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by Dr. WPF
.NET 3.5 SP1 is here! It's time to break out your DirectX skills. This article provides the information necessary to get started using a new DirectX interop feature in WPF called D3DImage.
by Graeme_Grant
Working with simple JSON objects & collections to Custom Converters and Transformations into .Net classes.
by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
by Fredrik Bornander
WPF Implementation of the spinning panel frequently used on the iPhone

Latest Articles

by Leif Simon Goodwin
WPF tab header control using two button controls and a modified listbox with list items arranged horizontally
by Omnia Hussain
A walk-through for creating a custom WPF button that contains both icon and text
by Nilay M Joshi
MultiSelectCombobox control for WPF
by DenisovJr.
Easy method in WPF to make an interactive file browser

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30 Apr 2020
Leif Simon Goodwin
WPF tab header control using two button controls and a modified listbox with list items arranged horizontally
19 Apr 2020
Nilay M Joshi
MultiSelectCombobox control for WPF
11 Apr 2020
Any technology suitably advanced will generally be viewed as "magic".
9 Apr 2020
Peter Huber SG
A WPF Textbox which can validate international and national phone numbers depending on your needs, plus detailed explanation of the structure of phone numbers.
6 Apr 2020
Rudolf Jan
Explains how to set up and use colours, fonts and dimensions for re-usability in WPF applications
30 Mar 2020
Mr. Angular
Introducing an Async First Model for WPF
30 Mar 2020
Peter Huber SG
A WPF TextBox which can validate email addresses depending on your needs, plus detailed description of the many ways a valid email address may look like.
25 Mar 2020
Harry Constantinides
ComboBox control written in C#
25 Mar 2020
Peter Huber SG
Controls verifying user input and reporting automatically to host window if data has been changed and if the required data is entered
11 Mar 2020
Vassili Kravtchenko-Berejnoi
Use of a narrow-focus strategy in test-driven-development
18 Feb 2020
A Media player control for WPF, based on MPV player that can play almost any media file.
10 Feb 2020
Cristián Ulloa Besserer
A Windows Presentation Foundation TextBox control with chilean tax ID mask, and its validation through modulus 11 algorithm.
20 Jan 2020
Evgeny Pereguda
Clone of PCSX2/PPSSPP emulator for Windows 10 on WPF/C# with "touch" control
20 Jan 2020
Daniel H. W.
Using a self defined TrafficLight Column to virtualize a status bool and the readonly value at the same time instead of a simple CheckBox
6 Jan 2020
The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
4 Jan 2020
The Ænema
Here's the best, beautiful and easiest way to create an animated and smooth sliding scroll viewer in WPF Platform (Windows Presentation Foundation).
2 Jan 2020
Daniel Ziegelmiller
A simplified approach to maintaining the WPF MVVM layers when the ViewModel needs to show a form dialog
29 Dec 2019
Change the title bar color, or anything else in the Windows chrome of a WPF application
25 Dec 2019
Alexander Iacobciuc
In this article you will find an implementation of a stream player control.
9 Dec 2019
Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
29 Nov 2019
Weifen Luo
The new way to develop LOB applications
21 Nov 2019
Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents a simple WPF Carousel Control
18 Nov 2019
Changing DataGrid cell styles on the fly in MVVM projects
11 Nov 2019
Suk H. Lee
WPF Window allows tabbing by drag and drop
11 Oct 2019
Thomas Weller
Demonstrates how to invoke TensorFlow neural networks from a C# application and also how to use a Python-generated chart to display the results.
27 Sep 2019
Mohamed Kalmoua
In this article, I will discuss a WiFi password recovery and management tool that I created in WPF using Visual Studio 2019.
26 Sep 2019
Wang Ruofeng, Dirk Bahle
A guide to UIAutomation testing with WPF. Make test code easy to write and maintain.
