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Great Reads

by Manish Hatwalne
An article explaining how to create a utility to manage Internet Explorer skin
by Athari
A walkthrough of creating a user style which changes GitHub user interface to one resembling classic Windows GUI from Windows 9x.
by John Fisher
A translation of Shog9's GreaseMonkey script, useable in Internet Explorer with Trixie.
by Chris Boss
A short introduction to using the Powerbasic 6.0 console compiler with the Ontime RTOS-32 embedded operating system

Latest Articles

by Mehdi Gholam
I tried out many other RSS readers like RSSOwl (which is also unsupported) but none of them felt right, so I decided to write my own.
by Yves Florido-Monnier
An efficient and simple implementation of the one-to-many relationship in C++
by Toby Steed
How to handle file downloads
by DotnetShtien
In this article we will dicuss when new feature added recently to the meta-programming library which is the command contracts.

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10 Jun 2002
Manish Hatwalne
An article explaining how to create a utility to manage Internet Explorer skin
8 Jul 2018
A walkthrough of creating a user style which changes GitHub user interface to one resembling classic Windows GUI from Windows 9x.
17 Jun 2005
John Fisher
A translation of Shog9's GreaseMonkey script, useable in Internet Explorer with Trixie.
12 Sep 2018
Chris Boss
A short introduction to using the Powerbasic 6.0 console compiler with the Ontime RTOS-32 embedded operating system
16 Jul 2007
This is a toolbar for the Internet Explorer which shows information from RSS taken from the Internet.
8 Apr 2016
Maxim Komlev
Suppression of Browser dialog of Basic Http Authentication and customization
4 Jul 2016
Avelino Ferreira
"Don't care about Google Maps/Routing/StreetView programming. This Control gives your WinForms applications the power of Google Maps API v3". - my previous article. Unfortunately, since Dec.2015, Google Maps JavaScript API applications requires authentication and the program stopped working properly
1 Nov 2018
Bahrudin Hrnjica
Export options in ANNdotNET
1 Aug 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax to create a simple lightweight Windows Vista/7 sidebar desktop gadget that allows to preview featured articles contributed to CodeProject's web site
25 Jun 2018
Sean Rand
This is an article to help you clean up browser processes during automated Selenium testing.
23 Aug 2018
Chris Boss
Why some prefer the BASIC language over others
28 May 2007
Sau Fan Lee
ASCII Art generator in ASP.NET.
3 Jun 2020
Mehdi Gholam
I tried out many other RSS readers like RSSOwl (which is also unsupported) but none of them felt right, so I decided to write my own.
6 Feb 2000
Michael Dunn
A wrapper class for the progress dialog provided by IE 5.
6 May 2003
Fraser Cain
htmlArea is a free WYSIWYG editor replacement forTEXTAREA fields on web forms
20 Oct 2005
Sheng Jiang 蒋晟
An article on finding out an active IE or Explorer window or creating one and controlling it.
21 Aug 2001
Erik Thompson
A tutorial on Using RBDeskband and CWindowImpl ATL Object Wizards to create an Internet Explorer(IE) Toolbar.
22 Mar 2005
Frank W. Wu
Insert the WebBrowser control into a dialog box, and add print preview functionality to it by implementing the IOleCommandTarget interface.
27 Dec 1999
Michael Dunn
This article presents two methods of using the URLDownloadToFile function in IE3+ to download files.
13 Mar 2011
Mladen Janković
How to gain control over the toolbar that hosts buttons located in Internet Explorer's address bar.
17 May 2006
Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that shows pop-up info for files.
7 May 2003
Allows a developer to easily create a dynamic JavaScript tree control.
20 May 2007
Michael Dunn
Busted features? APIs failing? Use this guide to get your IE plugin up and running again in protected mode!
17 Mar 2006
An article presenting a JavaScript implementation of the Surveyor's formula for calculating the area of any polygon.
10 Sep 2004
A step-by-step approach to creating a report from scratch using the SQl Server 2000 Reporting Services.
12 Aug 2004
Pascal Hurni
An implementation of a shell namespace extension that uses the system provided ShellView (SHCreateShellFolderView)
8 Feb 2007
George Mamaladze
A workaround to maintain focus between postbacks in ASP.NET 2.0, also in ASP.NET AJAX without SmartNavigation.
