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by Dmitri Nеstеruk
Let's create a simple project estimation DSL using F#!
by César de Souza
The Hidden Conditional Random Field - or why discriminative learning is also an option.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Display names and descriptions for enumeration members: a non-intrusive, reliable, localizeable method.
by Igor Ladnik
Wrapper to facilitate usage of TCP sockets

Latest Articles

by Mehdi Gholam
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4, MonoDroid and .net core support)
by SSDiver2112
A custom Panel that creates a glow effect around a child control or a drop shadow when it receives focus
by Mehdi Gholam
NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support, HQ-Branch Replication, working in Linux, .net
by Mehdi Gholam
Smallest full text search engine (lucene replacement) built from scratch using inverted MGRB bitmap index, highly compact storage, operating in database and document modes

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16 Aug 2009
Dmitri Nеstеruk
Let's create a simple project estimation DSL using F#!
9 Dec 2014
César de Souza
The Hidden Conditional Random Field - or why discriminative learning is also an option.
8 Mar 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Display names and descriptions for enumeration members: a non-intrusive, reliable, localizeable method.
22 Jan 2014
Igor Ladnik
Wrapper to facilitate usage of TCP sockets
3 Sep 2012
Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a cross-platform HTML5 application for Windows Phone and iPhone.
22 Mar 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Addresses questions on graphics, threading with UI, form development, printing and more
2 Feb 2018
This is a fork of "fastJSON" with new power to control many aspects in JSON serialization and deserialization, such as, serializing interface instances (polymorphic serialization) and private types, including or excluding members, performing data conversions, conditional serialization, etc.
16 Jan 2017
Dan Letecky
Create an AJAX monthly event calendar (with drag and drop support) displaying data from SQL Server database in just 10 minutes (including a coffee break).
7 May 2015
This article deals with the implementation and empirical testing of a method to achieve practical perfect hashing.
9 Jan 2018
Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data
16 Aug 2013
Marco Merola
Creating PDF documents from XML
28 Mar 2010
Alex Blekhman
Find any file in solution using incremental search and advanced filtering
20 Feb 2019
Igor Krupitsky
The ASP.NET pages let you upload, delete and browse files into a database.
27 Jan 2016
Clifford Nelson
How to use DescriptionAttribute for enumerations bound to a ComboBox.
28 Jan 2015
syed shanu
In this Article i have explained about how to play Audio/Video and Youtube Vedio in our Windows Application using C#.Add your Audio and Video Files to play list and Play it from your winform. Paste your Youtube URL and play it from your winform.
15 Jul 2012
Arpan Jati
RSA encryption library with full OAEP padding and private key encryption support.
14 Aug 2013
Harmen Brouwer
How to create and deploy a SSRS rendering extension, explained by a functional Zip Rendering extension for SSRS 2005, 2008 (R2) and 2012.
4 Jan 2010
Abhijit Jana
This article describes how to use Pin/Unpin of Object/Variable Data Tip during debugging In Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
1 Mar 2010
The Manoj Kumar
A Visual Studio 2010 extension for creating numbered bookmarks.
14 Jul 2013
An FFT algorithm that runs a bit faster than the standard implementation.
10 Jan 2014
Kees van Spelde
This is an alternative for "AutoShut, my first program in C#"
11 Oct 2011
Enrique Albert
Baseline WCF Distribution Layer - Decoupling of WCF Services and ViewModels.
3 Sep 2014
Vladimir Nikitenko
CSVFileReader and CSVStringReader are light weighted and fast classes that resemble unidirectional data set
7 Dec 2014
A tutorial on How to Read RFID Tags and A Security System DIY Project
12 Apr 2010
Nish Nishant
The Exif Compare Utility is a WinDiff equivalent for image files that compares the Exif meta-data and displays the differences and similarities. The application is written using WPF and MVVM.
21 Jan 2015
Syed Umar Anis
ExcelXMLExport is a Microsoft Excel 2010 / 2013 Add-in that generates XML data from Excel sheet.
