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Great Reads

by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
by Prabakaran Rajendran
Create, build and deploy ASP.NET Core application into Azure app service
by Claude He
CCTreeMiner: An algorithm for Subtree Mining Problems

Latest Articles

by roscler
Azure based pet adoption agent that helps pet lovers find the perfect pet while saving the lives of kittens & puppies
by David_Oliver
In this article we look at how Refinitiv Labs looks at the real-life challenge faced by equity traders with regards to detecting and responding to unexpected asset price changes.
by Dr. Song Li
This is a note on AWS step function & CDK & SAM local & miscellaneous subjects.
by Akshay Srinivasan2
A beginner's step by step guide with screenshots to get a Spotify API App in the Spotify Developer portal and retrieve Client ID and Client Secret which are needed to access the Web API/Endpoints Spotify exposes to use in your code to consume the Spotify cloud services

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5 May 2015
IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty profile is a flexible and dynamic server profile of WAS which enables the WAS server to deploy only required custom features instead of deploying a big set of available JEE components.
20 Nov 2015
Mohamed Amine SEBBANE
Localization of .NET assemblies in the cloud and translation
14 Sep 2014
How to call Nest API from .NET using FirebaseSharp
21 Jun 2015
Motion activated Pushbullet notification from your Arduino to your Smart Gadgets
31 Jul 2013
Bruce Chapman DNN
In this post, I’m going to share with you some lessons learned along the way of taking the DNN Platform from an on-premise application to a turnkey, cloud-based solution.
18 Jan 2017
Alibaba Cloud
Here are five top tips from our expert team to help you maximize the benefits of your cloud infrastructure.
9 Nov 2008
Denis Vasilik
Overview of Microsoft's cloud platform
2 Dec 2011
Jonathan Cardy
A collection of the unusual and unexpected features of JavaScript
10 Mar 2017
Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Be notified in your mobile phone of intruders in your home, and take photos of them
1 Nov 2012
Jon Gallant
Clickatell just released a new SMS Small Business API. This is a two part blog series with the results of my analysis of the API and details on how to integrate it into your .NET application.
6 Mar 2017
Zachary Flower
To get a feel for how Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting works, I went through the process from end-to-end, and have come away with some pros and cons of the service.
11 Mar 2019
Preetam U Ramdhave
This article will help you to implement the functionality where you can store your sensitive data in the amazon Secrets Manager and access while bootstrapping the application.
4 May 2011
Hisham Abdullah Bin Ateya
aCloud Web Operation System running on the cloud
19 Sep 2015
B. Clay Shannon
Copy-and-pastable HTML and JS to provide State/Province Select Options for your Meteor app
22 Mar 2015
Aby Mammen Mathew
IoT devices needs the capability to augment the environment around them, even when sensors utilized by them break down
24 Mar 2015
Matt Perdeck
Add a database to your web site on AWS with automatic fail over using RDS
20 May 2013
Jon Honess
Using Windows Azure to build an online board game.
21 May 2012
Robert Chipperfield
Smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous, and, with them, mobile apps. But what does the proliferation of different devices mean for developers entering the market? Do you target a single platform, build your app twice for iOS and Android, or use a cross-platform framework?
10 Mar 2019
Ryan Peden
Get up and running with serverless by creating a geocoding function on Azure
23 Aug 2016
Florian Rappl
This article describes the most important details of creating a useful bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
19 Dec 2013
Bruce Chapman DNN
Three use cases that explore getting started with Windows Azure Pack
4 Nov 2019
Allister Beharry
Using data from the Global Historical Climatology Network project we can crunch, analyze, and make predictions using gigabytes of numeric climate data collected over two centuries with the SAP HANA in-memory database and Amazon SageMaker hosted Jupyter notebooks.
5 Jun 2012
Anoop Pillai
Explains how to use Apache Hadoop and Azure to Analyze Large Data sets, using Map reduce jobs in C#
17 Apr 2019
Christian Graus
Adding role based security to our Azure AD/Angular website
9 Jan 2017
Dan Letecky
Day/week AngularJS event calendar/scheduler with drag and drop support. PHP and ASP.NET MVC backends.
14 Oct 2018
Bahrudin Hrnjica
ANNdotNET v1.0 has been released
13 Aug 2013
Florian Rappl
Second part in my annualy list of tips, this time including JavaScript, controls, tooling and customization, which has been build up from recent ASP.NET MVC 4 programming journeys.
16 Jul 2014
Praba Prakash
Apache Hadoop 2.3 for Big Data Analytics
3 Sep 2015
Simple Java program demonstrates HBase table creation, data import and queries
1 Jun 2017
Intel Corporation
Artificial intelligence holds greater promise in transforming clinical research.
23 Aug 2014
Stephan Johnson
Scaffold Microsoft Azure Table Storage entities in ASP.NET MVC5
17 Dec 2013
Monjurul Habib
ASP.NET Web API is a framework for building and consuming HTTP services that can reach a broad range of clients including browsers, phones, and tablets.
30 May 2019
Member 13221290
Develop a demo service fabric in Visual Studio 2019
17 Dec 2014
Implementing an auto completion feature with Redis, NodeJS and jQuery
6 May 2018
Majdi Saibi
Automating code deployment with Github and Azure
24 Feb 2019
Azure + HoloLens = Mixed Reality to the Cloud!
7 Oct 2020U
Azure based pet adoption agent that helps pet lovers find the perfect pet while saving the lives of kittens & puppies
19 Mar 2019
musab shaheed
Helpful methods for Azure blob storage .NET Core C#
31 Mar 2015
Prakash SNP
This article shows how to build an Azure IoT Solution for water utilities Industry
9 Apr 2017
Kyriakos Akriotis
Seamsless S2S VPN without static IP and expensive VPN devices.
21 May 2015
Vladimir Dorokhov
Development cross platform Chrome Application for Azure developers.
3 Apr 2012
Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the Push Service for Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging.
27 Dec 2014
Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the small tool, tester for Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging.
10 Jun 2012
Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the Message Mediator for connectivity pipeline hosted on the Windows Azure.
