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How to Transfer a MySQL Database between Two Servers using SCP

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4 Dec 2018CPOL2 min read 11.6K   4   4
A guide to transfer your MySQL databases between two servers using the SCP method


Transferring MySQL database between servers can be accomplished using SCP (Secure Copy). It is a secured method in copying file(s) between servers since it uses the same authentication and security as the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol. SCP encrypts both the file and any passwords exchanged while transferring the MySQL database.


Before we start, you’ll need to have two different servers installed with MySQL of the same version. In this tutorial, we’ll be using CentOS Linux as the operating system. Make sure to have enough free space on both servers to hold the database dump file and the imported database.


The following steps below will guide you to transfer your MySQL databases between two servers using the SCP method.

Step 1 - Perform MySQL Dump

Before transferring the database to the new server, we first need to perform the mysqldump command.

You can dump all your MySQL databases to a single file using this:

mysqldump -u root –p –all-databases > [dump_file.sql]

or if you want to dump a single database, you can use:

mysqldump -u root –p [database_name] > [dump_file.sql]
  • [database_name]: The name of the database you want to take backup.
  • [dump_file.sql]: The name of the dump file you want to generate.

If the database you’re transferring is running or in use, you can stop the mysql using the systemctl command as shown:

systemctl stop mysql

After the dump is performed, you can now transfer the database to the new server.

Step 2 – Transfer the MySQL Database Dump File to the New Server

In this step, we are using the SCP command to transfer the database dump file to the new server.

scp [database name].sql [username]@[servername]:[database path]

Step 3 - Import the Database

Once the MySQL dump file has been transferred to the new server, you can import the database into MySQL:

mysql -u root -p [name of new database] < /path/to/newdatabase.sql

Step 4 – Verify the Database Imported

Once the import is completed, you can verify the databases on both servers on the mysql shell using these commands:

mysql -u user -p
show databases;


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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