13 Jan 2012
A subclass of the WPF TextBox control that displays an ellipsis when the text doesn't fit.
26 Feb 2015
Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement WebBinding for the AngularJS library and, use it for binding AngularJS client side objects to ASP.NET server side objects.
26 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
This article will cover the basics of network programming using Network View in Unity 3D. We will be creating an Authoritative Server based networking environment showcasing the basics functions of network programming using Unity 3D and C#.
24 Sep 2015
Stefano Castelli
The article will illustrate how to create a Code39 barcode in VB.NET and C#
17 Apr 2017
Approximate a polynimial function in an overdetermined system. Using the normal equation or orthogonal transformations.
6 Oct 2009
CS Rocks
This is a slideshow that works in a Silverlight 3 UserControl.
22 Feb 2012
Anoop Pillai
In this post, we'll explore how to generate code from a simple XML model, with in Visual Studio - For a lot of scenarios
27 Jun 2012
A small control to control paging in Windows Presentation Foundation.
15 May 2013
Bill SerGio Jr.
How to Use the Fabric JQuery Library to Create Image Maps
18 Aug 2014
Doug Wyrembek
An algorithm to construct and animate a Soddy Crescent
25 Nov 2015
This article explain you How to protect word document using C# and Word automation
5 Oct 2011
How to use smartcard certificates in your .NET application
8 Jun 2012
Joshi, Rushikesh
This is an alternative for "Generate Sample XML from XSD".
31 Jul 2017
Dirk Bahle
This article explains how to take advantage from look-less WPF controls through inheritance
9 Jul 2012
A simple technique to integrate a custom build tool in VS 2010.
17 Aug 2012
This article covers some details and issues in making an application used with Internet Explorer to download only unique images to a chosen folder. DUIapp creates and maintains an index in the folder to include unique and exclude duplicate images selected from IE web pages.
6 Oct 2012
Kenneth Haugland
Mathematical treatment of acoustic leaks in walls
2 Nov 2012
Elias Bachaalany
An article describing the format of the partition table accompanied with a GUI demonstration tool.
31 Mar 2018
David O'Neil
Everybody Loves the Mandelbrot Set! Here's a browser for it!
25 Oct 2012
Enrique Albert
WPF Validation using the IDataErrorInfo interface combined with Validation attributes
9 Mar 2011
Josh Smith, Karl Shifflett
Mole is a debugger visualizer that runs in Visual Studio while you are debugging .NET applications. Mole makes debugging easier because it provides a comprehensive view into all of your application’s data objects
13 Jan 2012
How to setup .NET symbol server and enable production debugging without source code
19 Jan 2012
Job application tracker for those out of work built using Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011.
13 Dec 2012
Vijay Tanwar
Convert Word documents, Excel sheets to HTML files using Microsoft Office Interop API and render the result back to a client browser.
24 Nov 2011
Clifford Nelson
A generic WPF/Silverlight value converter.
31 Jan 2014
Dirk Bahle
Integrate AvalonEdit with text editing options into AvalonDock [2.0]
12 Aug 2013
Bill SerGio Jr.
SwipeClouds HTML5 Canvas Framework for JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap & Cordova
20 Nov 2017
Petrov Vladimir
The alternative Quadrics in OpenGL MFC for your Own design and Universal Polyhedron Procedure.
19 Jun 2012
Burak Ozdiken
How to make a custom panel control like in Visual Studio 2008 for a Windows Forms Application using the .NET Framework.
26 Nov 2012
Adib Saad
A .NET4.0 alternative for "Add Most Recently Used Files (MRU) List to Windows Applications"
24 Aug 2012
Harald Heide Gundersen
Geocoordinate positioned Xna model viewable thru Photocamera
4 Feb 2013
Pablo Fernandez Duran
This article will show you how to generate a JSON base web service layer from an existing database using CodeFluent Entities. We will also generate a web client back office following an “Import wizard”.