20 Apr 2015
Sergey Kizyan
This is a sample article that describes ho to implement RESTfull service for Azure for both GET and POST methods
9 Jun 2013
Florian Rappl
Crawling tons of (individual) web information and creating statistics using Windows Azure.
30 Mar 2015
Florian Rappl, Niki Kilbertus
Using Microsoft Azure to add advanced machine learning capabilities with connected IoT devices, which monitor activities of a baby and his or her environment.
1 Aug 2020
Sandeep Mewara
A guide to help learn about Kafka and do a setup & test of data pipeline in Windows environment.
6 Oct 2010
Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize binary data to IsolatedStorage in a Silverlight client when there is no BinaryFormatter in Silverlight? Why not with sharpSerializer? - An open source XML and binary serializer for .NET and Silverlight
8 Aug 2016
From unboxing to prototype, a complete C# and Node.js Intel Edison product development guide with a real time cloud biometric IoT project
7 Apr 2015
Bruno Terkaly
This blog post shows how you can leverage dtSearch to perform fast searches of data safely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
13 Feb 2018
Intel Corporation
In this article, we give an overview of the SAWR project and also offer some tips for building your own robot using the Intel RealSense camera and SAWR projects.
7 Aug 2019
Jeffrey T. Fritz
Azure functions are an extremely versatile platform to operate on. The dtSearch tools allow us to build and manage a search index anywhere that we need intelligent search capabilities.
13 Nov 2017
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this post, we discuss how to develop a questionnaire site with Node.js, SQLite and Pug templating framework.
19 Jul 2013
Anoop Pillai
Doing some 'Big Data' and building a Recommendation Engine with Azure, Hadoop and Mahout
14 May 2014
Jon Flanders
A review of building a video streaming application using LeaseWeb's Content Delivery Network (CDN).
12 May 2013
Heiko Mohr
Create a simple cms project starting with bootstrap based layout
8 May 2018
Mike Mackrory
In this article, I review Service Virtualization Community Edition by setting it up and using it to work with APIs. Specifically, I’ll be running CA Service Virtualization Community Edition version 1.0.3 on Windows 10.
16 Dec 2019
Carey Payette
Aspose.OMR for .NET provides an Optical Mark Recognition API you can use to create on-premise scanning of hand-marked documents. We'll walk you through a demonstration.
1 Mar 2015
CarNet is a project which involves creation of an mesh network between vehicles moving in vicinity of each other.
8 Apr 2014
Claude He
CCTreeMiner: An algorithm for Subtree Mining Problems
27 Oct 2013
Patrick McCurley, Rachel Davey
An Azure based software solution allowing users to discover events around them on a massive scale. Features MVC4, Entity Framework and a large importing backend utilizing Azure virtual machines
13 Oct 2011
This article discusses the basics of Claim based Authentication. This is the first part of the Series.
31 Aug 2019
Ryan Peden
Using SAP HANA and Amazon SageMaker to have fun with AI in the cloud!
30 Dec 2009
Bhaskardeep Khaund
Introduction to Cloud Computing - SaaS.
8 Feb 2013
Dimension Data Cloud
Critical questions you should ask your cloud provider
2 Mar 2011
Won Dong
To utilize cloud service as an anonymous desktop environment in Amazon S3 and EC2 Windows instances
2 Aug 2016
Mihail Mateev
IBM Cloudant Data Layer Local Edition is a database management system (DBMS) platform designed to resemble IBM Cloudant Database as a service (DBaaS) in the privacy of your own data center.
26 Dec 2016
Fernando de Oliveira [MCP]
What if you could predict data using a cloud-based environment? You can do it with Azure Machine Learning.
11 Feb 2020
Chris Gannon
An Azure-driven service for Arduino based PID controllers designed for control and monitoring of grills and other cooking devices
21 Jul 2015
This article discusses using Arduino to collect and send data from your car's OBD-II to the cloud using Windows Azure.
3 May 2013
This will be a lightweight site that helps the user track their weekly comics subscriptions.
11 May 2015
Bitcasa has robust enterprise-level content features, is useful for business, has powerful functionality, and is flexible enough to integrate with any application via an API.
13 Nov 2015
Intel Corporation
This article talks about creating a Bluemix application, registering a device, setting triggers using NodeRED flow editor and visualizing data using Rickshaw JS.
12 Jan 2011
How to integrate SharePoint apps with cloud-based technologies.
18 Oct 2016
Intel Corporation
This guide will walk you through adding the IoT Cloud repository to your Intel® IoT Gateway and adding support for Microsoft Azure so you can begin developing applications for this platform in your programming language of choice.
29 Jul 2019
Akhil Mittal
For this tutorial, we’ll create a simple ASP.NET Core web application, containerize it with Docker, then deploy it to an AKS cluster.
11 Mar 2013
The Salesforce Platform is the dominant cloud app platform enabling developers to focus on innovation. With over a million apps on the platform many teams work in disparate locations & timezones. Learn how to use the Salesforce Platform & Jenkins to deliver continuous integration in the cloud.
9 Jun 2015
Freek Kootstra
This is a project to control the modelcars on a vintage toy car track using an Arduino and a Windows Azure service.
12 Jan 2014
Michael Trembovler
The current article might be useful for users attempting to use NServiceBus. It contains detailed instruction for creating pairs: publisher-subscriber through ServiceMatrix. Solution architects may find this technique useful in many CQRS scenarios as a good alternative to WCF.
22 Jul 2017
Duncan Edwards Jones
How to use a Windows Azure storage table, blob or file as an event store for event sourcing
4 Mar 2017
Duncan Edwards Jones
An outline of how a paired Azure queue and Azure table can be used for the command side of a CQRS application
14 Apr 2014
Duncan Edwards Jones
The query side of the Command Query segregation or responsibility architecture
4 Mar 2016
Rishabh S Ajmera
Third post in series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
5 Feb 2015
Alex Sanséau
As an introduction to Windows Azure, this article will guide you step by step to create your own private NuGet server in Windows Azure.
27 Dec 2018
Prabakaran Rajendran
Create, build and deploy ASP.NET Core application into Azure app service
27 Feb 2020
Venkatesh Subbarao
Create a logical app to schedule a trigger for Web jobs in Azure
11 Dec 2012
Aron Weiler
Learn how to create a static and unchanging WCF interface that still supports most WCF capabilities.