16 May 2005
Auto-complete control.
24 Dec 2007
A new method for Extending Microsoft Office 2007 User Interface using MFC/ATL and .NET technologies.
15 Feb 2002
Henk Devos
Documentation for the undocumented interface IDelegateFolder
16 Jan 2002
This article gives a brief overview of VML and shows some examples and practical uses of this cool technology.
29 Jan 2002
Paul Watson
A starting point for people familiar with HTML who want to start using XHTML
8 Dec 2003
Using Cfx to develop a JavaScript control class library.
6 Sep 2003
Wagner DosAnjos
Make your HTML tables scrollable with this simple method. No additional coding necessary!
24 Dec 2007
Description of the binary format used to store internet explorer favorites, includes Favorites-to-XBEL example project.
13 Apr 2005
Javier Lozano
Use existing functionality in ASP.NET to extend the framework's web controls.
27 Nov 2000
Chris Maunder
Replace the boring IE logo in your readers browser with an icon customised for your site.
12 Dec 2004
Provides enhanced functionality for the Windows inbuilt web browser (ActiveX) control.
15 Nov 2001
Xiaolin Zhang
A free tool to remove popup windows, clear history, control window properties of IE, and more.
11 Sep 2004
Demonstrates an innovative way to invoke hidden commands to show modal dialogs such as "Add To Favorite" dialog, "Import/Export Wizard" dialog in your WebBrowser-based application.
11 Mar 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we’ll formulate and thoroughly discuss about probabilistic Bayesian classification algorithm and its implementation in Node.JS and JavaScript that can be actively used to detect and locate messages containing potential spam and other unsolicited data.
25 Oct 2006
Charles Windhausen
Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 cannot display transparent PNG images using the standard IMG tag. Here's a solution that uses a control adapter to output different HTML when the image to display is a PNG.
9 Jun 2005
The enhanced CHtmlView class handles the HTML element event and exchanges data in the view.
23 Aug 2005
Lisa Liel
A List control that combines ListBox and DropDownList, supports <optgroup> tags, and allows (in IE only) for horizontal scrolling in ListBox mode.
16 Nov 2007
blogging developer
Developers use multiline TextBox controls in almost all web projects. Since the MaxLength property of a TextBox control does not work when the TextMode property is set to Multiline, we usually use Validator controls to validate the length.
11 Mar 2007
Mohammad Akbarizadegan
This article demonstrates how to implement web applications based on AJAX and ClientScriptCallBack as it presents a simple example. Also, the article tries to point at the key features of working with ASP.NET ClientCallback and AJAX.
12 Mar 2007
Vitaly Zayko
Explains how to get the latest currency exchange rates from the Internet.
29 Aug 2005
Explore the interoperability between client-side JavaScript RSA implementation and server-side RSACryptoServiceProvider in a typical form login example.
1 Jun 2007
Extending JavaScript to handle namespaces, classes, static methods, and global namespace variables.
20 Apr 2005
How to get a fixed header row in an ASP.NET DataGrid?
19 Mar 2007
Deepthi Viswanathan Nair
Multiselect dropdown list control allows the user to select multiple items from the list and displays the selected items in comma separated format.
25 Sep 2007
A custom WebControl that emits CSS to create a stylable ASP.NET panel with rounded corners.
21 Jul 2006
Prasad Khandekar
An Asp.Net style grid control for JSP with ability to fetch data from java.sql.Connection or java.util.List or java.sql.ResultSet
8 Dec 2014
An article on creating and using a web browser (IE only) compatible ink or drawing control using the Microsoft Tablet PC SDK version 1.7. A sample pre-built control is provided for use and demonstration.
15 Jun 2006
Richard Deeming
An updated version of the AutoActivateControl class posted by Dundas Software.
18 Jul 2004
Barry Etter
Using the functionality of A:Link and A:visited to power a &quot;new&quot; indicator for messages, postings, etc.
6 Dec 2001
Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates redirecting output of a child process, and displaying a web browser UI using DHTML.
19 Oct 2004
A tool for testing regular expressions in JavaScript.
