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by Arthur V. Ratz
This tip is especially useful for users who own the licensed copy of Windows 7/8/8.1, and would like to upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29, 2015.
by DotNetMastermind
Login Overlay for WPF applications with a styling similar to the Windows 8 Login Screen.
Employment Tax computation and Payroll management app for Windows 8: contest entry
by Giannakakis Kostas
Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms

Latest Articles

by Steffen Ploetz
Another fully functional ownerdraw menu with minimal effort - this time based on Win32, with icons instead of bitmaps, with accelerators and tested for ReactOS and WinNT 4.0 to Windows 10
by Shao Voon Wong
Lee Algorithm Mazesolver in MFC and Direct2D
by William Costa Rodrigues
This article explains an easy method to download and update your WinForms application
by WhiskeyBeforeWater
A nodular Singely Linked List for VBA with some basic functions

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1 Jan 2020
Shao Voon Wong
Lee Algorithm Mazesolver in MFC and Direct2D
26 Sep 2019
William Costa Rodrigues
This article explains an easy method to download and update your WinForms application
24 Feb 2019
An unbalanced basic recursive Binary Search Tree for Excel VBA with functions (insert, search, delete, in order, pre-order, post-order, minimum, and maximum)
16 Oct 2018
JL Doty
Fully exploit features of OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll
26 Sep 2018
An example on how to call Oracle stored procedures with UDTs from ASP.NET MVC / REST API
10 Jun 2018
hasan bozkurt
How to obtain HDD information with C#
28 Feb 2018
Antonio Petricca
Win32, compiler independent, and extensible passive debugger
6 Dec 2017
David O'Neil
My DWinLib Windows API wrapper combined with Francisco Campos's Pretty WinAPI framework
25 Oct 2017
A modular InnoSetup script to download and install all available .NET Framework versions and much more
13 Jul 2017
Chris Moutsos
How to connect to Amazon S3 with gSOAP to store and retrieve data
25 Jun 2017
How to determine whether the monitor is on or off as a result of a Windows Power Scheme action
3 Apr 2017
Edgar Maass
Display a Point Cloud grabbed by the Microsoft Kinect v2 in a OpenGL control
21 Mar 2017
Dave Clemmer
Mo+ is the first technology that fully supports model oriented development, allowing software developers to powerfully scale the work they already do.
28 Jan 2017
Illya Reznykov
The post is devoted to screen saver application written in WPF with Prism pattern.
19 Dec 2016
Engineering Calculator VOLTA-814 (Productivity Software contest submission) was originally developed as HTML5 web application and later converted into desktop app using Intel’s AppUp encapsulator. The latest version for Win 7/8 released in 2014 is built on .NET/WPF.
11 Dec 2016
Md. Faroque Hossain
Sending Faxes with fax-modem and telephone line in C#
10 Dec 2016
The Lexical Macro Processor transforms your C# code with a LISP-inspired macro system. Nice substitute for T4 templates, with Visual Studio integration and a Linux-compatible editor.
8 Dec 2016
Using SQLite, leverage the create_aggregate(), and SQL's Between Operator to create a Normal Probability Distribution Histogram, or what is more commonly referred to as a Bell Curve.
6 Dec 2016
Jon Campbell
Using "thunk" technique to add this pointer as fifth parameter to WndProc call for x32 and x64
8 Nov 2016
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Using Basic4Android, develop your first Android Native App
3 Nov 2016
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Hello Basic4Java (B4J), a simple Java app written in basic language.
13 Oct 2016
Fredrik Bornander
Showing how to prune nodes of a TreeView as a means of searching
30 Sep 2016
Florian Rappl
Exploring WPF capabilities, limitations and work-arounds to create state-of-the-art applications with multi-touch features.
17 Aug 2016
Edgar Maass
Open and display point clouds using a simple user control. Technology used: C# and the OpenGL library via the OpenTK port to .NET.
15 Aug 2016
Edgar Maass
Different methods to align (aka stich, register) point clouds via the ICP (Iterative Closest Point) method
3 Jul 2016
Graham Wilson
An application to demonstrate the icon sizes used by Windows.
