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XML Parser Demo

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29 Oct 2000CPOL
Using the Microsoft XML (MSXML) parser.


In an attempt to learn how to exploit XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) within my applications, I have found a very few demonstration applications to assist me in getting started. The documentation and examples in the Platform SDK for using the Microsoft XML Parser (built into Internet Explorer 4+, although I'm using IE5) all seem to be for Visual Basic/VBScript and not for C++/MFC.

In this sample application I've simply tried to parse a XML file and visualise it as a basic tree view. The code recursively walks through both then ELEMENTS and ATTRIBUTES of the document. Some of the known element types are given an identifying icon and some of the contents/values are expressed too.

Included within the .Zip file is my first XML file including a DTD (Document Type Definition).

XML Parser
Figure 1 - Sample XML Parser Dialog

Parsing errors detected by the MSXML object are displayed within a message box and locate the problem location within the XML document.


Parser Error
Figure 2 - Parser Error Report

See the source code for the parser code - it's quite simple.

If you're interested, the long term aim of this file is to provide an externally configurable definition for toolbar and menu layouts within my applications. Due to the nature of the customer, end-user customisation is not applicable yet the specifications for what is wanted is likely to come through after I've left the project.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Ray Hayes
Product Manager
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Posted 29 Oct 2000


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