18 May 2006
Dimitar Madjarov
How to use a WebService as a data source to build a report with Microsoft Reporting Services 2005.
16 Sep 2007
Kumar Sundaram
A Simple Tooltip with Images and Text using JavaScript, DHTML
13 Apr 2007
Neeraj Saluja
Export to Excel is one of the most important features that business users ask for. We generally use HTMLProjects which does not work with Office 2007. Here is the alternative for the same, and the script works fine for all the versions of MS Office on Windows OS.
20 Feb 2006
Tittle Joseph
An ASP.NET DataGrid custom control which allows freezing of header, columns, and rows in a DataGrid just by changing a single attribute value. It is inherited from the .NET DataGrid, therefore all features of the DataGrid are still available.
26 Apr 2005
How to identify the different elements in the selection of web pages?
24 Nov 2002
This database tool supports simple data modeling with entities, relations, attributes, classes & objects. Classes are like type definitions. Objects are like instances of the classes.
1 Dec 2011
Screen Snaper is perfect to quickly share a picture-perfect representation of anything on your screen.
16 May 2006
Alexander Turlov
The article describes a simple approach of implementing AJAX functionality in ASP.NET web applications.
15 May 2006
Adam Tibi
Exploring five useful XHTML/HTML elements that are important but not commonly used. Moreover, pointing to their relation with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and ASP.NET.
7 Jun 2006
Dmitry Khudorozhkov
This article presents an XML/XSL/XSD browsing and validation tool, a shining example of how various technologies like Shell scripting, Scripting Runtime, or HTA can be put together to aid programmers in rapid development of powerful script-based applications.
5 Jul 2004
Steven Campbell
Use CSS style sheets to apply re-usable styles across all of your grids.
30 Sep 2003
Wagner DosAnjos
JavaScript Graph object to plot Column and Line Graphs. Only JavaScript and DHTML required.
11 Dec 2006
Create an IP-logging PHP Polling or Voting System in PHP 5.0
13 May 2008
Philip Lippard
Writing an ASP.NET Custom Control which extends the ListView to visually show sort direction for columns.
5 Jun 2007
Andrew Golik
This article demonstrates the use of the AJAX technique in tandem with the JavaScript DataGrid from my previous article.
3 Aug 2005
Lisa Liel
A custom server control similar to the VB6 TabControl.
20 Aug 2006
CTrayNotifyIcon is a great and easy tool, make a portable copy to WTL.
15 Feb 2007
Mark Bible
Information relevant to installing and configuring Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server for users who require Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) access over the commercial internet with Basic Authentication in a single-server scenario
19 Mar 2006
Secure file download using Basic Authentication. The interesting part is that we maintain two separate entry points for uploading and downloading a file.
10 Jul 2008
Alexandru Lungu
Implementing JavaScript’s missing functionality of including JavaScript files in other JavaScript files.
16 Feb 2005
Simple code to prevent a sesison from timing out while a user enters data or edits HTML etc.
14 Nov 2004
Kevin Staunton-Lambert
A general overview of Internet technologies including what the Internet actually is, what HTML and XML are, using Web forms, CGI/MIME, IIS ISAPI, ASP and creating HTML based front ends to databases via ODBC32, OLE DB, ADO and ASP.NET
21 Mar 2005
Venkat Eswaran
Yet Another Real Drag ASP.NET Draggable Panel like My MSN.
16 Jul 2007
Covers how to automate web activity that involves Java applets or Flash content making HTTP requests as well as standard web automation
8 May 2001
Dan Madden
An article on refreshing objects on your Web Page without having to refresh the entire page
21 Sep 2005
An article on how to uncover the true intents of a JS script.
22 Sep 2005
Stephen Huen
Lists items in a Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) list.
24 Jun 2008
Dietmar Kurok
Showing People grouped by departments in an own style (XSLT) and without limits in count of results and paging. Only intensively using build-in Webparts.
22 Aug 2006
Deobrat Singh
Describes a solution to achieve shared session, multiple tasks functionality using the User Interface Process Application Block 2.0.
16 Jun 2005
Emmanuel Kartmann
This article presents an automated software testing tool for Web applications (Internet/Intranet) based on Internet Explorer.
16 Aug 2004
A simple web page template parser to separate layout from code.