26 Jun 2016
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple imitation of direct streaming of live video from web cam on YouTube service on Windows 8 and Windows 10
17 May 2016
A modern, universal, c++ hooking library.
21 Apr 2016
Build a microservice with Service Fabric on Windows Server 2012 using ASP.NET 5 and Service Fabric SDK
13 Apr 2016
Steve Grundy
This article describes using the Windows MIDI API functions in a managed environment.
12 Apr 2016
Jalapeno Bob
A VB.NET version of Ray Koopa's 21 Mar 2016 article, Getting All "Special Folders" in .NET
5 Apr 2016
Petrov Vladimir
The alternative way of recent files handling with the direct access to the list of the files notepad edit including.
5 Apr 2016
Mark Kruger
To And From Binary Literals for all standard .net numeric value types.
26 Mar 2016
Mahesh Rajaram Shinde
This project is designed for addressing SQL Server Script deployment on multiple servers and databases.
24 Mar 2016
A simple and convenient wrapper class for Anonymous Pipes in C#
8 Feb 2016
Azim Zahir
This is a Text Editor App for Windows 8.
24 Jan 2016
Vladimir Misovsky
Overriding CMFCShellTreeCtrl and CMFCShellListCtrl classes
23 Dec 2015
Ashwin. Shetty
Writing your first app using Mean Stack (M = MongoDB, E = Express.JS, A = Angular.JS and N = Node.js)
24 Nov 2015
You can share a peer's desktop with any others using this software, designate the sharer and viewers in any way you can imagine. Detailed development document and user manual can be found in the Download.
8 Oct 2015
App implements bi-directional semantic phone number-to-text converter, extended with novel Lottery+Quiz engine
6 Oct 2015
Use JavaScript to manage control layouts, formatting and highlights, without the need for Postback which is not so clean.
30 Sep 2015
Timo Kunze
Use undocumented parts of the Windows Vista list view API to enhance your application.
25 Sep 2015
Enjoy watching your videos on the big screen by building your own Home Theater PC and using XBMC / Kodi. Article also touches on other Media Players like Roku 3, Apple TV, Android TV Boxes...
10 Sep 2015
Gnanendra Kumar
An Artificial Intelligent Home Assistant
1 Sep 2015
David Maw
A way to embed help pages within a Windows RT or Phone program
31 Jul 2015
Through this article, you will learn how to deploy the sideloaded Windows 8 app to production easily and maintain/provide regular upgrade version of the app.
24 Jul 2015
A mini howto on using bass.dll & wrapper.
17 Jul 2015
Ben Thorner
A tutorial on RadialControls - a library of circular controls for Windows 8 Apps.
8 Jul 2015
Vahe Karamian
This article will cover the basics of Leap Motion integration into your Unity 3D project. We will look at the basic setup and implementation of the basics to get you started. In order for you to try the code, you will need to have the Leap Motion hardware.
11 Jun 2015
Khaled Abdelhamid
Core utility components - Localization, Configuration, Logging, and Exception Handling.
26 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
This article will cover the basics of network programming using Network View in Unity 3D. We will be creating an Authoritative Server based networking environment showcasing the basics functions of network programming using Unity 3D and C#.
26 May 2015
Here I share the code of an R&D experiment to explore an alternative approach to data virtualization, using Rx and a XAML ListView in a Windows Store app, where I consider the IObservableVector<object> as an "Observing" collection that reacts to UI event streams
24 May 2015
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple lib for capturing live-video from web-camera by using Media Foundation
15 May 2015
Lộc Nguyễn
Example of data binding for nested tree structure, and MVVM pattern.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The first article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The third article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The fourth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The fifth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The sixth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The seventh article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The eighth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The ninth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
8 May 2015
Vahe Karamian
The tenth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
7 May 2015
Winfried Wille
M3U-Copy copies the entries of a playlist in the M3U format to a target directory or rewrites the playlist
6 Apr 2015
Dr Gadgit
Covers SSDP messages and XML replies plus how to stream a play-list
26 Mar 2015
Gaurav Aroraa
In this article, we will discuss basics of Azure API Management to manage our Web API.
