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Posted 9 Sep 2011


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ASP.NET TreeView Sort

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11 Sep 2011CPOL
Easy way to sort nodes in a TreeView using a recursive function.
A few days ago, I needed to sort the nodes of a tree view. The solutions that I found over the Internet did not please me, so I decided to write my own. This solution is a simple recursive function that sorts tree nodes in an alphabetic order.

Create your tree view and add your nodes:

TreeView mytree = new TreeView();
//add your nodes here

Then simply call the sort function with the main node as the argument:


Here is the recursive function:

private void sort(TreeNode node)
    foreach (TreeNode n in node.ChildNodes)
        TreeNode temp = null;
        List<TreeNode> childs = new List<TreeNode>();
            foreach (TreeNode n in node.ChildNodes)
                if (temp == null || n.Text[0] < temp.Text[0])
                    temp = n;
            temp = null;
        foreach (TreeNode a in childs)
    catch { }


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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Comments and Discussions

Questionincorrect comparison Pin
Member 1024692319-Nov-14 4:04
MemberMember 1024692319-Nov-14 4:04 
Suggestioncompare full words Pin
Klimovec12-Apr-12 3:49
MemberKlimovec12-Apr-12 3:49 
GeneralHeyy it worked for me. Currently i have a treeview which pop... Pin
rjkumar19879-Jan-12 3:27
Memberrjkumar19879-Jan-12 3:27 
GeneralRe: just replace the logical comparison "n.Text[0] < temp.Text[0... Pin
brunofer200715-Jan-12 0:59
Memberbrunofer200715-Jan-12 0:59 
General1-The datasource should be sort not the tree in An... Pin
JoePatent13-Sep-11 9:03
MemberJoePatent13-Sep-11 9:03 
GeneralRe: 1 - Sometimes a TreeView doesn't have necessarily a datasour... Pin
brunofer200714-Sep-11 1:36
Memberbrunofer200714-Sep-11 1:36 
1 - Sometimes a TreeView doesn't have necessarily a datasource. The nodes could be added manually (that was my case).

2 - If you watch carefully the code, you see that recursive function it's only called when a node has childnodes:

foreach (TreeNode n in node.ChildNodes)

the recursive function is called as many child nodes you have, so you can predict the number of iterations

3 - I'll explain this step to you:

- temp variable is initialized to null.

- for each child node: if the temp is null, temp = childnode.
if temp != null,
if the first character of childNode < fisrt character of Temp, temp = childNode

- when you reach the end of for each statment, the Temp variable has the lowest start character node.

- add that node to List "childs", this way the list will be filled alphabetically.

- delete temp node from child node.

- start all over again (the temp variable is set to null to store again the lowest start letter node).

- this cycle stops when there are no more childnodes:

- then, you simply add again the childnode in the node (alphabetically sorted):
foreach (TreeNode a in childs)

4 - and finally, as I mention before, the sort() method for TreeView is not present on WebForms (ASP.NET).
GeneralCould I ask, why can't you use the default TreeView Sort met... Pin
George Swan11-Sep-11 21:11
MemberGeorge Swan11-Sep-11 21:11 
GeneralRe: Hello George, as you can see in the title, this solution is ... Pin
brunofer200711-Sep-11 23:21
Memberbrunofer200711-Sep-11 23:21 

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