1 Jun 2007
Mansoor Sarfraz
Internet Explorer does not always show the full contents of dropdown lists and list boxes. This means if the data in the list box is bigger thatn the control's witdth, the user will not be able to fully see it. We can show a tooltip of each content to solve the problem.
13 May 2005
CodeBureau - Matt Simner
A variety of new and used Internet explorer extensions available from a 'right click'
11 Dec 2001
Paul Watson
Using relative font sizes in your website will ensure that your site is accessible to users with poor sight. This article explains how to use relative font sizes effectively.
30 Apr 2005
Implementation time of a web project is much shorter with easy-to-use custom components.
22 Jan 2005
Stephen Huen
Display content from a Content Management Server placeholder in a WSS site.
11 May 2008
This article describes how to apply hover effects on GridView rows using CSS.
21 May 2007
This article describes the concepts and steps needed to create a multilingual publishing site in MOSS
27 Jun 2001
Victor Vogelpoel
This article describes how to hook up a protocol, in the example &quot;vss:&quot;, to a custom handler to open a document from a Visual SourceSafe repository using automation.
29 Jan 2007
Michael Dunn
This article shows a Vista Sidebar gadget that you can use to browse the APOD site and view previews of each day's picture.
9 Mar 2007
Koushik Biswas
Have you written a web service that will be deployed over HTTPS and you want to test it on your own box? Have you written a client that needs to call a web service using a client certificate, and want to test it without involving half your company? Here's how to do it!
10 Sep 2007
Dynamically toggle ToolTip messages from the client side.
10 Sep 2004
Matt Sciotto
This article will explain how to write an embeddable ActiveX control to use in a web page, that can be updated and reinstalled from the web page.
11 Apr 2007
Lionel LASKE
Mobilis Immobile is a Virtual Earth slide show Gadget for Windows Vista
10 Jan 2003
javasOK, .Shoaib
How to create menus using Javascript and HTML.
17 Aug 2007
This class allows you to display all types of static and dynamic information gathered in a VB Script using an Internet Explorer Window.
23 Aug 2004
A very simple and practical way, how a single RadioButton acts as a RadioButtonList in a web DataGrid server control column.
10 Feb 2007
Dragos Sbirlea
The proposed gadget allows compression of files and folders dragged on the sidebar using almost any format.
3 Jun 2007
Learn more about the Mashup creator, Popfly space, and the Web page creator.
2 Feb 2006
Prasad Khandekar
A JavaScript based random password generator with pattern string support.
1 Aug 2005
Lisa Liel
A Table control that supports THead, TBody and TFoot tags, as well as frozen top- and left-headers.
22 Mar 2005
Override the WebUIValidation.js function to fire the custom or regular expression validator even when the field is empty.
24 May 2004
Trenton Moss
Using CSS and text instead of relying on graphics
10 Oct 2007
Deepthi Viswanathan Nair
This article depicts how to merge cells in the DataGrid control in ASP.NET, hence gains better look and clarity.
2 Mar 2006
This article demonstrates how to easily create an RSS feed aggregator and incorporate it into an ASP.NET application.
24 Jul 2007
sathesh pandian
This article describes the loopholes in AJAX
14 Feb 2005
Maharishi Bhatia
This article explains the development of a custom web control using C#.
12 Dec 2004
The Microsoft is a great DHTML Behaviour, I try and make it better and quicker and easier to use.
21 Apr 2006
Vaibhav Gawali
An article on a MessageBox server control that can capture a confirmation box's button pressed event on the server side.
4 Oct 2007
Nital Soni
JavaScript to highlight a textbox when it gets focus.
14 Jun 2005
With that class you only have to set a few properties and you can access to the webservices, only need know the URL of webservice, the method to invoke, and parameters.
24 Feb 2002
Michael Tan
A tree view and list view hybrid built with XSLT and DHTML
11 Mar 2011
Gopalakrishna Palem
A progress dialog that could be used anywhere, any time, for any task.
9 Nov 2005
Steve Puri
A web browsing utility which snatches the addresses of all currently opened Internet Explorer web browser windows in real-time.
