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by Stephen Cleary
How to detect a dropped TCP/IP connection
by Fredrik Bornander
How to implement an iPhone style icon menu using the .NET Compact Framework.
by Tamer Oz
PocketPcAgent is an application that can be installed on Windows Mobile devices that are running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher. The application listens to events such as SMS Received, Call Missed, E-Mail Received, Battery Strength Changed, and much more on the Pocket PC.
by Brian P. Adams
A full-featured Task Manager for Windows Mobile.

Latest Articles

by John Newcombe
6502 Cross Assembly using MacOS and Atom
by John Newcombe
6502 Cross Assembly for the Apple II using MacOS
by Lee P Richardson
Xamarin vs Ionic: A Mobile, Cross Platform, Shootout
by defwebserver
You can create database driven .Net Core applications using JavaScriptServices, and PrimeNG.

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21 Apr 2009 by Fredrik Bornander
How to implement an iPhone style icon menu using the .NET Compact Framework.
7 Sep 2009 by Tamer Oz
PocketPcAgent is an application that can be installed on Windows Mobile devices that are running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher. The application listens to events such as SMS Received, Call Missed, E-Mail Received, Battery Strength Changed, and much more on the Pocket PC.
17 Feb 2008 by Brian P. Adams
A full-featured Task Manager for Windows Mobile.
19 Dec 2007 by Bryan Sachdeva
This article describes how to create a wrapper class for the native Phone API, and then uses it to retrieve and store the call history.
13 Mar 2017 by defwebserver
You can create database driven .Net Core applications using JavaScriptServices, and PrimeNG.
13 Aug 2012 by gggustafson
This article discusses two lessons learned during the development of a mobile application.
14 Jan 2009 by Anil_gupta
This article describes how to get notification when a Windows CE based device is connected or disconnected from a desktop machine.
15 Dec 2010 by EFEaglehouse
Windows CE/Mobile printing client for LPR, LPRng, and Socket API.
13 Aug 2014 by Qwertie
In the netherworld between T[] and List
6 Oct 2010 by guidebee
Code example on how to draw enhanced graphics 2D pictures on Windows Mobile
4 Apr 2008 by tommykkk
How restart Windows Mobile device in application.
1 Apr 2011 by Arik Poznanski
Flashcards.Show – Planning a Cross-Platform Solution
10 Jun 2005 by RescoDeveloper.Net
Resco MobileForms Toolkit is a set of .NET controls designed specifically for mobile devices.
1 Oct 2007 by RescoDeveloper.Net
The article describes the suite of Visual Studio controls, tools and samples designed for mobile business application development, targeting Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
3 Jan 2008 by RescoDeveloper.Net
This article introduces a set of sophisticated and versatile Visual Studio controls for designing a user interface on a mobile device.
30 Apr 2008 by RescoDeveloper.Net
This article is about displaying data in mobile applications built on the .NET Compact Framework platform. It demonstrates several typical data structures and their visualization on the small display of a mobile device.
1 Apr 2009 by Resco Developer Tools
Resco’s brand new mobile business solution prototype for inventory management.
4 Aug 2009 by bobleith
Using NTILE with Cross Reference Values to Create Dimensions
3 Oct 2009 by Balamurali Balaji
A mobile application for converting numbers from one base to another.
18 Feb 2010 by Ming_Lu
A custom VScrollbar to make DataGrid finger flickable.
14 Apr 2010 by Resco Developer Tools
There are hundreds of different applications being developed — simple consumer as well as complex enterprise mobile solutions that are able to replace desktop environment. Although, the postulates for a mobile app are more or less clear, the success of a mobile project is not always guaranteed.
30 Jun 2010 by Resco Developer Tools
Would you believe that a functional mobile app can be built before you finish a cup of coffee? Probably not. But I would like to convince you that the reverse is true. Read on to find out the details.
12 Oct 2011 by Resco Developer Tools
The article contains the sample and the guide for creating a user interface of Windows Mobile application for booking flights and renting cars with Resco MobileForms Toolkit.
11 Oct 2013 by ASP.NET Community
While professional developers are waiting for the Visual Studio Tools and Designers for SQL Server Compact 4.0, I will show how impatient developers
25 Sep 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
A level program written for the Zune using the XNA framework.
25 Mar 2008 by Qwertie
Demonstrates a variety of Windows Forms data binding features through several simple examples.
24 Oct 2014 by Pavel Torgashov
Custom text editor with syntax highlighting
20 Jan 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Wrapper and sample programs demonstrating the use of the Skyhook Wireless XPS SDK (hybrid position system using GPS, WiFi Positioning, and Celltower positioning)
28 Apr 2005 by Thomas Kurek
Unsatisfied with the accuracy of code online that assumes the Earth is a sphere, I have implemented the oblate spheroid model used in GPS.
