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Hi! I need to write Client/Server Application and I want to use LINQ Entities to send them over WCF to client. But when client would modify some data and send them back to the Server. I cant use built in LINQ to SQL concurrent access control. How I can realize concurrent access control?
Updated 6-Aug-10 21:29pm

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1) To send the entities over the net, you need to decorate the entities by using DataContract attribute and the fields by DataMember attribute.
2) For concurrency, follow these steps
1) when you are getting the data from the back end to the client side, get the last modified field.
2) From the client side, fill the entity with the latest value
3) Along with all the other fields, send the last modified field
4) In your update statements(LINQ) include the where clause for this last modified
5) Check how many rows got affected
6) If it is more than one, then success (No cocurrency issues)
7) If it is zero, then some concurrency issues

I hope this helps!.

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Good one
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Vinayak thaks for answer

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