22 Mar 2013
Terence Wallace
TexasQuest is a 2D side scroller platform game similiar to Super Mario
1 May 2013
Praveen P R
Visualizer to capture object state.
22 Jun 2014
Welcome to the wonderful word of CCXML/VXML
27 Jan 2012
A framework designed for support upgrade components in service without stop running
23 May 2018
Andreas Schoenle
How to use CrashRptEx, to avoid some of the pitfalls of crash reporting in MFC apps or if you want the ability to continue your application after a crash
16 Dec 2014
Suvabrata Roy
Here is a help on NxBRE (Rule Engine) for basic business rules
13 Apr 2013
...for example a WYSIWYG HTML editor to edit or display emails...
29 Jul 2014
How to manage Entity Framework Code First in Real Time Projects
24 Nov 2014
Christian Kleinheinz
Using the .NET OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog for an application in multithreaded apartment mode (MTA)
28 Feb 2016
John Jiyang Hou
A List data structure implementation in MASM Assembly with C function realloc
4 Mar 2016
This article is based on Chapter 2 of my unpublished textbook “Applied Algorithms and Data Structures.”
8 Jul 2011
Clifford Nelson
A special class is needed to support binding a set of flags to a View.
23 Oct 2011
A way to combine data from two different sources into one datasource for SSRS reporting
2 Dec 2011
This tutorial shows how to build a simple WPF application using Code First in DevForce.
1 Jun 2012
Jani Giannoudis
How to centralize and unify asynchronous execution of actions and functions.
17 Aug 2012
Example: HOWTO Move the ECB from the Filename to Title, in a DocLib, preserving all native functionality.
30 Oct 2014
Dave Kerr
Use QuickAccent to quickly copy accents and symbols to your clipboard. Also read the article to find out about the essentials when writing System Tray based applications
20 Aug 2014
Cut and Paste BackgroundWorker.
11 May 2015
Perić Željko
This would be the alternative only to the one algorithm for edge detection described inside the main article, "Difference Edge Detection".
1 Oct 2015
Steve Aube 1
This article describes a new alternative approach for Automated Testing of User Interfaces (UI).
26 Oct 2015
Sergey L. Gladkiy
The article describes how to use analytical calculations in C# for solving nonlinear equation systems.
16 Sep 2010
Alex Soya
A simple console utility that allows you to query and modify port mappings on a UPnP enabled home networking router.
10 Aug 2012
SoapBox Core uses WPF's MEF to provide a base application framework that is easy to extend. This is a simple example that includes elements of a basic application (toolbar, statusbar, document area, etc.).
8 May 2012
Jeff B. Cromwell
This article examines the use of the ABMath and MathNet .NET packages for time series analysis.
2 Sep 2014
Pavel Sinkevich
Implement TinyWebDb interface on WCF Service to communicate with Android application developed with App Inventor
5 Mar 2015
Claude He
This article is a sequel to my previous CCTreeMiner: An algorithm for Subtree Mining Problems. I fixed some bugs and made some improvements. Also I want to further describe this algorithm.
17 May 2015
Leonid Osmolovski
Techniques for joint execution of a group of commands after single user interface action.
22 May 2015
This article deals with the implementation of polynomial division by the familiar algorithm of long integer division in the context of two applications.
6 Sep 2015
Import text file data to SQL database using foreign key relation and validation.
5 Nov 2015
Article helps reducing offsite development efforts by presenting a Mocking Layer for financial Middleware systems
31 Mar 2016
Greg Barbados
This article provides a solution to add data validation to Excel cells in C#.
2 Mar 2017
David Vanson
A weather application for the current conditions in your area
13 Jun 2017
A responsive, JavaScript-enabled event-calendar using ASP.NET calendar control
25 Jan 2015
syed shanu
XBAR and Range Chart using C#
31 Mar 2018
Eric M. H. Goh
Scrape data from image using Tesseract OCR engine
23 Apr 2012
Overboard Software
QueryMap allows you to pre-translate a LINQ expression into a form that the underlying query provider (such as LINQ to SQL) can understand.