7 Mar 2020
Hugo G Fernandez R
In this article, I will explain and show step by step how to implement through the swashbuckle library a good and useful documentation for your RESTful APIs in a very simple way through Visual Studio 2019 and of course towards the Azure cloud through Azure App Service
25 Jul 2014
In this article we are going to see how we can consume a web api which is hosted on Cloud Azure service
3 Jan 2017
Fernando de Oliveira [MCP]
Create your first Bot-as-a-Service with Microsoft Azure Bot Service!
26 Oct 2017
WCH will save us from integrating an open source NLP library manually (where we would have to become domain experts), which reduces the risk of integrating intelligence into our application, and the amount of time.
13 Aug 2012
Giorgio Lasala
Development of webservices using sandbox solutions
31 Jul 2013
Mobile, geo-centric app for Business Users, Consumers and Sales/Marketing Professionals
30 Apr 2013
Brian Legg
Danger Dodger will keep track of the amount of danger you're in at any given point in time and help you to avoid it.
26 Nov 2019
@Abdul Azeez Thekkekandy
This article explores Data Science lifecycles - Business Understanding, Data Understanding and Data Preparation
25 Dec 2013
Is your business getting hampered due to documentation load? Switch to Datafly
7 Jun 2015
Pooja Baraskar
Embed a game developed with Unity game engine to your website which is hosted on Azure.
17 Apr 2019
In this article, we will learn how to deploy ASP.NET Core Microservices in AWS ECS using Fargate with Cloudformation template and AWS Console.
4 Jun 2013
In this blog post, we will go through step by step how to actualize DotNetNuke on Windows Azure Website from Gallery.
13 Nov 2018
Prabakaran Rajendran
Setting up automated build and deployment for Windows service using Azure Pipeline
22 Jun 2017
Intel Corporation
This article will discuss both design considerations for IoT and new methods in creating a robust network using Intel® processors.
29 Aug 2013
What drives developers and product teams to move their development and testing to the cloud?
12 Jul 2017
With this project, Microsoft and Fagor Ederlan demonstrate that sending data to the cloud using secure and reliable services doesn’t have to be overly complex.
3 Apr 2013
Komin Dmitry
How to write iPhone application to authenticate to SharePoint and read the contents of a list provided by the SharePoint REST API.
2 Jul 2015
Comparison of Firebase and SynergyKit while developing chat application
13 Jul 2015
Setting up Redis server on Windows machine, and accessing it with C# client
17 Dec 2018
Benktesh Sharma
More than often, developers test API, either through a browser request or using some clients such as POSTMAN, Advanced Rest Client (ARC).
4 Feb 2020
In this article we'll demonstrate using Google AI Cloud to create a model for categorizing different dog sounds, then run the model on an Arm-based Raspberry Pi to listen for dog sounds and identify them.
30 Jun 2016
Simon S Ellis
Create virtual machines in the cloud using Amazon EC2
23 Feb 2018
Member 13680125
Boosting Efficiency and Performance for Automotive, Networking, and Cloud Computing
14 Jun 2013
ErrZure is a tool for collecting and managing errors from mobile clients.
22 Sep 2015
Jerry Evans
Adding cross-platform round-trip JSON serialization to C++ classes
22 Sep 2014
Bruno Terkaly
Recently, the team at DiscountASP.NET launched a new cloud hosting solution called EVERLEAP. Because EVERLEAP makes use of some Microsoft Azure technology I thought I’d take a look at it.
15 Apr 2020
Издислав Издиславов
This article will demo the usage of Blazor WebAssembly and how to create simple web application with it.
31 Dec 2010
Al Alberto
A series of articles exploring how to develop applications for Windows Azure using Bing Maps.
20 Jan 2011
Al Alberto
A series of articles exploring Azure development featuring Bing Maps and phone.
5 Jul 2013
Nigel Stuke
This article explains how you can get the data for your last trip off of the Chaser Windows Phone App and convert it to GPX data so you can upload it manually to Strava.
13 May 2013
How to take an existing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Modern app and extend it to the web.
17 Feb 2015
Turn your smartphone into the Eyes and Ears of your Quadcopter drone.
28 Jan 2011
Adrian Otto
Rackspace Hosting offers two file storage products—Cloud Files™ and Cloud Drive. Even though both offer cloud-based file storage, they are designed for different uses. Is your goal content delivery or file backup and synchronization? The use cases determine which product best suits your needs.
28 Apr 2013
Milan Shah
Rethinking an existing app for the cloud
25 Jan 2018
Intel Corporation
Infiswift’s IoT platform, powered by Intel® technology, enables scalable and secure connections that deliver real-time, actionable insights.
22 Sep 2009 Team
This is a great chance for you to become an expert at building applications in the cloud, and to add to your CV. There is a rapidly growing market for cloud applications, and the career opportunities for developers with the right skills are multiplying. Enhance your skills and stay on the leading ed
27 Nov 2017
Jesse Casman
Do developers really need to pay attention to chatbots in a fairly small market of just over a billion dollars?
5 Aug 2014
An SVG Guitar Fretboard Library
31 Jul 2013
Tim Corey
Helping non-profit organizations target their fundraising efforts.
2 Jun 2020
Musings, tips, and lessons learned from developing a physical device, serverless back-end, and Android app
16 Sep 2013
Browse your Google Drive and integrate your windows explorer with a Google's storage Cloud
12 Aug 2013
Windows App Store solution with GPS and NFC capabilities
24 Oct 2016
Ashwin. Shetty
Getting started on Docker with Windows OS and Hosting nodejs app inside a container
5 Dec 2014
Google Cloud Platform
This document demonstrates a client-side approach to retrieving monitoring data using the Google JavaScript client library to help you get started with the basics of using the Google Cloud Monitoring API.
31 Jul 2015
Pooja Baraskar
This Article will help you in Getting Started with Intel Realsense 3D Technology
3 Dec 2013
Ted Neward
A continuation of Part 1, deploying to the cloud.