18 Sep 2019
Andreoli Carlo
Matrix digital rain, Matrix code or sometimes green rain, is the computer code featured in the Matrix movies
1 Sep 2019
Ashley Davis
This article examines the use and implementation of a WPF custom control that is used to display and edit networks, graphs and flow-charts.
1 Sep 2019
Ivan Golović
This application consists of Windows service that records Windows session events and WPF application that parses resulting data to display session durations and locked/unlocked periods within sessions for selected user.
24 Aug 2019
Dawid Giermanski
Presentation of the code which iteratively fills the WPF TreeView with multilevel hierarchy data
23 Aug 2019
Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents a highly configurable rotary dial control.
28 Jul 2019
Uzi Granot
PDF File Writer is a C# .NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Latest update is support for Metadata and QR Code ECI Assignment Number.
21 Jul 2019
Shao Voon Wong
Bring your existing WPF and Winform application to the Microsoft Store
16 Jul 2019
Akram El Assas
This article discusses functional programming in C# through algebra, numbers, Euclidean plane and fractals.
26 Jun 2019
Image Classification implementation using Deep Belief Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks in .NET
3 Jun 2019
Издислав Издиславов
I have decided to make a simple solution, who somehow mimics real world application, and to change it several times, using different UI technlogies and keeping the specific logic the same.
29 May 2019
IP Address control using MVVM pattern with auto focus change, various validation and full customization
23 May 2019
Saira Fazal Qader
Conversion of image to byte and Encryption using 128 bit key than Decryption using the same key and re-conversion from byte to image
2 May 2019
Alexandros Pappas
Rehosting of WorkflowDesigner in WPF and Windows Forms application, and invoking the workflow
25 Apr 2019
Thorsten Bruning
Converting nearly every type to another type
24 Apr 2019
Leif Simon Goodwin
This article describes a simple slider button using dependency properties and a template.
14 Apr 2019
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple SDK for capturing, recording and streaming video and audio from web-cams on Windows OS by Windows Media Foundation.
23 Mar 2019
WPF 3D Graphics Program to solve Soma Cube Puzzle
10 Mar 2019
Bruce Greene
WPF block-style editor featuring drag-to-reorder and nested levels of grouping
8 Mar 2019
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Impress your friends with your drawing skills using this easy-to-use method and software
20 Feb 2019
WPF 3D Graphics Program to manipulate Soma Cube Pieces
14 Feb 2019
Yury Yuhno
User controls which allow displaying symbols using 7 and 16 segments
9 Feb 2019
How to create a custom settings provider for .NET applications
5 Feb 2019
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D - Part 3
2 Feb 2019
Издислав Издиславов
Easy prototyping with desktop console like UI, Skia drawings and several REST like node.js hosted services
28 Jan 2019
How to Control NAOqi-Based Robots like NAO, Pepper using Kinect
16 Jan 2019
Introduction to Orbital Mechanics - 2 Body Problem WPF
21 Dec 2018
Michael Shpilt
Shows how to create two Wizard-type applications using Model-View-ViewModel-Controller navigation framework
16 Dec 2018
Praveen Raghuvanshi
An application explaining the basic implementation of Autosave feature
30 Nov 2018
Michael Shpilt
A WPF tutorial on how to create FilteredListView: A ListView custom control with search filter that uses Throttling.
17 Nov 2018
Undo/Redo Commands implemented with Minesweeper game example
16 Nov 2018
Often, when WPF developers have to write a custom window, they find themselves drowning in countless articles, blog posts, and StackOverflow threads each depicting a different approach to the problem.
14 Nov 2018
Carey Payette
Thriftly.IO allows organizations to leverage existing code and infrastructure assets to define new cloud-based APIs.