30 Dec 2007
Anders Revsgaard
No matter how well you design your system, a distributed SOA application is always complex. When a SOA application fails, it can be difficult to track down the cause of the problem and the Web service where the error occurred. To handle this difficulty, you need a logging system such as UptoLog.
18 May 2006
Dundas Data Visualization
A class you can use with any ASP.NET web-control to automatically activate an interactive control in IE
15 Nov 2003
A simple email-like system to handle messages posted from an HTML form.
26 May 2004
Trenton Moss
Web usability is no longer enough
10 Nov 2005
George Mamaladze
This workaround allows you to show HTML elements on top of ActiveX elements (an tag).
20 Nov 2007
Sujith John Thomas
This article explores the concepts of XMLSS and its transformation to XL.
14 Feb 2004
This navigation toolbar is implemented in JavaScript by DHTML.
18 Aug 2007
A smart way to manage languages on a multilingual website, using resources and globalization,localization
11 May 2007
Partha G
This Article explains how to move Items between two listbox
19 Oct 2004
How to load data to and save data in a JavaScript object using JSON.
10 Aug 2018
Caleb McElrath
Writing JavaScript for IE and other antiquated browsers means classes and other helpful features of ES6 are not available. A similar effect can be achieved though and it is actually quite easy to do!
28 Jun 2005
Sivakumar Ramadoss
This article explains how to send a mail with attachment using SMTP server and how to configure the SMTP server.
22 Oct 2004
Replace the ugly ValidationSummary control text with your own, customizable popup summary window.
7 Feb 2005
Controlling the parent window with child windows.
27 Nov 2018
Toby Steed
How to handle file downloads
5 Jan 2006
Sean McLeod
Virtual Earth add-in for media center for browsing and viewing geocoded pictures.
23 Nov 2004
NicsBar progress (loading) control bar.
25 Apr 2005
This article focuses on demonstrating the usage of DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) with Web Services. Here, you will have two applications, one is a Web Serivice that uses DIME technology to send an attachment (of different types) to a client side, other is a Windows Forms application.
12 Sep 2005
How to View Source of a window opened using ShowModalDialog
30 Sep 2005
Abi Bellamkonda
ASP.NET Reports Starter Kit Porting from Windows to Linux using Mainsoft's Grasshopper
29 Jun 2007
Fabricio Miranda
In this article, i will be showing how to parse and modify a peace of HTML code using a nice and helpfull .NET assembly.
20 Dec 2007
An ASP.NET server control inspired from Google mail’s selection of file attachments, and implementing ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0.
29 Apr 2007
Anandhi Swamy
Handles uploading /downloading images into/from database to DataGrid
17 Oct 2004
Allow users to add an item to a dropdown list.
2 Jul 2004
Combines textbox, multi-validation and response labels in one control. Allows textbox to do self checking and self error response messages. Control can protect against SQL injection attacks and client script attacks with a special character set property.
18 Nov 2007
Generate an organization chart from employee database using ASP & Microsoft Excel
27 Feb 2006
Naveen Karamchetti
An article explaining, how to write various flat file schemas in BizTalk Server 2004.
27 Nov 2006
A simple implementation of AJAX in generating a tree view from XML, ASP.NET, and C#.
1 May 2006
Brian Mulder
An article about using XSL to transform XML to CSV
14 Mar 2005
To compress a SQL Server report which allows the user to download the report in Zip format.
28 Dec 2006
We've all seen blogs and other web sites that seem to be able to intersperse hyperlinks throughout their content, almost whimsically, if the given text is &quot;linkable&quot;, or, formatted like a domain name or link of some kind. Here's how.
17 Sep 2004
Nick Parker
A free IE toolbar that pulls up namespace and class documentation on the new MSDN site.
27 Oct 2006
Jaiprakash M Bankolli
This article explains about C# documentation and ways to automate it
31 Aug 2006
senthil karuppaiah
How to change the background color of the currently focused element when the user tabs off.
14 Jul 2007
A small VBScript which is used to automatically set the proxy switch, for IE, in the Registry.
20 Jul 2008
This function gives dates for a day between two dates (e.g. All sundays from Jan-08 to Aug-08)
12 Mar 2007
Yen Dutt
Triple State Checkbox for Web with Changeable CSS
29 May 2006
Example for read Magnetic Strip Reader using ActiveX, COM Object for KioskMsr reader
19 Jul 2004
To find position of a website in Google search results for given keywords.
