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Javascript StringBuilder for Beginners (ASP.NET 3.5 and above)

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21 Apr 2011CPOL 17.8K   2   7
Why not simply:markup = [];markup.push('');markup.push('');markup.push('');markup.push('');markup.push('Sample \'StringBuilder\' HTML');markup.push('');markup.push('');alert(markup.join('\n\r'));markup.toString() could...
Why not simply:

markup = [];

markup.push('<h1>Sample \'StringBuilder\' HTML</h1>');


markup.toString() could also be used if there is no need to add any separator. Uses native Javascript with no need for AJAX, or ASP.NET. Should therefore work cross-platform and cross-browser.


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Comments and Discussions

GeneralRe: To follow the culinary model, why use a 'Death Star' to crac... Pin
gladtobegrey23-Apr-11 21:39
gladtobegrey23-Apr-11 21:39 
GeneralRe: I think I already answered your question. Yours is an altern... Pin
Albin Abel23-Apr-11 6:12
Albin Abel23-Apr-11 6:12 
I think I already answered your question. Yours is an alternate solution, but does your question sounds like one should not use's string builder?, then I completely disagree. It is just a usability choice to get a plum cake though you point to a chocolate cake. The main idea of ajax framework is bring the server side controls accessible at client side as well and use the same syntax style. If one knows c# then they can follow the same style at javascript. Such a novel idea is expressed in string builder class. My tip already having the header saying it is for users so string builder syntax is more familiar than native javascripts.

As you said "If OOP purity is your requirement, then create a stringBuilder class based on the above". sys,StringBuilder doing the same plus in a c#/ .Net friendly way. Did you read the last line of my tip? Sometimes I can eat whatever available ready than I myself become the baker man.

What is the problem you think depend on in a page? At client side everything rendered as html and native javascript (specifically oops oriented). Somebody tell you independent solution, but all their aspx pages has 100s of server controls. Is that means only javascript should be independent?!. In contrast it is friendly than do native javascript for a .Net developer.

Let us take a few examples...
var sb = new Sys.StringBuilder();
sb.append("Hello World ");
sb.append(String.format("You are now {0} years old", 5));
sb.append(String.format("I got {0:c} ", 50));
sb.append(String.format("I got dollors {0:n} ", 1200));
This style is not unfamiliar to a .Net programmer. But how you cook it in native javascript? May be you know elegant ways. But not a .Net developer.

So consider your tip as alternative. Ofcourse your tip has advantages. But don't keep on knocking "Why not simply". Simply not means something what the computer easily understand, but what people easily understand. Ajax library is one of the novel approach for .Net developers to do things in the .Net way.

Why somebody create a jQuery framework when everything possible by a native javascript. Same way stringbuilder is a framework class. My idea is just expose it to the beginner .Net developers. What is wrong in it. Why they must use native javascript?

GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Good solution. Pin
Prasanta_Prince22-Apr-11 3:26
Prasanta_Prince22-Apr-11 3:26 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Practical alternative with some good... Pin
AspDotNetDev21-Apr-11 10:51
protectorAspDotNetDev21-Apr-11 10:51 
GeneralTo answer your question "why not", the implementation of the... Pin
AspDotNetDev21-Apr-11 10:50
protectorAspDotNetDev21-Apr-11 10:50 
GeneralThe question "Why not" is not relevant. Your method has adva... Pin
Albin Abel21-Apr-11 7:19
Albin Abel21-Apr-11 7:19 
GeneralRe: No, my question is why create a dependency on ASP and AJAX a... Pin
gladtobegrey22-Apr-11 7:21
gladtobegrey22-Apr-11 7:21 

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