13 Nov 2018
Simple code for adding hotkeys to WPF
6 Nov 2018
Dirk Bahle
How to create a new tool window in AvalonDock [2.0]
10 Sep 2018
Implementation of WPF scrollviewer with inertia
9 Sep 2018
Nick Polyak
Drag and drop using NP.Visuals package
3 Sep 2018
Peter Huber SG
Using Style and Binding to control WPF DataGridCell appearance
2 Sep 2018
Viktor Kovács
Experiment with Darwinian evolution
27 Aug 2018
RunCmd is a windows batch file editor,runner utility. It can be used to automate our repetitive tasks using commandline batch files.
26 Aug 2018
Simple and easy paging of a WPF DataGrid with DataTable and LINQ queries
24 Aug 2018
LED (for example, traffic light) control in code behind. Custom colors, opacity and sizeable.
21 Aug 2018
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D, Part 2
14 Aug 2018
Alaa Ben Fatma
A visual scripting environment for R & data science.
14 Aug 2018
Demonstrate Clipping Plane in WPF 3D
13 Aug 2018
Shao Voon Wong
Outline Text Part 2
11 Aug 2018
Andrew Wood
A WPF localization solution with runtime updating and design-time support in Visual Studio
5 Aug 2018
Strongly typed dependency property registration implemented for WPF and UWP
4 Aug 2018
A quite simple notifier (a MessageBox substitute) to get a better message representation of messages in an executable. The idea is to get a solution similar to the "Toast", from Android, where the notifications are not invasive.It works for Windows Form and WPF.
23 Jul 2018
Implementation of radar chart for various .NET platforms
20 Jul 2018
Complex bindings in XAML made almost as simple as in JavaScript frameworks
19 Jul 2018
PSAM Control Library ported over to WPF
15 Jul 2018
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
2 Jul 2018
Ciumac Sergiu
Explains sound fingerprinting algorithm, with a practical example of detecting duplicate files on the user's local drive.
15 Jun 2018
A fully custom WPF window, with all the functionality you would expect
12 Jun 2018
This article proposes a way to create a WPF LED UserControl which works from any number of bitmaps, each of them corresponding to a LED "state" (color in fact).
30 May 2018
Bruce Greene
A plot control based on the WPF Helix Toolkit for visualizing a real-time stream of 3D locations
2 May 2018
Parse, scale and/or translate Path data to create new XAML data
30 Apr 2018
Rudolf Jan
A simple tool to generate C# code for Properties and DependencyProperties
25 Apr 2018
Clifford Nelson
Concept to create a Singleton for WPF MVVM Binding, and using Weak reference for the property that is bound to.
22 Apr 2018
Muhammad Magdi
Fancy toast notification for WPF applications easy to use and support MVVM pattern
22 Apr 2018
Muhammad Magdi
Fancy toast notification for WPF applications easy to use and support MVVM pattern
21 Apr 2018
Wade Harvey
This article shows how to use Winforms, WPF and C# to create a File Explorer Clone with Tabs and an extremely fast parallel file search utility.
2 Apr 2018
Clifford Nelson
Presents a class to help create flexible value and multi-value converters that use the ConverterParameter to specify return values for true and false results using the ?: operator
2 Apr 2018
Clifford Nelson
This gives the code to create a cursor from a character in a font.
1 Apr 2018
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
The mystery of Benham’s top invented in 1895, as well as Fechner color effect, remains not fully uncovered so far. WPF and XAML help to accelerate the research greatly.
1 Apr 2018
Daniel Vaughan
Learn how to leverage the asynchronous ICommand implementation in Codon FX to support commands that kick-off long-running operations.
31 Mar 2018
Dirk Bahle
Lessons Learned on Software Design with WPF
26 Mar 2018
Massimiliano Brugnerotto
This article explains how to implement the drag & drop of a custom item within a ListView control with WPF technology.
25 Mar 2018
The Ænema
Learn how to inject your 4.5 framework .NET application into a C++ unmanaged host application. Fast, Secure & without any extra tool or library.
21 Mar 2018
Dirk Bahle
Drawing large amounts of items quickly with WPF.
19 Mar 2018
Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can extend the ObjectPresentation library behavior.