12 Feb 2014
Ted Neward
Google Cloud Platform - Part 7: Google Cloud Storage
20 Aug 2013
A quick tutorial on using Google Maps in MS MVC 4
27 Oct 2009
An introductory article on Windows Azure - a cloud computing initiative by Microsoft
15 Feb 2011
Rackspace Hosting
If downtime in your internal infrastructure or core product offerings negatively impacts your bottom line, you need to explore cloud High Availability. This technical whitepaper will help you with planning, designing, and deploying best-practice High Availability IaaS environments (Linux).
29 Apr 2011
Dr. Song Li
This article presents an example to host WCF services in an Azure Worker Role.
15 Oct 2018
As of this writing, I manage 29 packages on One thing it's imperative package authors do, though, is keep their packages up to date as new versions of the software they're wrapping get released. Without this, packages simply atrophy and the value of Chocolatey goes down.
11 Nov 2019
In this article, we share a document cloud scan solution based on TWAIN Direct specification and Dynamic Web TWAIN.
20 Jul 2020
Tomas Fernandez Zavalia
Getting Started with the yuuvis® Ultimate Object Store for Document Management
19 Jul 2017
Jaiswar Vipin Kumar R.
In the digital world, we are in Machine Leaning Phase. Where are need to everything on lighting speed. Data storing as we need, in our custom formant, and their availability, stability should be done on finger tips with low infrastructural cost.
2 Jun 2013
Hisham Elbreky
Learn how to manage windows azure virtual machines (IaaS) using C# code
14 Jun 2017
Intel Corporation
Whether it's live video streaming, live and video on demand transcoding solutions, or virtual set-top boxes, you must position your business to transition to ubiquitous video demands (video for everyone, anywhere, on any device.)
13 Jul 2017
Chris Moutsos
How to connect to Amazon S3 with gSOAP to store and retrieve data
6 Dec 2012
Mark Heath
A step by step tutorial for using Azure BLOB storage on an ASP.NET MVC site hosted on Azure Web Sites.
25 Apr 2019
Gaston Verelst
How to set up and use an Azure key vault to store your secret values
16 Jun 2018
Mike V Baker
This article describes the process of setting up Single-Sign-On (SSO) for a Node.js website hosted on Amazon Web Services and configuring Elastic Beanstalk for HTTPS.
12 Feb 2012
How to work with CloudDrive, Your azure hard drive in Azure
10 Jan 2018
Simple AddIn for Excel to generate GeoCodes for structured or Unstructured Addresses
2 Oct 2019
Azure Key Vault Implementation in ASP.NET Core site hosted on On-Premise Azure VM
19 Apr 2011
Joel Laird
A framework for creating and using HTML components
19 Nov 2019
SAP, Ian Thain
The SAP Developer Relations Project Book is here to suggest ideas, along with OData backends that can be amended or taken as supplied.
28 May 2019
Akhil Mittal
This articleis a complete end to end tutorial that will explain the concept of facerecognition and face detection using modern AI based Azure cognitive servicei.e. Azure’s Face API service.
23 Apr 2016
Prasoon Madnawat
This articles describes how to write a caching solution using Redis on .NET platform.
31 May 2012
rcarlson-cayen, Cayen Systems
This article details how to make a legacy code base more maintainable by utilizing a JSON architecture.
3 May 2017
Intel Corporation
MXNet is an open-source deep learning framework that allows you to define, train, and deploy deep neural networks on a wide array of devices, from cloud infrastructure to mobile devices.
12 Oct 2016
As users are migrating from traditional desktops to mobile devices, transitioning your Windows application to the web is the next step to increasing your exposure. Thinfinity VirtualUI delivers your Windows applications to users on any device, anywhere.
6 Nov 2014
Powered bythe Windows Azure Pack (the basic infrastructure of Microsoft’s own Azureservices), Everleap is an exciting new service in the shared hosting space.
29 Jun 2018
Intel Corporation
We are excited to announce the availability of the TANK AIoT Dev Kit by iEi, with support for the OpenVINO™ toolkit and Intel® Media SDK.
13 Mar 2018
Florian Rappl
JSON Schema may be the answer to most problems in dealing with JSON files. We explore JSON Schema from a practical point of view.
24 May 2017
Akhil Mittal
In this and the following articles on Machine Learning to figure out whatMachine Learning is and what can be achieved with it
31 Mar 2015
Naren Neelamegam
Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure.
17 Mar 2015
Discover and command IoT devices in your local network. Channel device-data to your websites, SQL-Server, Azure Table Storage and Azure Event Hubs.
25 Feb 2015
Todd Christell, Canin Christell
Creating a Microwave Oven IoT Application
31 Mar 2015
A simple and inexpensive project to control your first IoT device using an Azure service
31 Mar 2015
Onkarraj A., Rahul Khode
The article showcases BLE sensors (IoT) solution developed using Azure Event Hub, Stream Analytics and Power BI.
8 Sep 2011
Jonathan Cardy
A selection of JavaScript terminology, with explanations and code samples
10 Jul 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Porting VB functions over to JavaScript and other useful functions
3 May 2013
Mohan Mallampalli
A HTML5 note taking app capable of capturing Video notes.
1 Feb 2014
A JSON-based protocol for sharing data between multimple clients over Websockets
13 Jun 2013
Nick Gaulin
A detailed look at how jTypes compiles C#-like object definitions into prototype-based instance matrices.
8 Jun 2013
Phil Lee NZ
A strategy for keeping sensitive configuration values, such as connection strings, out of your source control repository, but still available to your app both locally and in the cloud. We're looking specifically at Azure websites and GitHub.
11 Jul 2013
Studying the Market with DnB Data , a trusted resource for all market research information.
9 Apr 2019
Haseeb A. Basil
LambdaTest Selenium Testing Tool Tutorial with examples in 2019
27 Oct 2008
Daniel Vaughan
Legion is a grid computing framework that uses the Silverlight CLR to execute user definable tasks. It provides grid-wide thread-safe operations for web clients. Client performance metrics, such as bandwidth and processor speed, may be used to tailor jobs. Also includes a WPF Manager application.
