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Trim, Mouse Hover Pointer Functions using JAVASCRIPT

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11 Feb 2012CPOL 12.4K   1  
Trim, Change button mouse hover pointer Functions using JavaScript

Trim Function

Function: trim
Input : ' Test Trim Function ', ''
Output: 'Test Trim Function'
trim(document.getElementById(varUB).value, '')

function trim(str, chars) {
    return ltrim(rtrim(str, chars), chars);
function ltrim(str, chars) {
    chars = chars || "\\s";
    return str.replace(new RegExp("^[" + chars + "]+", "g"), "");
function rtrim(str, chars) {
    chars = chars || "\\s";
    return str.replace(new RegExp("[" + chars + "]+$", "g"), "");

Change Button Mouse Hover Pointer

Input: Button control client id
<asp:Button ID="btnSubmit" runat="server" Text="Submit" OnMouseOver="onMouseOver(this);" OnMouseOut="onMouseOut(this);" />
function onMouseOver(btnCntl) { = 'hand';
function onMouseOut(btnCntl1) { = 'default';


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