13 Mar 2018
Florian Rappl
JSON Schema may be the answer to most problems in dealing with JSON files. We explore JSON Schema from a practical point of view.
1 Mar 2018
Omar Saad (IREQ), Eric Ouellet
Many improvements over a pretty new and unknown very fast 2D Convex Hull algorithm and much more.
28 Feb 2018
Omar Saad (IREQ), Eric Ouellet
Ouellet Convex Hull is currently the only ‘Online’ Convex Hull in O(log h) per point, where 'Online' stands for dynamically add one point at a time. Based on our own test against many other algorithm implementations, including Chan and Voronoi/Delaunay, it appears to be the fastest one.
7 Feb 2018
Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
FileExplorer is a WPF based control that has most features of the Windows Explorer, you can use it to display shell objects or any hierarchical data.
18 Jan 2018
Ammar Shaukat
Using XAML Progress Bar in WPF for Indeterminate Mode
18 Jan 2018
Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on de/serializing Tree View based content with XML
11 Jan 2018
Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on using checkboxes within a WPF treeview.
5 Jan 2018
Alex Schunk
Passing Parameters to a running application in WPF
3 Jan 2018
Xamarin and MvvmCross: A simple tutorial for beginners
22 Dec 2017
Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on loading and saving WPF Tree View based content.
14 Dec 2017
Sergey L. Gladkiy
Simple edit control for physical data input
11 Dec 2017
Jalapeno Bob
Grouping and sorting in a WinForm listview fails in a WPF application unless Visual Styles are enabled.
8 Dec 2017
Dirk Bahle, Alaa Ben Fatma
Tips & tricks on visting and searching nodes in WPF TreeViews
22 Nov 2017
This is an alternative for "Simplest WPF Dependency Property For Beginners On Background Color"
15 Nov 2017
A Modern Toggle Switch - From mock concept to a full custom WPF control that you can plug into your own apps
5 Nov 2017
Alexander Iacobciuc
In this article you will find yet another implementation of a web camera control.
3 Nov 2017
Presenting the concept of a TreeGrid control that utilizes the DataGrid
25 Oct 2017
Working with simple JSON objects & collections to Custom Converters and Transformations into .Net classes.
9 Oct 2017
Integration of a Chatbot in a C# application using SIML (Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language)
2 Oct 2017
Clifford Nelson
This is a control that is like a Expander Control but there is both Expanded and not Expanded Content. It demonstrates some concepts on how to easily create controls whose functionality can be mostly implemented in the XAML with the code behind being mostly DependencyProperty definitions.
1 Oct 2017
Jecho Jekov
1 alternative  
Provides a solution for localization of WPF application both in XAML and in code-behind
25 Sep 2017
Meshack Musundi
A WPF control for displaying and recording video from a webcam
24 Sep 2017
G. Tsepas
A clarification of property-changed interface and where/when to be implemented.
22 Sep 2017
Dirk Bahle
A list of advanced tips & tricks on Virtualized WPF TreeViews
20 Sep 2017
Yang Kok Wah
A tool to generate face images and animated gif files for different angles and lighting using only a single face image. Also includes Face Matcher using Microsoft Face API.
16 Sep 2017
Dirk Bahle
A list of advanced tips & tricks on WPF TreeViews
15 Sep 2017
Valerii Tereshchenko
The article presents idea and implementation of class to manage selection of only one element in different linear and hierarchical structures
15 Sep 2017
Meshack Musundi
WPF-MVVM weather forecast application that displays weather data using the OpenWeatherMap API
14 Sep 2017
Clifford Nelson
A custom control that adapts to the datatype of the source.
6 Sep 2017
Avi Farah
Your pictures that reside on your computer disk and network disks
2 Sep 2017
Dirk Bahle
Rename an item via textbox overlay as in Rename of Windows Explorer
1 Sep 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
A computer keyboard can be turned into an isomorphic musical instrument, to help in deeper exploration of the Musical Harmony and even to inspire new musical ideas
30 Aug 2017
Uzi Granot
This program will solve a Rubik’s cube using algorithms for beginners. It is a WPF open source application written in C# using 3D graphics and animation.