12 Sep 2005
Anand Manikiam
Java and .Net interop using Sockets. Article explains a bit at both ends that will allow passing of primitive data between a Java socket server and C# client(s)
25 Apr 2005
Sometimes its tedious to find all calls made to different stored procedures within a stored procedure and generate reports in case we have large databases. This tool is aimed to script all SPs and extract SP calls made with additional information such as author name and description.
14 Nov 2004
Lars-Inge Tønnessen
A short article on how to compile J# Browser Controls
12 Sep 2003
Gaurav Saini
Demonstration of using a timer on a webpage.
6 Mar 2007
A great AJAX Grid very customizable. In English & Spanish traduction
3 Jun 2000
Erik Thompson
A Color Picker that sits in IE or on the Desktop, Requires IE4+
5 May 2007
Justin Bozonier
A much more dynamic, flexible, and intuitive approach to handling views. Forget the MultiView!
15 Jul 2007
Anisur RM
Option to add n number of file input controls to upload multiple files.
2 Jun 2008
A small introduction to load Virtual Earth Maps into C#
12 Feb 2005
A custom web control to display an RSS feed.
21 Apr 2006
An article to validate dates in JavaScript.
4 May 2007
Some tips to improve efficiency of your web application
8 Nov 2006
Rashutosh Paul
This article shows how to generate a progress bar using JavaScript.
19 Dec 2007
An alternative to message boxes, implementing ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0.
15 Aug 2006
Youssef Saad
Very good outlook style menu with collapse side menu
7 Aug 2007
senthil karuppaiah
Password validation using JavaScript.
13 Jan 2005
Uron Tuman
How to send data from a form to multiple pages at once.
28 Feb 2007
ASP based with MS Access as backend, recruitment mangement system. No DLLs.
5 Sep 2007
ravikiran valluri
This article shows how to display images in the form of slideshow dynamically
14 Dec 2004
User 1575800
Capture, storage, query, and transformation of quick notes and drawings before any actual design or programming.
30 Apr 2007
Wesam Elsawirki
ViewState management for dynamically loaded UserControls.
6 Aug 2007
senthil karuppaiah
Limit number of chars allowed in text area
30 Dec 2007
Anders Revsgaard
No matter how well you design your system, a distributed SOA application is always complex. When a SOA application fails, it can be difficult to track down the cause of the problem and the web service where the error occurred. To handle this difficulty, you need a logging system such as UptoLog.
24 Feb 2006
Roy Oliver
An article on a workaround for setting the background color of an ASP.NET DropDownList.
10 Apr 2007
Paul S McCarthy
The article details how to validate forms using JavaScript unobtrusively.
10 Apr 2007
Paul S McCarthy
How to increase form usability with JavaScript.
23 Nov 2007
Swift coder
Create ASP.NET Combobox using Javascript, CSS and ASP.NET
12 Jul 2004
Filter a combo box in IE as you type - without posting back at every key press
19 Dec 2007
A professional AJAX GUI for uploading files using the server controls in the Memba Velodoc XP Edition.
10 Aug 2007
Writing NAnt scripts for NDoc, FxCop,NUnit. and NCoverage.
25 May 2005
Gaurang Desai
Tutorial for creating basic report using Reporting Service on Yukon
30 Sep 2005
The code demonstrates displaying time using javascript.The javascript function showtime will be called onLoad event of form body tag.settTimeout will keep on dispalying the time for set interval.
25 Jul 2005
Marcelo Lujan [El Bebe.Net ]
Valid specific fields in the html button, with a simple javascript, then submit when valid or show an alert
3 Nov 2007
Islam Khalil Saber
The article show how to implementi AJAX in Asp.Net using XMLHttpRequest Object
21 Jul 2005
A flexible, encapsulated way to implement a passive feedback mechanism.
16 Jan 2006
Provides details of how to maintain scroll and how to control, i.e., reset the scroll when necessary.
9 Sep 2004
This is basically a Login system in ASP.NET using and javascript,ODBC using DSN method.This is my first code in I am new to ASP.NET.
