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Open A Command Prompt Anywhere

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4.98 (127 votes)
8 Mar 2016CPOL
This hidden key-click combination adds the ability to open a command prompt window from a Windows Explorer view.

Maybe I'm the last one to find/discover this trick but I was so pleased to find it, I had to share it anyways.

Often when browsing directories in Windows Explorer, you want to open a command shell, using the directory being viewed as the current directory. In older versions of Windows, you could add an item to the context menu by adding a registry setting or installing a third-party utility.

In Windows 7 (and possibly Vista, Windows 2008), a menu item is added to the context-sensitive right-click menu by holding down SHIFT as you click:

Image 1


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About the Author

Yvan Rodrigues
Systems Engineer Clearpath Robotics
Canada Canada
Yvan Rodrigues has 30 years of experience in information systems and software development for the industry. He is Senior Controls Engineer at OTTO Motors

He is a Certified Technician (C.Tech.), a professional designation granted by the Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario (IETO).

Yvan draws on experience as owner of Red Cell Innovation Inc., Mabel's Labels Inc. as Manager of Systems and Development, and the University of Waterloo as Information Systems Manager.

Yvan supports open-source software. He is a committer for SharpKit (C# to Javascript cross-compiler) and WebIssues (Issue/Ticket Management System), TinyMCE (JavaScript editor), and contributes to MySQL, Ghostscript, iTextSharp, Bacula, FreeBSD, and Xamarin.

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Yvan Rodrigues28-Jan-13 7:05
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Mehuge28-Jan-13 22:59
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GeneralRe: My vote of 3 Pin
Elrond28-Jan-13 23:04
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Mehuge28-Jan-13 23:39
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RaviGupta798627-Jan-13 22:48
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RdickeyTech23-Jan-13 8:14
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GeneralMy vote of 1 Pin
ii_noname_ii23-Jan-13 1:24
Memberii_noname_ii23-Jan-13 1:24 
*creates article*
if you click the volume icon you can scroll to change the volume.
QuestionWow Pin
JonasAndersson22-Jan-13 11:46
MemberJonasAndersson22-Jan-13 11:46 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
Global Analyser7-Nov-12 3:45
MemberGlobal Analyser7-Nov-12 3:45 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
Global Analyser7-Nov-12 3:42
MemberGlobal Analyser7-Nov-12 3:42 
GeneralGood tip. Pin
SoMad16-Jun-12 10:56
professionalSoMad16-Jun-12 10:56 
QuestionDo you associated code with the page ? Pin
sanlingdd23-Apr-12 2:21
Membersanlingdd23-Apr-12 2:21 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
AminRahimi17-Apr-12 2:59
MemberAminRahimi17-Apr-12 2:59 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pin
Reza Ahmadi9-Apr-12 4:56
MemberReza Ahmadi9-Apr-12 4:56 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Believe me, you are not the last one... Pin
RaisKazi28-Dec-11 20:04
MemberRaisKazi28-Dec-11 20:04 
GeneralI've used this for a while, but for some reason on my home c... Pin
lewax009-Nov-11 11:38
Memberlewax009-Nov-11 11:38 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Good one! I didn't know that. Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE31-Aug-11 8:23
subeditorDr.Walt Fair, PE31-Aug-11 8:23 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Excellent tip, thanks for sharing! Pin
DrABELL24-Jun-11 8:58
professionalDrABELL24-Jun-11 8:58 
GeneralCool, Great tip My 5! Pin
Vivek Krishnamurthy23-Jun-11 23:39
MemberVivek Krishnamurthy23-Jun-11 23:39 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Reason for my vote of 5 Nice Tips Pin
RaviRanjanKr22-Jun-11 1:13
professionalRaviRanjanKr22-Jun-11 1:13 
GeneralIt does works in Windows XP SP3 also. Pin
oorja21-Jun-11 1:13
Memberoorja21-Jun-11 1:13 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Very helpful Pin
efbe20-Jun-11 17:26
Memberefbe20-Jun-11 17:26 
Generalits there in old XP as well Pin
Member 435326914-Jun-11 20:44
MemberMember 435326914-Jun-11 20:44 
GeneralRe: Really? Pin
Yvan Rodrigues15-Jun-11 2:31
professionalYvan Rodrigues15-Jun-11 2:31 

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Posted 7 Jun 2011


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