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Posted 17 Oct 2012

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Mouse Event Commands for MVVM

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22 Jan 2013CPOL
Use an Attached Property to execute an ICommand.


If you ever want to pass MouseEventArgs to a ViewModel, here's a neat way to do it Smile | <img src=

The Attached Property 

public class MouseBehaviour
    public static readonly DependencyProperty MouseUpCommandProperty =
        DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached("MouseUpCommand", typeof(ICommand), 
        typeof(MouseBehaviour), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(
        new PropertyChangedCallback(MouseUpCommandChanged)));

    private static void MouseUpCommandChanged(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
        FrameworkElement element = (FrameworkElement)d;

        element.MouseUp += new MouseButtonEventHandler(element_MouseUp);

    static void element_MouseUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
        FrameworkElement element = (FrameworkElement)sender;

        ICommand command = GetMouseUpCommand(element);


    public static void SetMouseUpCommand(UIElement element, ICommand value)
        element.SetValue(MouseUpCommandProperty, value);

    public static ICommand GetMouseUpCommand(UIElement element)
        return (ICommand) element.GetValue(MouseUpCommandProperty);

We simply register the attached property, hook the MouseUp event for the FrameworkElement, and invoke the Command in the handler. Simple enough, right? 


<Image Source="c:/temp.png" [Your xmlns]:MouseBehaviour.MouseUpCommand="{Binding MouseUpCommand}"></Image>

You do not, of course, have to use an <Image>, any framework element will work just fine. That's the beauty of Attached Properties! 

Having trouble attaching source, which contains Attached Properties for handling any mouse event MVVM style. But when it's up, includes 

  • MouseUp
  • MouseDown
  • MouseEnter
  • MouseLeave
  • MouseLeftButtonDown
  • MouseLeftButtonUp
  • MouseMove
  • MouseRightButtonDown
  • MouseRightButtonUp
  • MouseWheel


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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Matthew Searles
Software Developer Lovatts Publications
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Seifeddine198619-Dec-14 12:40
MemberSeifeddine198619-Dec-14 12:40 
QuestionDoes not work with Button (instead of Rectangle) Pin
Member 105378903-Oct-14 1:58
MemberMember 105378903-Oct-14 1:58 
AnswerRe: Does not work with Button (instead of Rectangle) Pin
Matt Searles19-Mar-15 16:18
MemberMatt Searles19-Mar-15 16:18 
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Member 1054639429-Jul-14 1:00
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Matthew Searles19-Aug-14 14:20
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Matthew Searles19-Aug-14 14:21
MemberMatthew Searles19-Aug-14 14:21 
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Matt Searles3-May-14 23:32
MemberMatt Searles3-May-14 23:32 
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MemberMember 1019491420-Mar-14 20:02 
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MarkWardell19-Mar-15 3:11
MemberMarkWardell19-Mar-15 3:11 
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Wolfgang Polzleitner11-Mar-14 8:50
MemberWolfgang Polzleitner11-Mar-14 8:50 
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Matt Searles11-Mar-14 15:00
MemberMatt Searles11-Mar-14 15:00 
QuestionBubbled events prevent this from working Pin
RickB_AZ1-Jan-14 5:32
MemberRickB_AZ1-Jan-14 5:32 
AnswerRe: Bubbled events prevent this from working Pin
selfwalker27-Mar-14 16:39
Memberselfwalker27-Mar-14 16:39 
SuggestionGarbage Collection? Pin
haindl17-Oct-12 21:39
Memberhaindl17-Oct-12 21:39 
What about Garbage Collection?
As far as I can see, the FrameworkElement never gets removed from memory because the EventHandler is permanently referencing it.

If (for example) the FrameworkElement is inside a DataTemplate or a ControlTemplate it might be instantiated many many times.
So you may have a problem in the resource management of your application sooner or later because of the memory leakes caused by the strong references.

Maybe you should extend your code to use WeakEvents.
(Good starting point:[^])
GeneralRe: Garbage Collection? Pin
Dakko18-Oct-12 0:49
MemberDakko18-Oct-12 0:49 
GeneralRe: Garbage Collection? Pin
haindl18-Oct-12 1:50
Memberhaindl18-Oct-12 1:50 
GeneralRe: Garbage Collection? Pin
MarkWardell11-May-15 14:38
MemberMarkWardell11-May-15 14:38 

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