25 Mar 2015
This article show how to integrate Arduino, RaspberryPi, Azure EventHubs, WorkRole, WebService, WCF with Restful API to build a simple IoT information service backend connect by Universal App.
21 Mar 2015
Joe Dufresne
A small utility app which uses the excellent NAudio library to help organize backing tracks (audio files for band minus one situations), chord / lead sheets, lyrics, etc. Intended for Windows tablets running a full version of Windows 8.1.
18 Mar 2015
Intel Corporation
This case study examines the process that game developer Marmalade followed as it created an electronic version of Hasbro’s classic board game, RISK: The Game of Global Domination.
18 Mar 2015
Intel Corporation
This tutorial demonstrates how to share surfaces between OpenCL™ and DirectX 11 with Intel ® Processor Graphics on Microsoft Windows, using the surface sharing extension in OpenCL.
14 Mar 2015
Gaurav Aroraa
In this article, we will discuss all about TDD Katas and how we can get hands-on with Test Driven Development (TDD).
9 Mar 2015
Peter Moore - Chicago
By writing your own Virtual File System with a little C++, you can escape ApplicationData.LocalFolder and read and write databases in any folder your app has access to.
5 Mar 2015
This contest submission is for a home monitoring solution that reads temperature, humidity and states from various sensors around a home. The data is stored in Azure and can be accessed via mobile devices.
24 Feb 2015
A very easy way to drive PowerShell console application through MFC
18 Feb 2015
Alvin Ashcraft
This year I have been looking at and starting to use several components from the Universal 14.2.4 release.
17 Feb 2015
Employment Tax computation and Payroll management app for Windows 8: contest entry
17 Feb 2015
Win8/Tablet PC app allows inflation calculation on individual products and basket of goods (AIC-2013)
16 Feb 2015
Michael Chourdakis
The ability to compress/decompress data in Win32
11 Feb 2015
Help us help you improve community health
21 Jan 2015
Arpankumar Rank
MixUp Puzzle! Is a Memory Power Game. It can be played by anybody especially kids.
7 Jan 2015
Pooja Baraskar
Making the App World-Ready by adapting it for a specific culture and language.
30 Dec 2014
Various features supporting Concurrency in C++11
22 Dec 2014
Gerald Degeneve
Draw or render a Windows Form directly over the Wallpaper, behind the Desktop Icons in Windows 8+10
19 Dec 2014
This article highlights a few of the advances in Corel Painter* 2015.
5 Dec 2014
Interoperability: Calling C++ from C#
27 Nov 2014
Member 10951710
A simple extension to the original TextBox, allowing simple calculations (+, /, *, -)
26 Nov 2014
Jeremy Falcon
Provides a base to use when programming OpenGL-enabled applications for the real world, rather than a simple hello world.
17 Nov 2014
Browser control plays an important role in hybrid application development, when browser controls are used for a prolonged time its memory foot print starts to increase gradually. This article explains a way to host the browser control in a separate process which can be loaded/unloaded as needed.
9 Nov 2014
Abhishek Nandy
simple example of Windows Embedded with Intel Galileo(Stage #2 Windows Embedded)
6 Nov 2014
Colleen Culbertson
This article, aimed at developers, will provide a glimpse into this 64-bit, multi-core SOC processor, and gives an overview of the available Intel® technologies, including Intel® HD Graphics 5300.
6 Nov 2014
Geoff Arnold
Built for the Lenovo ThinkPad* Tablet 2 and Ultrabook™ 2 in 1, running Windows* 8.1, SensiGator thoroughly takes advantage of the various sensors and input modalities of the tablet platfor
6 Nov 2014
Learn cutting edge UX from our world-class, featured expert, Luke Wroblewski and unlock the incredible capabilities, opportunities and user experiences that 2 in 1 devices can deliver.
6 Nov 2014
Stevan Rogers
Dynamically adapting your UI to 2 in 1 configuration changes
4 Nov 2014
Make to Cook any one with health care service to the user
3 Nov 2014
This is a basic how-to guideline to record audio in Windows Phone 8.1
29 Oct 2014
Oleg Shilo
This article describes the CS-Script C# Intellisense plugin for Notepad++ (CSScriptNpp).
