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Posted 29 May 2016


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SQLite Wrapper for iOS in Swift

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17 Sep 2016CPOL1 min read
An easy SQLite Wrapper for iOS in swift that allows you to create a database and run SQL commands


This is an easy One-Class Wrapper for most of your SQL needs while working with iOS.


I am working on an app that will be searching and manipulating a large amount of data, so I decided to seed and store the data in a database instead of holding it in memory and praying the app will not crash. I was unable to find anything easy to use, and even the tutorials did not give instructions on actually making anything work. They just gave a few commands, so I decided to write my own wrapper.

Using the Code

To add SQLite functions to your project:

  1. Make sure that the libsqlite3.tbd is linked to the project and you can do that in the General Settings of the app
  2. Add a header file to the project and call it BridgingHeader.h and type the following line to include the C API:
    #include <sqlite3.h>
  3. Go to "Build Settings" and find "Objective-C Bridging Header." Use the search bar to find it quickly. Double-click and type "BridgingHeader.h". If you get "Could not import Objective-C Header," try "my-project-name/BridgingHeader.h"
  4. Go to "Build Phases," "Link Binary With Libraries," and add libsqlite3.tbd
  5. Add in the SQLDataIO.swift to your project (or just create a new one and copy/paste the code in from this sample project)


  • updateDatabase
  • dbValue
  • dbInt
  • nextID
  • getRows

To use:

var dbCommand: String = ""
FirstName CHAR(100), LastName CHAR(100), Age INT);"

var databaseRows: [[String]] = [[]]
var id: Int = 0

for i in 0...6
    id = nextID("Family")

    dbCommand = "insert into Family(ID, FirstName, LastName, Age)
    values (\(id), '\(firstName[i])', '\(lastName[i])', '\(age[i])')"


dbCommand = "select ID, FirstName, LastName, Age from Family"
databaseRows = getRows(dbCommand, numColumns: 4)

dbCommand = "UPDATE Family SET FirstName = 'Adam' WHERE ID = 1;"

dbCommand = "select LastName from Family where ID = 1"
let lName: String! = dbValue(dbCommand)

dbCommand = "select Age from Family where ID = 2"
let ageInt: Int = dbInt(dbCommand)

dbCommand = "select Age from Family where ID = 2"
let ageString: String  = dbValue(dbCommand)

dbCommand = "DELETE FROM Family WHERE ID = 1;"


  • 29th May, 2016: Initial version


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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I Graduated with a Computer Information Science Degree in 1990 and have been working developing systems since then.

I started in COBOL, moved to PROGRESS, did a little RPG, then moved on to Mobile apps and desktop applications.

It's been a great journey Smile | :)

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