16 Jul 2006
A simple way to select a DataGrid row by clicking it.
2 May 2006
Habeeb Rushdan
This article demonstrates how to hide RadioButtonList or CheckBoxList ListItems in ASP.NET without creating your own custom web control
2 Jun 2007
Learn more about the Mashup creator, Popfly space, and the Web page creator.
29 Oct 2000
Ray Hayes
Using the Microsoft XML (MSXML) parser.
16 Jul 2005
Michael Dunn
The Code Project SearchBar gives you quick access to the Code Project site, and lets you do searches at any time, from any web page.
28 May 2001
How to create explorer-style menus for IE 4.0+ NS6.0+ that degrade well on older browsers.
21 Jun 2007
Sidney Chong
Easily add table filtering/searching capability to your webpage without requiring a round trip to the server.
13 Nov 2002
Victor Vogelpoel
A complete electronic photo album in an HTML Help (.CHM) file with a front page, index, slide show and legend/about page.
8 Dec 2003
Using Cfx to develop a JavaScript control class library.
9 Dec 2003
Using Cfx to develop a JavaScript control class library.
10 Aug 2004
Validator controls in ASP.NET.
11 Aug 2004
A code walk to expose a Crystal Report as a Web Service
9 Nov 2004
Florent Boulanger
VB.NET code for webpage to ask to download calendar items. Can be used for any calendars that supports vCalendar such as Outlook.
27 Oct 2004
Describes how to use an external HTML page as a non-rectangular skin of a dialog.
3 Nov 2004
Clean, fast and easy way to deliver data from objects
3 Dec 2004
Florent Boulanger
VB.NET line of code to dynamically set a link to a CSS file.
12 Dec 2004
mohammed barqawi
How to use JavaScript to export HTML table into Excel work sheet?
14 Jan 2005
Nathan Evans
This article includes a fully working Javascript with user interface that plugs-in to Internet Explorer. The plugin allows you to effortlessly manage which websites are part of your &quot;Trusted Zone&quot;. The Trusted Zone is a little used (and generally little known) powerful security feature of
16 Feb 2005
Paul Baker
A JavaScript table-based driving game to demonstrate how to extend W3C DOM Elements to add your own functionality.
22 Nov 2006
Matthias Hertel
TinyRSS is a very small but powerful RSS reader that works inside of the Internet Explorer.
18 Feb 2005
Marcelo Lujan [El Bebe.Net ]
Calling a WebService with JavaScript. Security included by using a local asmx with the function of proxy, and not revealing the webservice URI in the JavaScript.
14 May 2005
RSS aggregator in tool bar of IE/Explorer.
27 Sep 2005
Weidong Shen
Adding secure communications to the Microsoft IssueVision sample application using WSE 2.0.
7 Sep 2005
Arkady Lesniara
A flexible, encapsulated way to implement a passive feedback mechanism
5 Aug 2005
Suresh Reddy B.V
Usually NUnitASP is used to test web controls(UI) on ASPX page. This artilcle explain how to test HTML controls which are on the ASPX page.
6 Aug 2005
hector [.j.] rivas
If you're in need of C-like input/output parameters or VB-like &quot;by reference&quot; function arguments in JavaScript, here's some help.
10 Aug 2005
If we don’t have the administrator privilege, we can’t debug or even create a web application. And we can’t manage the IIS also. It is really a problem for all the developers. You may encounter the errors just like that &quot;Can't dubug,.....Access Denied.&quot;
11 Sep 2005
O/R mapping tools are becoming more popular each day and people are realizing the productivity gain they provide to developers. Yet, many people don’t know enough about O/R mapping to consider using these tools and many others are weary of using any code generators (including O/R mapping tools).
24 Sep 2005
Xia Xiongjun
An article on a useful tool to help you write Code Project articles.
26 Sep 2005
Cipriano Valdezate
How to throw and kill threads dynamically in Internet Explorer 6.
10 Dec 2005
Mubi |
How to build an add-in for Microsoft applications supporting add-ins, using C#.
23 Dec 2005
Roy Oliver
An article on retrieving the actual previous page instead of the post back page using JavaScript and ASP.NET.
6 Jan 2006
Karthikeyan Arunachalam
This article illustrates WWF custom activities to simulate user action and populate web page input fields and submit the page.