28 Feb 2010 by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
How the .NET Framework Stopwatch class can be used to measure and compare algorithm runtime with a high accuracy
14 Oct 2008 by Jaime Olivares
A useful control that mimics most of the PropertyGrid functionality in the .NET Compact Framework.
19 Jan 2004 by Microsoft - Compact Framework
Generating GUIDs on the Pocket PC
20 Sep 2011 by Soroush Falahati
Introducing a class for generating 3D images (Stereoscopic and Anaglyph) from DepthMaps.
10 Nov 2014 by Stephen Cleary
One difficulty of the IDisposable interface overcome with the Disposable Design Principle.
12 Jun 2008 by Fredrik Bornander
An article on creating an iPhone style ListBox.
8 Jan 2010 by Matjaž Prtenjak
Implementing remote access to .NET enabled devices.
4 Sep 2008 by Ernest Laurentin
Multimedia PeakMeter control - .NET version
13 Jul 2006 by Jaroslaw Kowalski
Introduction to managing diagnostic traces with NLog.
30 Dec 2007 by Snews
A control that mimics the look-n-feel of iTunes and the iPod manager.
1 Sep 2013 by Sudhanshu SP Gupta
A multilevel puzzle game to apply some arrangement through touch and click to destroy every target under given tap chances !!
17 Apr 2006 by Werner Willemsens
This article shows how to use DCOM on Windows CE 5.0. We will add full DCOM rich error information, and implement a DCOM interface between a Windows XP .NET 2.0 client and Windows CE DCOM server. With this code, it is possible to code .NET remoting alike functionality through DCOM interop.
20 Jun 2009 by Stephen Cleary
Threadsafe events
30 Dec 2007 by Scott Dorman
Explains how to properly implement the IDisposable interface, the Dispose Pattern, and deterministic finalization.
9 Nov 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize to XML, any generic, derived, or other complex type, which XMLSerializer cannot serialize
22 Nov 2009 by Dimitri Witkowski
SQLite lacks case-insensitive sort of UTF8 data. In this article, you will see how to get rid of this limitation in .NET.
8 Jan 2009 by paulyhop
A DynDNS updater for the Compact Framework.
3 Jul 2008 by RescoDeveloper.Net
This article describes how to use the built-in camera and microphone of a mobile device in business applications targeting .NET Compact Framework.
17 Sep 2009 by Atanu Mandal
Windows Mobile - attractive UI (description about AlphaMobilecontrols).
17 Jan 2011 by Bert O Neill
Get updates to your browser immediately when a change has occurred within the database.
31 Jul 2008 by Joel Ivory Johnson
An article discussing the various methods that you can use to automatically start an application on Windows Mobile, either by schedule or in reaction to a system event.
14 Jun 2007 by Oleg Levin
Introduction to working with LINQ and DataSets in Compact Framework 3.5 Beta 1
17 Apr 2014 by Antonio Nakić Alfirević
Creating a library for persisting the application state data between work sessions
4 Jul 2010 by Amit Kumar Tiwari
This code sends automatic SMS to birthday boys/girls :) from phone
4 Dec 2008 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Program for displaying CallerID information on computer and muting computer sounds while on phone.
14 Aug 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
10 Jun 2004 by Michael Wolski
This article describes the development of C# code that allows you to send consumer IR codes from your mobile device using the audio port.
15 Apr 2006 by Raj Lal
A dynamic web application needs an admin section for CRUD actions on the records/tables in the database. Wouldn't it be nice to have a database admin, which can be plugged to any web application? Just give your SQL connection string and it dynamically manages all table operations in just five pages.
30 May 2009 by Frank Th. van de Ven
Terminate a process, or check if it is running, using the full file path. It also enumerates processes returning the full path to the running EXE file.
10 Jun 2008 by Florin Badea
This article presents a mobile device application that uses serial ports to simulate a Bluetooth connection.
8 Jan 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
A guide to get a Windows Mobile Professional dev environment up and running for those who cannot acquire Visual Studio.
19 Dec 2007 by Fredrik Bornander
An article on creating a better looking ProgressBar for Windows Mobile 5
22 Jan 2012 by Ali Daneshmandi
Restaurant and Waiter project! (WPF - Windows Mobile)
28 Mar 2017 by Lee P Richardson
Xamarin vs Ionic: A Mobile, Cross Platform, Shootout
2 Jun 2004 by Jonas Follesø
An article on Pocket PC game development.
