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I am a starter in c# and I have a small knowledge. I have made a windows application on c# that shutdwon windows servers in my network remotely. I have a v-center server that hosts two Virtual Hosts. my issue is how to shutdown the host:
I tried to write a code to shutdwon the hosts using VIX API in c#, I couldn't find a code to shutdown. All I get is to disconnect them.

Here is my code

    VMWareVirtualHost host = new VMWareVirtualHost();

    host.ConnectToVMWareVIServer("", "root","123456");


    IVMWareVirtualMachine machine = new VMWareVirtualMachine();

    machine = host.Open("[] Kerio contarol.vmxf");


    if (machine.IsRunning == true)
        MessageBox.Show("Machine is running");
        MessageBox.Show("Machine is not rinning");

catch(Exception ex)
Updated 11-Apr-15 20:18pm
Joan Magnet 7-Apr-15 11:13am    
Have you tried to do not call host.Disconnect() just after calling host.ConnectToVMWareVIServer(---)?

There is an example in CodeProject.
Member 10685840 8-Apr-15 4:43am    
I have looked at that link before, but it does not illustrate how to connect to a virtual machine in a network remotely neither how to shutdown the host.
Member 10685840 8-Apr-15 5:50am    
I have solved my second issue which i could connect to virtual machine as I was adding the wrong virtual machine configuration file which is ("[] Kerio contarol.vmxf"); while the right path is ([datastore1] Kerio contarol/Kerio contarol.vmx).
Joan Magnet 8-Apr-15 7:24am    
Powering Off a Virtual Machine

Connect to the host on which the virtual machine is located. Refer to Connecting to a Host.
Get a handle to the virtual machine. Refer to Getting a Handle to a Virtual Machine.
Use the virtual machine handle in a call to VixVM_PowerOff().
Example 3-12.

VixError err = VIX_OK;
VixHandle jobHandle = VIX_INVALID_HANDLE;

// Power off the virtual machine.
jobHandle = VixVM_PowerOff(vmHandle,
0, // powerOffOptions,
VIX_INVALID_HANDLE, // propertyListHandle,
NULL, // callbackProc,
NULL); // clientData
err = VixJob_Wait(jobHandle, VIX_PROPERTY_NONE);
if (VIX_OK != err) {
// Handle the error...
goto abort;
Member 10685840 8-Apr-15 8:49am    
Thank you for your replay, but I have solved the issue on how to shutdown the virtual machine.
Note: powering off the machine is not safe as shutting down.
my code was right, except that i mistaken the configuration path. the right code is as follow:

VMWareVirtualHost host = new VMWareVirtualHost();
host.ConnectToVMWareVIServer("", "root","123456");
IVMWareVirtualMachine machine = new VMWareVirtualMachine();
machine = host.Open("[datastore1] Kerio contarol/Kerio contarol.vmx");
The current problem is how to shutdown the host itself.

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