9 Jan 2006
Maulik Soni
This RSS Feed example will explain how to consume an RSS Feed in eight easy steps..!
29 Jan 2006
This article describes getting a custom horizontal scroll bar in a combobox or a listbox with functionality as expected on pressing of up or down arrow keys.
21 Mar 2006
Ali Khan (OKC)
This article lists the techniques that you can use to maximize the performance of your ASP.NET applications. It provides common issues, design guidelines, and coding tips to build optimal and robust solutions.
27 Feb 2006
hamidreza Talebi
Paging with Datagrid in 1.1 and XML
28 Feb 2006
Naveen Karamchetti
An article explaining how to write various flat file schemas in BizTalk Server 2004.
22 Oct 2011
A correctly functioning shell upon which to further develop IE Automation applications.
19 Mar 2006
william s. su
Creating a dropdown list using an IFrame
30 Mar 2006
This article demonstrate how to post an ASP.NET WebForm between frames or into popup page using javascript.
3 Apr 2006
An article presenting a JavaScript implementation for calculating the volume of any polyhedron.
3 Jun 2006
Angel Jiménez
Simple code to eliminate the frame generated by Internet Explorer in the objects
24 Jun 2006
Karin Huber
There are quite a lot of ways to fix the header column and rows in HTML tables. But when tables become larger, most of them are not useful because scrolling gets far too slow. In this article, I will show an applicable way for IE.
23 Aug 2006
This article describes a simple approach to implementing a Windows Forms TrackBar (slider) control in ASP.NET 2.0.
13 Jul 2007
Method to Fill the a DropDownList with Month Names and set the Current Month Selected
22 Jun 2007
Filip van der Meeren
Creating your own extentions by using a simple WebBrowser object
17 Oct 2006
hector [.j.] rivas
Distillate your own JavaScript flavor with prototypes.
28 Nov 2006
Emilio CL
A JavaScript Tree component which implements the J.Q.Walker II layout algorithm.
29 Jan 2007
David Domingues
How to create a dynamic menu bar component in JavaScript.
9 Apr 2007
Amit M patel
This Article represents that .net based application which is used in web based publication work flow with the use of XML and indesign file
31 May 2007
Andrew Golik
This grid supports resizing, dragging, and sorting the columns. It was implemented using the MVC pattern.
5 Jun 2007
The purpose of this document is to provide the step by step information about enabling the Form Based Authentication (FBA) for MOSS 2007 site.
17 Aug 2007
Peter Wone
Handling string parameters incorrectly declared as ref ushort
21 Aug 2007
File_Version is a Simple Tool developed in C#.Net. It will fetch you the Complete Dll and EXE information under any selected directory. Many a times, we may be required to know the information for Dlls\Exe's which gett installed with a particular product .
3 Sep 2007
Max Paulousky
This article describes a control that allows getting a web page as the customer sees it. E.g., the developer can store the copy of the page as it was before an exception and restore the page when it's required.
17 Sep 2007
Kumar Sundaram
Make your Divs draggable.
18 Sep 2007
Muhammad Shoaib Patel
Detect Scrollbars Presence
8 Oct 2007
Jorge Vasquez
An article describing the various steps and technologies needed to write JWinSearch.
9 Oct 2007
Lukas Holota
An ASP.NET control that allows users to enter only numbers.
8 Nov 2007
Muhammad Shoaib Patel
Vertical & Horizontal Centering of 'div' object
15 Oct 2007
Chirag Patadia
Generate Filter String as per user requirment
30 Oct 2007
Using CSS, Javascript to Fixed Gridview's Header and Footer
14 Nov 2007
Is the given year is leap year...? check out by using JavaScript.
21 Nov 2007
A tiny Javascript tree.
3 May 2008
This article explains about uploading and fetching images to/from an Oracle database using XML web services and ASP.NET.
12 May 2008
Tamir Khason
This article is about how to build the missing DrawingBrush object for Silverlight. Also, we'll learn about how to deeply clone Silverlight objects.
21 Mar 2012
How to create a simple BHO using C#.
22 Jan 2020
Yves Florido-Monnier
An efficient and simple implementation of the one-to-many relationship in C++