6 Mar 2013
Jon Rooney
Lightening Fast Troubleshooting for Your Cloud Applications
15 Sep 2012
Michael R Duffy
A discussion of using Azure table storage to store an application's logging information for Microsoft Windows Azure based cloud deployments
11 Jul 2013
Mail Merges in the Cloud: using Aspose.Words for Cloud
23 Mar 2015
Allister Beharry
Overlord is an open-source .NET IoT management platform written in C# and running on Microsoft Azure.
25 Mar 2015
Glenn Vassallo
An end to end IoT system utilising Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology and an embedded device, the Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad (Single Chip Wi-Fi MCU).
28 Nov 2011
Member 7656529
A review of the book Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development.
10 Nov 2011
Phani Krishna Kollapur Gandla
Migration of Relational Data structure to Cassandra (No SQL) Data structure
1 Dec 2019
Generic REST or GraphQL endpoints for CRUD and more, written in JavaScript, using Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL
16 Jan 2014
Bruno Terkaly
Tips on how to troubleshoot Multi-tiered applications when they are hosted in cloud infrastructures.
14 Nov 2018
Carey Payette
Thriftly.IO allows organizations to leverage existing code and infrastructure assets to define new cloud-based APIs.
4 Dec 2011
Henry He
This article will show how to develop and deploy an ASP.NET MVC web application to the Windows Azure platform.
20 Nov 2009
A simple C# command line utility to demonstrate access to Windows Azure storage.
7 May 2012
Jason Rudland
Trial of popular REST implimentations for NodeJS including the measuring of MongoDB insertion rates.
25 Jan 2017
Alibaba Cloud
NodeJS Testing Coverage Rate: How I went from 0% to 90%
16 Mar 2017
ASP.NET MVC C# Opensource library that abstracts social logins for OAuth providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal
20 Jan 2017
Online PHP Software Example: Sodium Hypochlorite Dilution Calculator
13 Feb 2018
Intel Corporation
In this paper we focus on how Vehicle-to-Infrastructure connectivity can help to optimize city traffic for emergency vehicles, and provide personalized treatment to patients in need.
26 Mar 2015
New York City MTA bus tracking app for Win 7/8 with Azure Cloud backend services
25 Jun 2013
Gazmend Jakupi
Tutorial for developing in PHP
18 Sep 2013
Demonstrates Google Cloud's experimental support for PHP
1 May 2019
Javier Carrion
How to create and test a Serverless Function app using Microsoft Azure
22 Apr 2015
Working with different data stores (SQL, NoSQL ..) in high performance enterprise application using DDD and Repository unit of work pattern
27 Jun 2017
ZPMC manufactures heavy-duty equipment that enables modern shipping. That equipment is a source of real-time data, which needs to be retrieved, monitored, and analyzed. ZPMC uses Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Stream Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI to help it become a comprehensive service provider.
1 Apr 2014
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Joint Power over IP project has started the phase of public testing. All testers can try it out and charge their laptop batteries, free of charge, for limited period of time.
16 Jul 2018
David Dunlap
Where as public cloud is amorphous with nigh-limitless resource pools, private cloud is more like slapping a perfectly formed organizer on your resources.
30 Oct 2019
Amazon Sage Maker and SAP HANA together provide a powerful set of tools that could be used to help protect investors, lenders and borrowers in financial services industry.
17 Feb 2015
NY Trivia Quiz w/backend Database migration to Azure cloud
26 May 2013
C. Dunn
View and rate box art for your favorite Xbox games!
27 Nov 2015
Modesty Zhang
A practical example of utilizing Reactive Extensions RxJS for autonomous states in React components with greater expressiveness and concise code.
25 Jan 2018
Intel Corporation
Solving connectivity and interoperability challenges. Increasing building insight and efficiency.
25 Feb 2015
Connecting a Intel RealSense device to remote users via Azure
10 Oct 2014
Kevin Griffin
Everleap is a hosting service by the good folks who brought us DiscountASP.NET. It is promoted as a reliable, scalable, and affordable hosting platform built on top of the Windows Azure Pack.
29 Jun 2020
Secure Azure WebJob Webhook URLs with Azure AD Authentication
14 Jan 2011
Modesty Zhang
Introducing a simplified semantic HTML5 tags based page layout, together with a basic HTML5 template and CSS sources.
6 May 2015
Ricardo Trujillo Rodríguez
How to integrate push notifications on your Drupal 7 site and your Titanium Apps
22 Nov 2019
A simple way to design queue based messaging solution in .NET Core to solve complex problems
19 Apr 2016
Richard Hyatt
Part 2 of our series on simplifying and securing AWS Lambda code using Node.js
27 May 2015
How to develop a single page application (SPA) without a framework using MVC and SammyJS
14 Aug 2014
Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
14 Aug 2014
Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
14 Aug 2014
Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
13 Aug 2013
Florian Rappl
Creating a highly extensible presentation app with multi-user and device integration for tablets.
19 Apr 2017
Publishing the ASP.Net Core 1.1 / Angular 4 SPA to Azure and external IIS hosts. Also covering code cleanup, optimization, bundling and minification. Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and some architecture and development philosophy.
24 May 2013
Kyle Seidel
Simple survey web app using the latest Microsoft technologies.
17 Mar 2015
Sergey Kizyan
This article explains how to merge your local SQL DB content to Azure DB from scratch
19 Jun 2016
Chris Solutions
A no-framework approach to web development which yields a high level of developer governance.
18 Jun 2016
Chris Solutions
The implementation of a no-framework client application using high-level developer governance.
16 Jun 2016
Chris Solutions
With evidence in hand, no-framework is the perfect alternative to frameworks.
3 Mar 2016
Microsoft Canada
In this demo-packed video, Scott Hanselman shows just how easy it is for any developer to deliver mind blowing next-generation web applications and services powered by the cloud.
8 Aug 2013
DevOp ROI relies on combining best practices with the right tools. Tooling enables practices, and vice versa. The CloudMunch platform makes it happen.
9 Dec 2009
Visual WebGui is reshaping web development, the way VB6 did with WOW - Windows Over Web revolution. Visual WebGui enables VB-like drag & drop, object oriented, WYSIWYG development methodologies but adds extension and customization capabilities.
