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I am trying to write a program in hmmm assembly that will take two user inputs and find the least common multiple of them....lines 00-07 calculate the greatest common denominator, and that part definitely works--it's the last few line I am having trouble with. Can you help me work this out?

LCM = """
00 read r1            #get n
01 read r2            #get m
02 jeqzn r2, 7       #jump to line 8
03 copy r3, r1      #save old n
04 copy r4, r2      #save old m
05 copy r1, r2      #set n = m
06 mod r2, r3, r2  #m = n_old % m
07 jumpn 2           #jump to line 2
08 mul r5, r3, r4    #n * m
09 div r6, r5, r1     #n * m / gcd(n, m)
10 write r1              #write lcm
11 halt
Updated 9-Apr-15 8:23am
BacchusBeale 8-Apr-15 20:10pm    
I don't know this language but line 2: "If rX = 0 then set program counter to address #" goes to line 7 and line 7 goes back again to line 2. Infinite loop?

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