29 Dec 2011
Weidong Shen
This article describes the IClientChangeTracking interface generated by Self-Tracking Entity Generator for WPF/Silverlight.
18 Feb 2012
Raw Audio data is encoded to AMR-NB audio using opencore-amr library
20 Nov 2012
Jim Meadors
String manipulation of XML files
29 Mar 2014
Spada via Modbs, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition with visualb basic,Arduino and firebird
6 Sep 2014
Non graphical solution for scrambled squares problem
14 Dec 2014
D Sarthi Maheshwari
A look at possible parallel-producer-consumer patterns (Second Part)
3 May 2015
I have applied the "phrases similarity calculation" algorithm to a GUI form that displays what I call a "two-layer list"
7 May 2015
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
You see, this small utility tool save much of your time, this is another happy day! I hope you can enjoyed this code.
24 Jun 2015
Khaled Abdelhamid
Drawing on a web page on the fly using GDI+ and Flood-Fill Technique
1 Jan 2016
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
This is an alternative for "Simple HTTP Server in C#"
12 Jan 2016
John Jiyang Hou
An algorithm to determine if a point is inside a 3D convex polygon for a given polygon vertices in C#
27 Sep 2010
Not Active
A Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint 2010 extension to import existing list definition and schema to SharePoint 2010 project
27 Sep 2010
Integrating database development into Visual Studio to collaborate application development team and the database designers
13 Jun 2011
File Linking, File Sharing and Shared Projects
8 Aug 2012
Nicolas Humann
Include static JS / CSS / image files from IsolatedStorage in the WebBrowser control
7 Feb 2013
Abdullatif M. Abu Al Rub
Simple example of reading RSS feeds from Facebook page using Syndication Library
12 Aug 2013
Syed M Hussain
In this article I show how I turned an ASP.NET Web Forms application into an MVC Framework.
4 Sep 2013
KillBot Project
A make-over of one of the most popular family games, Monopoly.
22 Jul 2014
Pradip Koli
Using NoSQL DBreeze database with ASP.NET on SQL Northwind Database.
8 Sep 2014
David A. Gray
Join me for an adventure in time zone conversion.
11 Nov 2014
Gerald Goertzel developed a very quick way to carry out a discrete Fourier transformation. But there seem to be very few descriptions that really explain its derivation in full.
8 Mar 2016
Robert Gustafson
Extended versions of ListBox and ComboBox controls which allow images, font, and color for individual items
14 Jan 2016
Asher Barak, Itiel Beeri
Infrastructure for large scale WCF services layer development
27 Mar 2016
1 alternative  
How to fake an Extension Property...
29 May 2016
A command line tool and a simple C# class with a complete set of functions to easily upload videos on Vimeo
29 Dec 2009
The new model of creating and deploying VS extensions is now easier but the migration to this fine technology is not so sweet. Since this is a cutting edge technology, one can find very little resources on the Internet. One frustrating moment was when I realized that some things have changed even be
12 Jul 2010
Bangon Kali
This component will be used as a text box for automatically formatted currency values.
20 Sep 2010
Florian DREVET
Brings you the ability to personalize your configuration files per developer, per machine, per configuration...
14 Sep 2011
Amir Eshaq
This code demostrates how to use Silverlight 5 with OOB+elevated trust to play a local video (.avi). Uses P/Invoke support for native code
9 Nov 2011
Views records from File Server Audit program
26 Nov 2011
Mohib Sheth
Invoking People Hub in Windows Phone 7 Emulator
28 Nov 2011
Member 7656529
A review of the book Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development.
21 Jan 2012
Weidong Shen
This article describes how to do data validation with Self-Tracking Entity Generator for WPF/Silverlight.