26 Oct 2014
Abhishek Nandy
An Overview of IOT
16 Oct 2014
Dominic Milano
CyberLink MediaStory* software greatly streamlines the process of organizing and accessing the mountains of pictures and videos stored across phones, cameras, tablets, PCs, and the cloud to assemble professional-looking videos that can be shared in minutes.
16 Oct 2014
In this article, you can explore the hardware capabilities of 2 in 1 devices, opportunities that Windows* 8/8.1-based 2 in 1 devices provide to both consumer and enterprise applications, and recommendations for developing apps for the best user experience on each mode.
16 Oct 2014
Dominic Milano
When Dmitriy Golonanov, the CEO of the international company, Maestro Music Software, learned that many musicians would rather use a lightweight tablet than carry a laptop to gigs or a classroom, he decided to enlist a small team of developers, which included Sergey Samokhin, to create music notatio
16 Oct 2014
This article previews some in-development features of Audacity, which is a free, simple, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows*, Mac* OS X*, GNU/Linux*, and other operating systems.
16 Oct 2014
Lee Bamber
In this article you will learn how to improve the speed of your 3D game and understand what to look out for when porting your application to Ultrabook systems.
16 Oct 2014
Dominic Milano
TheBestSync, a China-based software company focused on integrated software and hardware solutions, entered the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 (Intel AIC 2013) in partnership with Intel® Developer Zone with the idea of combining game and music technology with an AIO device to create an exciting n
16 Oct 2014
Geoff Arnold
fter participating in an earlier Intel contest, developer Dave Gannon took on these challenges, coming back with a vengeance with Wormhole Pinball, the winning app in the games category in the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 in partnership with the Intel® Developer Zone.
6 Oct 2014
Gaurav Aroraa
In this article, we will learn how to consume ASP.NET WEB API hosted on another server (as a REST services only) using ASP.NET MVC4 (as a client) with RESTSHARP.
21 Sep 2014
A USB library to detect USB devices, and manage Attach and Detach events
12 Sep 2014
Bruno Sonnino
In this article, I show you how to develop a soccer penalties shootout game.
2 Sep 2014
Paul Lindberg
This case study illustrates how, working with Intel engineers, Tencent optimized Xuan Yuan added touch, and updated the UI to provide a high quality gaming experience on 2 in 1 systems and Ultrabooks running Windows* 8.
2 Sep 2014
Member 11030029
Developer Serhiy Posokhin and his wife Antonina Posokhina, a designer by trade, recognized the potential of this technology in the world of jewelry and pursued its potential through the Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013 (AIC 2013).
1 Sep 2014
Variya karan
Navigation in Windows 8 with data
31 Aug 2014
Unleashing Grids in Expression Blend and it's Major Role in Responsive Design
20 Aug 2014
Asynchronous, "crash safe" logging with dynamic logging sinks
15 Aug 2014
Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
How to solve real-life problems using B-trees
7 Aug 2014
D. Infuehr
An introduction on how to implement global interceptable hooks in .Net
5 Aug 2014
A Simple Profiler for C++ apps on x64 platform
23 Jul 2014
Expression Blend - Playing with Sample Data (WPF , Windows Phone)
20 Jul 2014
Mubin M. Shaikh
This Article will give you a good start for Creating SSRS Report First time with SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP Cube
15 Jul 2014
Florian Rappl
Architecture, design and implementation of a cross-platform Windows Desktop / Windows Store space shoot-em-up game.
10 Jul 2014
Marc Clifton
A Dynamic Runtime Semantic Computation Environment
5 Jun 2014
In this article we are going to build a UserControl in WPF which is intended to make the user choose a directory in his FIleSystem
31 May 2014
A Winforms application for configuring EC2 security groups - a future winforms ec2 console
28 May 2014
In this tutorial how to create a simple game using the Cocos2d-x framework in a Windows development environment and how to compile it to run on Windows 8 and Android.
26 May 2014
Creating custom control for Windows Phone and Store Using Expressions Blend
23 Apr 2014
Self contained EXE animation
14 Apr 2014
Giannakakis Kostas
Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms
8 Apr 2014
William Van Winkle
Recently, the Intel® App Innovation Contest in partnership with the Intel® Developer Zone sent developers a challenge to find the next big target in touch, and >Adam Hill may have blasted it with his award-winning Hot Shots* spaceship game.
