which is added in C++.

Correct me, if I'm wrong. :-)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Dec-14 15:02pm    
Not exactly. There are some incompatibilities which make your statement wrong. Please see:

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