22 Aug 2012
Ken C. Len
Web.Config Xml Transformation
7 Jul 2012
CJ Kent
Create an Interpolating Timer and use it to fade textures in and out in XNA 4.0
9 Oct 2012
Kay Lerch
Use TestUI to release a simple class library (or a whole collection of those) as an indepenent UI application for testing or administrative purpose. It is on your own to enhance the user experience with your own TestUIRenderer.
3 Dec 2012
Rupesh Tarwade
Building Custom SharePoint 2010 Workflow with InfoPath Task Form
19 Feb 2013
Jim Roth
Using the TFS API to undo checkouts for build processes
15 May 2013
Alka Mehrotra
A tutorial on Microsoft® Moles 2010.
4 Mar 2016
John Jiyang Hou
An algorithm to determine if a point is inside a 3D convex polygon for a given polygon vertices in MASM Assembly.
29 Feb 2016
Dr Gadgit
Just a very simple web-server that uses byte-ranges realy
15 Jun 2011
The default FormView template has no structure. Use this Visual Studio macro to format templates as tables.
2 Dec 2011
Add entities to a model quickly, relate them to each other, and bind to them in XAML
23 Dec 2011
Hiren Khirsaria
Customize WPF tabcontrol by changing appearance using style and template
3 Jan 2012
A component which can be plugged to a WCF service or any other client to utilize AppFabric caching features
29 May 2012
Erol Esen
Two relatively new ways of developing multi-threaded applications are compared: Synchronization Domains and the Task Parallel Library
22 Jun 2012
Mikol Westling
This workflow will copy a file from a document library of one site to another server or web application
17 Apr 2016
Keeps unnecessary UI elements of KeePass disabled while all documents are locked and also while there are no documents are loaded.
30 Jul 2012
Omar Gameel Salem
A Visual Studio Extension that locates and removes duplicate script references in a web project.
10 Aug 2012
Gary Stafford
Use PowerShell 2.0 to aid in the delivery of build artifacts for release, by generating a manifest of file changes.
21 Dec 2012
This article shows how to login to a cloud storage like Box by entering the credentials in a dialog window rather than in a Web page.
6 May 2013
eDude is multifaceted application which will act as a helping hand to the user in many ways. There will be broadly two categories Emergency Help and non-emergency help.
7 Aug 2014
This article describes a windows forms application which automates MS Office PowerPoint 2007 in order to replace predefined text of a template with your input
2 Dec 2014
This article shows how to consume AppSettings values using the Cinchoo Configuration Manager.
12 Feb 2015
This article offers insight in all aspects of identifiers, and proves that any set of identifiers contains strong evidence which can be used to explore a software model.
12 Apr 2016
Stefano Castelli
The following article was born from a wish to share a deep re-elaboration of a nice tip about sorting rectangular arrays
9 Jan 2018
Steffen Ploetz
How to provide multi-language resources from .NET compatible *.resx files for GUI applications on ReactOS (and other non-Windows OS like Linux)
31 Dec 2018
Randy Kroeger
This article provides an example on how you can change application configuration settings within an existing ClickOnce publish, update the manifest files, followed by using the Mage utility for updating the manifest using the existing cert file.
28 Jul 2011
This article will explain the basics of ODF format, and specifically its implementation in spreadsheet applications ( Calc and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 SP2). Presented is a demo application which writes/reads tabular data to/from .ods files.
14 May 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
An example the application of Enumeration class, third article of the series
2 Dec 2014
Kenneth Haugland
Implementation of Bezier curve, Derivative Bezier curve, Cathull-Rom spline, Bessel-Overhauser spline, Lagrange interpolation and convex hull
30 Dec 2018
Chinmoy Mohanty
Multiple techniques of implementing The Observer Pattern in .NET
5 May 2013
Paulo Zemek
This library is intended to "replace" ADO.NET by solving type mismatches and by creating typed readers that are faster and easier to use than DataTables.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The second article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
28 Jul 2014
Mladen Janković
Another implementation of Commodore 64 emulator written in C#
28 Sep 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Reveals the important changes in STL.
10 Nov 2014
Thomas Duwe
A month calendar and date picker with culture awareness.