7 Feb 2010 by Paul B.
Sample WCF clients for three different platforms with no code duplication and no generated proxies.
19 Aug 2008 by Jon Person, A. Philip Smith
In part three of the series, the authors of the "GIS.NET" mapping component for .NET explain how to write a geographic mapping engine which can display geographic coordinates. Source code is provided which can pan and zoom a sample geographic object (the state of Nebraska), in C# and VB.NET.
22 Mar 2010 by Joel Ivory Johnson
My experience with the Windows Marketplace for Mobile for 6.x devices and the certification process.
3 Apr 2013 by Bert O Neill
Create test project for client, server and GUI layers of a MVC application - so that they can then be incorporated into a continuous integration server build
6 Jan 2009 by Dr.Luiji
It's a Media Player that works with transparency effects, plays MP3 and Wav files, displays the tag if present, and displays the album art image if present.
5 Feb 2011 by RameshSengamalai
DataGrid in WPF using SQL Server Compact 3.5 Sp1
16 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
Shadow copied applications aren't locked by the loader, so they can be updated/substituted at runtime.
16 Feb 2010 by dawright, ProtoBytes
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
12 Dec 2008 by BillLange1968
This article shows how to create a casual (easy, simple, and fun) puzzle game in managed code for Windows Mobile devices.
29 Jul 2008 by freedeveloper
A small guide to create localized resources with Compact Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
2 Feb 2009 by Babak Ansari
Work with the PtxRfidNet.dll SDKs to read/write RFID tags and Farsi language in hand-helds.
29 May 2013 by Ron Beyer
Developing a component licensing system in .NET.
18 Aug 2004 by Sprotty
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
30 Sep 2008 by M Palmér
Scroll horizontally in a ListView to ensure visibility of a subitem
12 Jan 2009 by Thomas Gerber
A password safe with a touch screen UI introducing Fluid Controls.
26 Nov 2007 by Fredrik Bornander
An article describing how to do fast image rotation on the .NET Compact Framework
12 Apr 2011 by David Veeneman
This series describes how to create modern desktop applications using the Microsoft Desktop Stack -- WPF, Entity Framework 4, and SQL Server Compact Edition 4. The series covers creating a WPF app designed around the MVVM pattern, integrating WPF with Entity Framework 4, using Entity Framework 4.
11 Jun 2009 by brochpirate
Audio player designed specifically for listening to audio books
28 Sep 2008 by AndrewSmith
A plunge into creating a fast, full text index, with advanced searching capabilites.
12 May 2009 by Ziad Elmalki
The game Reversi for Windows Mobile using the Compact Framework.
2 Jan 2009 by BrainThump
We'll build a call management application for Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x which can programatically ignore, send to voicemail, or SMS-respond to unwanted calls.
14 Dec 2009 by Qwertie
A family of array-like list structures that let you take fast snapshots at any instant in time.
25 Aug 2013 by Qwertie
Protobuf-net is a fast and complete .NET library for serialization based on Google's Protocol Buffers. And this is a really short manual.
17 Sep 2007 by Robin Jet
Upgrading to a new Visual Studio means installing on a few developer machines - upgrading to target a new framework (3.5) means ensuring that every client of the application has the new framework installed. With Visual Studio 2008, it's possible to target the older frameworks (2.0 and 3.0).
19 Jan 2004 by Microsoft - Compact Framework
Explore advanced interoperability on the .NET Compact Framework.
23 Jul 2014 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
What if objects could move from machine to machine? Not just automated downloads, or remotely controlling objects as in remoting, but a system in which the object actually moves about. Mobile software agents do exactly that. In this article I will provide an introduction to this fascinating concept.
20 Jan 2004 by Microsoft - Compact Framework
Pocket PC Signature Application Sample
18 Jun 2008 by Romain TAILLANDIER
This article shows how to use XmlSerializer to serialize types that usually cannot be XML Serialized
18 Jul 2008 by Sam Rahimi
Keeps the GPS active in Windows Mobile, allowing for instant, accurate location determination. Also a tutorial on how to access GPS data with almost no code.
6 Oct 2010 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize binary data to IsolatedStorage in a Silverlight client when there is no BinaryFormatter in Silverlight? Why not with sharpSerializer? - An open source XML and binary serializer for .NET and Silverlight
24 Sep 2008 by Stephen Cleary
Implementing the Disposable Design Principle on the .NET Compact Framework.
4 Jan 2013 by Pawel idzikowski
How to effectively build modular .NET applications of any size using messages, commands and components of MCM-Framework.Net?
29 Aug 2007 by hayles
This article shows you how to customize individual cells in a DataGrid - and it works on the Compact Framework.