8 Aug 2012
How the Amazon Cloud solutions help tackle huge load and how much it may cost
22 Aug 2016
Demonstrates how you can track online presence of devices or users using platform
19 Jul 2013
Umbrazure streamlines development and hosting ASP.NET websites atop Umbraco 6 on Azure.
23 Dec 2011
Henry He
This article is to show all the cloud products in Amazon web service family to let developers have a big picture of Amazon cloud computing solution.
20 Jun 2019
Azure provides different data storage options for different scenarios.
15 Nov 2012
Todd Sprang
A complete step-by-step tutorial explaining how and why to use Unobtrusive AJAX to do forms validation in ASP.NET MVC.
9 Feb 2015
This article will show you how to read from an Azure Service Bus Queue and then to use the new Windows Azure BizTalk Services to transform a brokered Xml message to soap web service.
9 Jun 2013
Roman Kiss
This article describes how the Azure Lease Blob can help the composition of the business model during the runtime in the distributed event-driven pub/sub architecture.
29 May 2020
Jayson DeLancey
This article is the seventh in the Sentiment Analysis series that uses Python and the open-source Natural Language Toolkit. In this article we look at some alternatives to VADER.
12 Mar 2018
Marius Bancila
Use Face API to find similarities between faces
15 Jul 2019
Mike V Baker
This article will demonstrate the use of Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) to create virtual machines and deploy applications on them, and Elastic Block Store (EBS) to create virtual disk volumes and attach them to the EC2 instances.
18 Jul 2019
Allister Beharry
OLAF is a digital forensics tool designed for public-facing PCs or corporate desktops which can classify in near real-time images a user downloads while browsing to help enforce computer use policies regarding intellectual property, inappropriate content, and incitements to violence.
18 Sep 2015
Kurt Friedrich
I wanted to use MySQL as the database to hold code first models with ASP MVC.
6 Jun 2018
Gunnar S
Third article in a series of three regarding NServiceBus, WebAPI and Azure Service Fabric
1 Feb 2014
Example server and client using different protocols over a Websocket (php/js)
25 Aug 2012
Mihail Mateev
One of the highly-anticipated features in the Entity Framework 5 is a Spatial support.
3 Aug 2019
Dmitriy Repin
Using VS Code to author and debug an any-language service inside of a container running locally, on a cloud VM, or in a Kubernetes pod
16 Feb 2011
Panagiotis Kefalidis
How to setup and use Windows Azure AppFabric Cache (CTP).
1 Nov 2011
Roman Kiss
This article describes consuming Windows Azure Service Bus by WCF and WF Technologies.
19 Jan 2011
The article aims to present a generic approach of fetching and visualizing live and historical stock data in Silverlight.
28 Apr 2014
Jonathan Cardy
Creating a single page app for SharePoint 2013 using the new App Model.
25 Jun 2013
Alexandr Belotserkovskiy
This series will be about Web API and its use in Windows Azure
17 Jun 2018
Gunnar S
Moving ASP.NET WebAPI code to Service Fabric Cluster
28 Apr 2013
White Stone Helps Businesses Give Their Customers Greater Value for their Money.
26 Apr 2018
Intel Corporation
This article will explore a proof of concept that leverages the capabilities of Helix Device Cloud (HDC) and uses the UP Squared board as the vending machine gateway.
3 Jan 2011
Not Active
A simple look at what Windows Azure Storage is and how it can be used
2 Jul 2016
Abhishek Mishra - Dotnet and Azure PAAS Architect
This article demonstrates how to create a new Azure storage table and perform CRUD operations on the table.
28 Jan 2011
Adrian Otto
In this article, Rackspace highlights 5 concepts to think about when coding, and some tips to help you fulfill these concepts.
5 Mar 2015
This contest submission is for a home monitoring solution that reads temperature, humidity and states from various sensors around a home. The data is stored in Azure and can be accessed via mobile devices.
17 Nov 2013
Phil Lee NZ
A site for managing and delivering virtual conferences - complete with embedded live streaming and chat. Showcasing the best Azure has to offer!
28 Mar 2008
Marc Clifton, Pete O'Hanlon
So you want to go it alone? Things to think about when running your company.
17 Apr 2009
Al Alberto
Evaluating Microsoft's Composite Application Guidance and Library.
30 Apr 2009
Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and tooling of model driven WorkflowServices logically centralized in the Repository and physically decentralized for their runtime projecting.
17 Aug 2009
The new Ajax approach presented by Visual WebGui is being compared to the traditional Ajax. The new approach allows to focus development efforts on algorithms, requirements and business logics while providing maximal flexibility, interoperability and interactivity with any traditional web applicatio
9 Feb 2013
Ladislav Nevery
Let Google read your eBooks aloud or convert to MP3! This free TTS engine used by Android phone just sounds fantastic so here is a simple eBook reader app with C++ source code
1 Dec 2010
Synchronize files from your computer to Amazon S3.
27 Mar 2011
John Voclare
A step by step guide on how to create a Visual Studio add-in that launches from the Project window.
13 Jun 2011
Ed Kaim
Code Project Virtual Tech Summit Session: In this session, we'll take a look at the real-world experience the SharpLogic team has acquired from building and managing multiple commercial initiatives on the Windows Azure platform. We’ll spend most of the time discussing the lessons learned from the Mo
30 Sep 2011
A discussion about Virtualization
15 Jan 2012
Shay Yannay
Directories manipulation in Blobs Service
13 Oct 2017
Garry Lowther
Why Javascript/JQuery/HTML/CSS/DOM is creating an awful mess
30 Apr 2012
Luke Jefferson
Learn how to configure SMS alerts to fire based on your Windows Azure application deployment status.
1 Oct 2012
Henry He
In this article, I will explain how to use strategy pattern to add accessing cloud storage support in an on-premise application.
23 Oct 2012
barry brunswick
An entry in the Intel App Innovation Contest
26 Oct 2012
Milan Shah
Watch public domain and Indie films in an ultrabook packaged desktop webapp. Use Film App as an offline scheduler for local Film Festivals to support Indie film screenings.
21 Dec 2012
This article shows how to login to a cloud storage like Box by entering the credentials in a dialog window rather than in a Web page.