7 Apr 2014
It is simple video capture application using Windows form with VC++. This project demonstrate, Configuration VC++ for Opencv as well as create windows form application.
1 Apr 2014
Khademul Basher
Single Page Application development using Backbone and performing database operations using Web API services.
1 Apr 2014
Reminder: simple Windows Store App. In this App I try to use some specific features for Windows 8 app. As result - i got good experience and now i want to show what was done.
31 Mar 2014
Adil Mughal
This article explains how developers can leverage Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern and .NET Portable Class Libraries (PCL) to create a shared/reusable code for developing apps on Windows Phone and Windows Store platforms.
26 Mar 2014
David Fahlander
Discover the hidden features of indexedDB!
25 Mar 2014
Erik Niemeyer, Chris Kirkpatrick
Ideum’s collaboration with Intel gave them access to technology and engineering resources to make the touch overlay and 2-in-1 awareness in Gameplay possible.
25 Mar 2014
This article will discuss how the Krita developers added 2 in 1 mode-awareness - including implementation of both automatic and user-selected mode switching and some of the areas developers should consider when creating applications for the 2 in 1 experience to their applications.
17 Mar 2014
Upgrading to Windows 8.1 further refines the Windows 8 user experience. Many of the changes are subtle, but there are some significant points that showcase the performance and power of Intel architecture.
25 Feb 2014
Lots of new stuff this time, including an (almost) complete C# parser demo
25 Feb 2014
The ambivalent world of ambiguity, the slash, greedy and nongreedy. At the end, in lieu of refreshments, there will be an API reference.
7 Feb 2014
How to capture video from webcam and video file (*.AVI)
31 Jan 2014
Dirk Bahle
Integrate AvalonEdit with text editing options into AvalonDock [2.0]
31 Jan 2014
Dirk Bahle
How to integrate AvalonEdit into AvalonDock [2.0] using MVVM
22 Jan 2014
First of a kind radiation counter directly connected to ARM processor on Windows RT
19 Jan 2014
Prasanna Venkatesh . K
Simple C# functions to access SkyDrive folders and files using Live Connect SDK
17 Jan 2014
In this paper we walk through a sample application (in this case a game that quizzes people on the Periodic Table) that enables multi-user, multi-touch capability and is optimized for large touchscreen displays.
17 Jan 2014
Erik Niemeyer
An overview of gameplay software for Windows 8 lets gamers use and build their own Virtual Controllers for touch, which are overlaid on top of existing PC games
13 Jan 2014
Article explain the importance of background processing in Windows 8 Store App development and how to create a background process in Windows 8 Store App
10 Jan 2014
Kees van Spelde
This is an alternative for "AutoShut, my first program in C#"
7 Jan 2014
Petr Alexeev
Version Helper API for .NET – checking version of Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 without Environment.OSVersion or application manifest
7 Jan 2014
Demo Program WarpImage, Creating and Dragging linked points(Thumbnails,MVVM), access all pixels from/to WPF image, rigid MLS algorithm
20 Dec 2013
Marius Bancila
Shows how to easily create live tiles using the TileNotifications pack
10 Dec 2013
Magnus Johansson
In this review of the 2013 v13.2 release, I will highlight what is new in the respective areas. But first, let’s install the suite.
17 Nov 2013
Four player sci-fi maze game with traps and looting and that
15 Nov 2013
Unleash your wildest creativity with this unique doodle app for all ages.
6 Nov 2013
Farhan Ghumra
A Metro style app for basic drawing feature.
29 Oct 2013
Juan Steyn
This article is an updated one discussing the configuration of IIS, ASP.NET and SQL Server.
25 Oct 2013
Jason Gleim
An application to help QA inspectors in the field
18 Oct 2013
Douglas M. Weems
Easily import Excel Sheets into PowerShell as PS Objects
3 Oct 2013
Antonio Petricca
.NET ServiceController class extension
26 Sep 2013
Lewis Benge
Leverage new device APIs in Win8.1.
