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Posted 9 Feb 2011

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How to Toggle String Case in .NET

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14 Feb 2011CPOL
Shows how to toggle the contents of a string from upper case to lower, or vice versa
The following snippet shows how to toggle string casing in .NET:

public string ToggleCase(string input)
    string result = string.Empty;
    char[] inputArray = input.ToCharArray();

    foreach (char c in inputArray)
        if (char.IsLower(c))
            result += c.ToString().ToUpper();
        else if (char.IsUpper(c))
            result += c.ToString().ToLower();
            result += c.ToString();

    return result;

This code snippet could be simplified as follows:
public string ToggleCase(string input)
    string result = string.Empty;
    char[] inputArray = input.ToCharArray();
    foreach (char c in inputArray)
        if (char.IsLower(c))
            result += Char.ToUpper(c);
            result += Char.ToLower(c);
    return result;

But still performance of Alternate 1 and Alternate 2 is 2...3 times better than of this one: see the online comparative test at:[^]

Alex Bell


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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GeneralRe: Why? Toggle Case option is included in MS Word, it's a valuable feature Pin
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