29 Aug 2017
Clifford Nelson
There are times when want to have associated RadioButton controls on a window, and it would be much easier to interface to these controls with a single property instead of independent properties for each RadioButton. This control allows multiple RadioButton controls to be on a single Binding.
29 Aug 2017
Meshack Musundi
A WPF user control for displaying a country's flag
29 Aug 2017
Valerii Tereshchenko
Asynchronous validation for MVVM(WPF)
28 Aug 2017
Andreoli Carlo
Simple terrain generator and representation through WPF Viewport3D
8 Aug 2017
A custom panel which allows elements to be resized using splitters
31 Jul 2017
Dirk Bahle
This article explains how to take advantage from look-less WPF controls through inheritance
12 Jul 2017
Alexander Sharykin
WPF HexGrid Panel
2 Jul 2017
Illya Reznykov
The post shows how to position WPF window on secondary monitor or show two windows on two monitors.
30 Jun 2017
Daniel Ziegelmiller
Connecting WPF with Windows Workflow (WF)
22 Jun 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
WPF Notifications engine for your enviroments.
19 Jun 2017
Alexander Sharykin
LibraryCommander is a personal desktop application to manage my texts (e-book) collection, classify and search them by categories and tags.
14 Jun 2017
Describes an algorithm that solves the Countdown number puzzle written in c#
19 May 2017
Yuriy Magurdumov
Efficiently uploading large data files in chunks via WCF Service, and storing data in SQL Server using Entity Framework
18 May 2017
Jon Campbell
How to utilize WCF to allow a single instance of any WPF application without needing mutexes, extra assemblies, or special "hacks".
14 May 2017
Martin Chrzan
An easy way to react on windows toasts activation without using a COM server
13 May 2017
A file search utility with a few extra tricks for anyone who needs to search inside files other than those known by windows explorer.
12 May 2017
Alexey Shalnov
Demonstrates the concept of how to build an old MFC application in a .NET application, to replace the MFC MDI Framework with the modern WinForms or the WPF Framework and to integrate MFC Views and Dialogs in it.
26 Apr 2017
Wolfgang Foerster
Or why my guitar is always out of tune
25 Apr 2017
Rene Bustos
I will show you how to get a response from a Web Service developed over .NET (version does not matter)
24 Apr 2017
The start of a logging framework in WPF showing off PRISM, MEF, and Reactive Extensions.
22 Apr 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
The lost joins in System.Linq
14 Apr 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Filling one of the ugliest WPF gaps: Animatable EllipticalArcGeometry and EllipticalArcShape
11 Apr 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
4 Apr 2017
Daniel Vaughan
Using Codon's Messenger to pass messages between app components
4 Apr 2017
Daniel Vaughan
Navigating between pages using Codon's navigation service.
4 Apr 2017
Daniel Vaughan
Storing and retrieving settings with the cross-platform Codon framework's settings service.
4 Apr 2017
Daniel Vaughan
Codon is a zero-dependency cross-platform MVVM framework for creating UWP, WPF, and Xamarin based applications.
1 Apr 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Similar to ASCII Art, Unicode Art offers better tonal range, impressive look, and some fun on this sunny April day
25 Mar 2017
Wolfgang Foerster
Or why isn’t the earliest sunset on the year’s shortest day?
21 Mar 2017
Tutorial to explain how to integrate a Markdown documentation in a WPF application using DocuPanel.
21 Mar 2017
Dave Clemmer
Mo+ is the first technology that fully supports model oriented development, allowing software developers to powerfully scale the work they already do.
17 Mar 2017
Leif Simon Goodwin
How to create a basic system tray app in C# and WPF
13 Mar 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
The same advice applies to many other item types, and not just with lists. More exactly, such items can be used, but unexpected behavior may make it a nightmare.