24 Sep 2013
Nayan Choudhary
WPF DataGrid with columns having drop down filter option (Excel style)
20 Sep 2013
Talha Naqvi
The best and most unconventional virtual carrom application optimized for AIO!
16 Sep 2013
Browse your Google Drive and integrate your windows explorer with a Google's storage Cloud
9 Sep 2013
Here ,we provide simple and practical keyword extraction software and dll for long text
4 Sep 2013
KillBot Project
A make-over of one of the most popular family games, Monopoly.
4 Sep 2013
Abhishek Nandy
an app that provides 3D models of Human SpaceFlights
4 Sep 2013
Abhishek Nandy
Touch break and move the game objects
23 Aug 2013
Adrian Akison
App Innovation Game for Lenovo Horizon All-In-One
21 Aug 2013
Abhishek Nandy
A must app for Tablet Guys!!
18 Aug 2013
Abhishek Nandy
Every Possible solution at one place
15 Aug 2013
Chris Boss
OpenGL based 3D learning software
13 Aug 2013
Abhishek Nandy
An app that contains heavy dosage of perceptual games
31 Jul 2013
Steve Chippy Paine
Harris Beach Developer Ultrabook unboxing and first impressions
27 Jul 2013
A four-player soap-box time-trial game with a twist.
26 Jul 2013
Intel Corporation
Case Study: Sesame Factory Engages Sensor Functionality on Ultrabook™ Systems for an Enhanced Diary Application
24 Jul 2013
Touch enabled application for creating scrapbooks from social service hosted pictures.
25 Jun 2013
Gazmend Jakupi
Tutorial for developing in PHP
19 Jun 2013
Karthik. A
An introduction to custom role providers in an ASP.NET MVC 3 application using the Entity Framework for ORM.
16 Jun 2013
Andrey Dryazgov
Introduces a managed wrapper for the Interaction Context API and provides a consistent way for processing touch input in a managed desktop app for WinForms.
26 Apr 2013
Intel Corporation
Loclville is a free Windows* 8 app that provides an easy-to-use virtual community notice board. This article covers that app's journey.
18 Apr 2013
Farhan Ghumra
How to draw a driving route direction with Bing Maps in C#/XAML in a Windows 8 app.
12 Apr 2013
Intel Corporation
Case Study: 4tiitoo Constructs a Modern User Interface with Voice, Gesture, and Eye Tracking Input
22 Mar 2013
Pablo Fernandez Duran
This article will show you how to use the CodeFluent Entities UI producers. From the same and unique model you can generate screens that will be rendered in the targeted platforms of your choice. You will see how CodeFluent Entities is totally UI-agnostic.
19 Feb 2013
Chapter excerpt from Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript
13 Feb 2013
HTML5 Partners
The increasing power and complexity of these apps means developers need better tools like Error.stack for handling errors and diagnosing bugs. In this article, I’ll show you some simple debugging techniques to help save you time.
10 Feb 2013
This article describes a solution to access API and resources that are not available with WinRT.
21 Jan 2013
Rahul Lalmalani
This articles shows you how to put your site logo right next to apps on the Windows 8 Start Screen.
15 Jan 2013
How to record and play PCM audio on Windows 8 in .NET.
8 Jan 2013
This article demonstrates how to implement interfaces defined for a WinRT component using WRL and C++.
7 Jan 2013
The advanced WinRT imaging technology in LEADTOOLS will include everything developers need to build imaging enabled Windows Store applications including support for loading and saving over 100 file formats, PDF and PDF/A, touch screen enabled viewer controls, annotations and image processing.
7 Jan 2013
Introduce you to the key features of the new .NET OCR classes, provide you with a step-by-step approach for creating an OCR application, and provide you with sample code.
4 Jan 2013
Chris Maunder
Impressions on using a 3rd gen sensor-and touchscreen-equipped Intel Ultrabook prototype.
21 Dec 2012
Intel Corporation
Case Study: Soma Games Develops Graphics-rich Game for Ultrabook™ in the Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge
21 Dec 2012
Intel Corporation
Ultrabook Convertible Application Design Considerations.