12 Dec 2014
Martin Mitáš
Understanding the basics of custom control painting and avoiding the trap of control flicker
28 Sep 2013
Nicolas Dorier
Leaking the digital on our physical world for .NET Developers
28 Feb 2016
This article describes building an Android game with networking support using C#, Xamarin.Android platform and Zyan Communication Framework.
19 Nov 2010
Nish Nishant
This is a lightweight version of Luc Pattyn's popular CP Vanity application
22 Jun 2016
Paulo Zemek
Learn how to create a math expression compiler and a special WPF markup extension capable of using it to generate bindings.
7 Mar 2016
Jakub Szymanowski
The article presents idea and implementation of Fourier Transform (DFT and FFT algorithms) in Digital Signal Processing.
27 Aug 2010
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
In this article, I described the need of MEF using a Console Application. Read it and don't forget to vote for it and share your feedback.
24 Mar 2015
Jeroen Richters
This article describes a solution that allows an application to load and execute a plug-in, and unloading it without a file lock on the assembly.
4 Sep 2010
Sacha Barber
A look into messaging solutions using NServiceBus.
8 Mar 2016
Akhil Mittal
In this article we’ll learn on how to write unit tests for WebAPI controllers i.e. REST’s actual endpoints.
22 Jun 2014
Nathaniel Moschkin
Topics and methods on programming in .NET and performance considerations
7 Nov 2018
Dirk Bahle
How to create a new tool window in AvalonDock [2.0]
21 Mar 2017
Dave Clemmer
Mo+ is the first technology that fully supports model oriented development, allowing software developers to powerfully scale the work they already do.
4 Feb 2015
andrea contoli
Presentation and testing of some procedural bitmap creation algorithms .
17 Jan 2010
Abhishek Sur
Implement services that start/stop automatically to some events like Device attached, Network Availability, Firewall port modified, Domain join, Group Policy change etc
7 Aug 2016
Grasshopper.iics, Moumita Das
Face Recognition based secured home, ThingSpeak based monitoring, Mqtt based control, Gmail based Notification With Low Cost Arduino UNO and C#
10 Nov 2014
This is an article in effort to share my learning about Netduino Plus 2 with the examples.
1 Apr 2016
Akhil Mittal
This is the last article of the RESTful series in which I’ll explain how you can leverage OData capabilities in ASP.NET WebAPI. I’ll explain what OData is and we’ll create OData enabled RESTful services.
21 Aug 2015
Article describes how to encrypt a dataset using AES. Optionally the dataset is compressed before the encryption.
8 Jun 2012
Adding an event to your class is simple, but it needs a bit of typing. I'm lazy, so I'd rather Visual Studio did the work. This snippet works in the same way as the "prop" snippet.
23 Feb 2011
Igor Ladnik
Skype automation allows a user to control desktop of another user with built-in screen sharing.
25 Jun 2014
Darryl Bryk
Code is described for a multi-document interface (MDI) image processing application utilizing the CImage class in C++
7 Apr 2010
Building a spelling checker for source code as an extension for Visual Studio 2010
14 Jan 2016
The new parser generator for C#: now with syntax highlighting.
2 Oct 2014
Adam Zgagacz
WinForms Scrollbar with enhanced properties, graphical bookmarks and value tooltips.
17 Jan 2013
Don Kackman
A WP7 port of CPVanity with a CodeProject RSS reader.
12 Nov 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn about parallel algorithms, parallel containers, tasks, task groups, agents library, task scheduler etc in VC10
26 Feb 2016
Lars N. Rasmussen
Learn about gears and by using the jpg's be able to cut working gears in wood and other materials
4 Jun 2017
Some ways to solve a matrix equation :-)
27 Oct 2018
Steffen Ploetz
Give an brief overview of text rendering options for OpenGL/OpenTK especially for MONO/.NET.

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