13 Mar 2017
You can show a map in your WPF application with the Google Maps API v3.
12 Mar 2017
Member 11446635
To find out the tail risk (black swan) of your trading
11 Mar 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
The convenience of this Sound Recorder is defined by its minimalism and understanding of the purpose
10 Mar 2017
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
A description of techniques based on context-sensitive conditions
9 Mar 2017
A documented journey looking for the fastest solution for generating valid Anagrams for the Weekly Code Project Challenge...
7 Mar 2017
Ansel Castro
Describes the basic steps to render height maps using the graphics engine of Igneel
3 Mar 2017
Launch additionally a limited number of hand picked Programs, Documents or Folders from the taskbar
1 Mar 2017
Clifford Nelson
This is a more comprehensive example of how to implement a project with MVVMLight
22 Feb 2017
Uses latent semantic analysis to visualize documents in 3D.
22 Feb 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
20 Feb 2017
A WPF application that uses Non Negative Matrix Factorization to cluster documents.
17 Feb 2017
Jacques Fournier
SrcChess is a chess program built in C#
15 Feb 2017
Peter Huber SG
Near real time, multi threading safe tracing for any .NET technology
15 Feb 2017
Wolfgang Foerster
A class which helps to easily move and rotate a camera in a 3D scene
5 Feb 2017
James J M
How to show and edit an object's properties using a DataGrid​​​​​​​
31 Jan 2017
Leif Simon Goodwin
This article presents an attached behaviour for the WPF DataGrid control which allows multiple columns to share the same width, and columns to shrink to fit their content.
28 Jan 2017
Illya Reznykov
The post is devoted to screen saver application written in WPF with Prism pattern.
21 Jan 2017
Aaron Francis Dias
Creating a custom RichTextBox that supports Hyperlinks
20 Jan 2017
Swati 191288
In this article let’s explore the different types of DataBinding Expressions provided by WPF.
19 Jan 2017
Ramon F. Mendes
A lightweight HTML control for WPF
17 Jan 2017
Using Oscova, a bot development framework, to create a Natural Language Interface to an SQL Database.
16 Jan 2017
Muhammad Gouda
Extend VS by invoking menu item to the context menu that enables moving code blocks among code regions
16 Jan 2017
James J M
Add drag selection functionality to ListBoxes, ListViews, DataGrids, & TreeViews.
9 Jan 2017
Nick Dunets
Free and elegant way to propagate changes of dependent properties when dependency changed (including dynamically changeable nested properties)
9 Jan 2017
A simple program to translate numbers into their textual representation. (To turn 1013 into "one thousand, thirteen").
6 Jan 2017
Illya Reznykov
The post is devoted to the Wpf application that shows (emulated) real-time data in charts.
5 Jan 2017
Pete O'Hanlon
This is part 2 in a series of articles which covers MVVM from the absolute beginning; no frameworks and no helpers, we're going to learn MVVM from the nuts and bolts
4 Jan 2017
Snesh Prajapati
This article provides in depth overview of how dependency properties are stored in WPF Property System.
4 Jan 2017
Illya Reznykov
The post is devoted to the Wpf data grid with cells that has defined fixed size but number of rows and columns is updated dynamically in order to fill all available space
3 Jan 2017
Illya Reznykov
The post demonstrates Wpf data grid with dynamically defined number of rows and columns but all cells has the same size.
3 Jan 2017
Wolfgang Foerster
A tool to easily mount/unmount VHD files from Windows system image backups
31 Dec 2016
Meshack Musundi
A WPF chess application that uses the Stockfish chess engine
31 Dec 2016
Andrew Lai
This is Part 2 of my Raspberry Pi traffic light and weather station project - The mobile app
29 Dec 2016
Pete O'Hanlon
This series of articles covers MVVM from the absolute beginning; no frameworks and no helpers, we're going to learn MVVM from the nuts and bolts.