31 Jan 2013
Enrique Albert
EF Code First implementation of generic repository and unit of work. With deployment to Azure web sites using SQL Compact.
3 Feb 2013
This article provides a solution for deploying multiple applications to a single AWS instance when using AWSDeploy.
14 Mar 2013
Rahul Bandopadhyaya
Exposing FTP servers using the Windows Azure appfabric service bus.
23 Apr 2013
Steen Hulthin
Examples of Azure in action
23 Apr 2013
Scott B Smith
Building a status site for coderbits on Windows Azure
17 Feb 2015
Migration from VS2010->VS2012->Azure cloud computing: practical and didactic aspects
24 Apr 2013
Aner Bautista
These days, our clients are looking on us the most important aspects for them: ready availability and Stability, reducing the required investment. Microsoft Azure is the proposal that will help us satisfy our customers .
25 Apr 2013
Robert William Gates
Azure based repository for Major Technical Celebrity and Public Figures
28 Apr 2013
Paul Blair
A cloud based authentication and user management service
1 May 2013
Adding cost counters to accurately monitor your application as it uses Azure services
27 Apr 2013
Griffin Fujioka
A note-taking application designed specifically for software ideas.
28 Apr 2013
Ken Cenerelli
An application to store your list of medical shots in the cloud
28 Apr 2013
Entry for Azure Dev Contest
28 Apr 2013
Cloud Solution to help Patients to get rid of Drug Addiction and take medicines on time. Failing to take drug will trigger notifications to Doctors. Drug reminders will be available in Live Calendar and Proofs for taken medicines will be stored in SkyDrive.
2 May 2013
Christopher Burts
A personal tracker of stuff you've done and things you want to do
28 Apr 2013
Real-time notification of updates to patient treatments in hospital bed
28 Apr 2013
Nidhin Pattaniyil
Using Azure to create a site to practice interview questions
29 Apr 2013
A windows Azure development to showcase online geocoding and mapping.
10 May 2013
Bart Read
Tutorial showing how to build an iOS or Android app using Azure Mobile Services with HTML5 and JavaScript in Visual Studio.
30 Apr 2013
Member 10020223
Now that more and more of us work out of our homes, it is more difficult to stay connected to our colleagues. One way to stay connected is to dine together. This application allows you to quickly locate a lunch spot between one or more locations.
30 Apr 2013
Create a chat program that will have self destructing messages
3 May 2013
Robotic Cat Door Web Based Control Panel
2 May 2013
Websites to explore a Windows Azure Table Storage
3 May 2013
An outline for a plan to build a real time, multiplayer, cross platform edition of the game Go.
3 May 2013
Justin Wicker
A simple web app that allows you to keep track of simple things like life totals, commander damage and card totals without having to download a mobile app or spend money.
3 May 2013
My entry for the Windows Azure Developer Challenge.
3 May 2013
Corey Hochman
A social gifting and communicating platform that would allows you to send a video or written message to someone on Facebook.
3 May 2013
A system where users can login using Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control and create a profile.
4 May 2013
Steps to host Web sites on the Windows Azure Cloud
3 May 2013
'Anil' Radhakrishna
An app to manage personal book collection
3 May 2013
You're a small city Google overlooked, and you want to catch a bus,this app will help.
3 May 2013
Be able located the urn from the shelf, which has 2000 slots.
3 May 2013
Pointe Smart
Using Azure to help reach our customers.
3 May 2013
A site that helps users keep up to date with whatever content they enjoy on the web.
13 May 2013
Randall Smith II
A simple solution trying out the Azure platform for development and deployment.
2 Jun 2013
A simple introduction to NetFluid Application Server 11
25 Jun 2013
daljeet Mehta
Adding realtime multiplayer game play and virtual rooms logic to your AndEngine games
5 Jul 2013
This article describes an idea for an application that uses data from the D&B sandbox.
5 Jul 2013
An idea for the DnB Developer Challenge to display a subset of the company family tree
5 Aug 2013
toni galani
Analyzing the risk associated with owning, investing, or collaborating with business by utilizing DnB Marketplace data subset.
17 Jul 2013
Terrence Dorsey
Welcome to our continuing series of Code Project interviews in which we talk to developers about their backgrounds, projects, interests and pet peeves. In this installment we talk to David Rodriguez, Lead Engineer on the Cloud Team at DNN.
15 Aug 2013
Erasmus Lutse
An application that helps relocating professionals
29 Jul 2013
Use of social media with D&B data to help better understand a company's needs.
9 Aug 2013
The Intelligent Way to Develop Business in the World of Healthcare
17 Feb 2015
Eugene Chuvyrov & Fabien Lavocat
iOS app and Windows Phone app entries for Dun and Bradstreet Developer Challenge
31 Jul 2013
Expanding the power and utility of the D&B API with artificial intelligence and natural language processing
23 Oct 2013
Eduard Keilholz
A quick help for storing images in SQL Server and displaying them on a ASP.NET Website
8 Oct 2013
Marc Clifton
Locate your Facebook friends on a Google Map - A Ruby on Rails web application.
14 Oct 2013
Using SQL job agent to backup databases in virtual machines to an Azure blob container, SQL, Cloud, SQL-Server, Azure
17 Oct 2013
Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Framework library for designing RESTful home cloud services using an FSI like interface.
16 Oct 2013
Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Framework library for designing RESTful home cloud services using FSI like interface.
29 Dec 2013
Drasko Popovic
How to template web parts with Knockout.js framework
5 Jan 2014
Roy, Philippe
Cloud computing means opportunities as well as challenges. Here's an overview of cloud computing intersecting with the IVR world.
6 Dec 2016
Things to remember when approaching a new project, questions to ask, things to consider and tips learned the hard way!
2 Feb 2014
This article focuses on an alternative way to deploy and update .NET applications running on AWS EC2 instances, and mitigates the shortcomings of the AWSDeploy standalone tool.
8 Jan 2017
Duncan Edwards Jones
Following on from "CQRS on Windows Azure - The command side" this article shows how the commands are processed by the command handler
3 Mar 2014
An extension to the Amazon .NET API that allows you to store the EMR Job’s flow description in a file or in an object, run and manage the flow locally, support an alternative flow in case of error
31 Aug 2014
Sunil Pandita
The articles intriduces with the concept of single page web application and describes in detail how we can built ome such using AngularJS
20 Apr 2014
Kristian Guevara
This article shows on how to upload your own web files (html, css, etc) through FTP and deploy them in Windows Azure
13 Aug 2014
Duncan Edwards Jones
How and why moving to a cloud based deployment model requires changes to the way we think about application development
30 Sep 2014
Max R McCarty
In our Be Sure with Azure .NET – Azure Table Storage (Part 1) we cover details about Azure Table Storage such as working with NoSQL databases, how they compare to relational databases, how to design and create your Azure Table as well as all the available operations for persisting data.  In Part 2 o
13 Oct 2014
You can create SharePoint Provider Hosted applications using AngularJS and Visual Studio LightSwitch. This will allow you to create applications faster and easier.
5 Nov 2014
Kevin Griffin
Rollbase is the next evolution of rapid application development (RAD) by Progress Software. Instead of releasing a traditional client-side package, Rollbase provides CASE tools in the form of a Software-as-a-Service.
27 Oct 2014
Modesty Zhang
Develop and operate full stack web Apps and APIs on Google App Engine with productivity and efficiency, including front end app & UI, restful web services and persistence layer with NoSQL database on Google App Engine.
14 Nov 2014
Michael Ulmann
Out-of-the-box Sitcore Azure installation is using in-role caching. This article provides an alternative using Azure Cache services.
1 Dec 2014
Google Cloud Platform
This page describes how to activate the Google Cloud Datastore API, the quotas associated with this API, and how to enable billing. The activation process varies based on your existing setup and environment.
29 Dec 2014
'Anil' Radhakrishna
SPA to track food expiry dates shows how to implement CRUD functionality through Azure Mobile Services HTTP OData/REST calls, without writing any server-side code
20 Jan 2015
Michael Collins - Intervalia
The directive iv-on-cmd can be used to simplify handling Angular click events.
21 Jan 2015
Arpankumar Rank
MixUp Puzzle! Is a Memory Power Game. It can be played by anybody especially kids.
7 Feb 2015
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Show off your book collection using a AngularJS script & Google Spreadsheet as your back-end
19 Feb 2015
Accessing and Using IoT Analytic
20 Mar 2015
1-day trial of outside-in development from what you want to what you code.
23 Mar 2015
Matt Perdeck
Quickly create a load balanced web site in the cloud with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
22 Mar 2015
Marc Clifton
Easily declare workflows that can span threads.
22 Mar 2015
Leverage Azure to build a platform to connect IoT devices in large scale
28 Mar 2015
Matt Perdeck
Point your domain to your AWS hosted site using Route 53
16 Aug 2015
Bharath K A
Build your own cloud spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel, google sheets) that exposes shreadsheet workbook via web browser. Users can create excel like spreadsheets using web browser save it, share it, put formulas to compute data in the sheet etc.
13 Apr 2015
Intel Corporation
This article will discuss the Smart IoT Stroller developed at the 2014 PDX-Transportation Hackathon hosted by Intel, and show you how to make a Smart IoT Stroller on your own.
30 Apr 2015
Dominic Abraham
Load test in Cloud using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate
8 May 2015
Marius Bancila
Learn how to integrate the new Windows Azure machine-learning APIs in a C++ application using C++ REST SDK
13 May 2015
Adrian Cini
Google Authorship – building an obsolete tool in dotnetblogengine
24 Jul 2015
Marc Clifton
Distributed semantic computing in a multi-threaded, Type-First Development (TFD) system
11 Aug 2015
Chris A. Johnson
Hiring for performance vs. skills
25 Aug 2015
Intel Corporation
A Fast, Flexible, And Scalable Path To Commercial IoT Solutions
15 Sep 2015
Intel Corporation
In this article I describe one of them: Intel® IoT Analytics. At the next picture illustrated the schema of working Intel IoT Analytics.
14 Dec 2015
Dr. Song Li
This is a study note to setup Tomcat on an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance.
4 Mar 2016
Rishabh S Ajmera
First article in a series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
4 Mar 2016
Rishabh S Ajmera
Second post in a series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
4 Mar 2016
Rishabh S Ajmera
Fourth post in series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
4 Mar 2016
Rishabh S Ajmera
Fifth and final post in a series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
10 Apr 2016
Firebase, a one stop solution for your web or mobile applications on Cloud powered by Firebase’s NoSQL backend and much more
14 Apr 2016
My interview experience with Amazon
18 Apr 2016
Intel Corporation
Wind River Rocket is a free, scalable, multi-architecture real-time operating system designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
6 May 2016
Android on Intel
To ease adoption of this WebRTC technology and make it widely available to expand or create new applications, Intel has developed the end-to-end WebRTC solution, Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel® CS for WebRTC).
20 Jun 2016
Intel Corporation
This line following robot application is part of a series of how-to Intel® IoT Technology code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, Intel® Edison board, cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.
19 Jul 2016
Intel Corporation
This article demonstrates how to use an Intel® Next Unit Computing (NUC) device to connect sensors on an Arduino 101 board to the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
19 Aug 2016
Intel Corporation
Understanding Wind River Helix Cloud
9 Sep 2016
Hemang Maradia
This article describes how to configure Runbook feature of Azure Automation and utilization of the same to manage and optimize cost of infrastructure resources in Azure.
6 Oct 2016
Rahul Rajat Singh
In this article, we will discuss the importance of retry pattern and how to implement it effectively in our applications.
29 Oct 2016
Describe Website deployment on Azure App Service and manage your Website.
18 Jan 2017
Alibaba Cloud
This post features a basic introduction to Machine Learning. This post on Machine Learning will not only help you to understand the latest trends in the Internet industry, but increase your understanding of the technology that plays a major role in many services that make our lives easier.
18 Jan 2017
Alibaba Cloud
Cloud and the Era of AR/VR Technology: What's Next
18 Jan 2017
Alibaba Cloud
Connected devices – popularly known as the Internet of Things (IoT) or ubiquitous computing - represent a tremendous potential for the enhancement of social and business life, and a brand new frontier for market growth