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Automating backup for MongoDB using CRON and S3CMD

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19 Feb 2013CPOL 49.1K   4   6
This paper attempts to pass all the steps to create an automated backup for a MongoDB Server on a Linux Server where all backups are sent to Amazon AWS S3 service scheduled through crontab.

Table of Contents


The tip below describes how to create an automatic backup routine for a MongoDB server in a Linux environment using the Cron scheduler and Amazon S3 to store all backup data.


To complete the steps, you must have:

  • MongoDB 2.2.3 or higher configured in a Linux environment (preferably in an instance on Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3 account to store all backup data 

Install and Configure S3CMD

S3cmd is a program that allows you to perform all operations in an Amazon S3 using the shell

To install and configure:

sudo su
sudo yum --enablerepo epel install s3cmd
s3cmd --configure

To test s3cmd, display all buckets in your Amazon S3 account.

s3cmd ls

Backup Script 

Create a new file shell, named as using any Linux editor (I use vi)

#Force file syncronization and lock writes
mongo admin --eval "printjson(db.fsyncLock())"
MONGO_HOST="SERVER_IP_HERE" #replace with your server ip
MONGO_DATABASE="dbname_here" #replace with your database name
TIMESTAMP=`date +%F-%H%M`
S3_BUCKET_NAME="bucketname_here" #replace with your bucket name on Amazon S3
# Create backup
# Add timestamp to backup
mv dump mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP
tar cf mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP.tar mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP
# Upload to S3
s3cmd put mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP.tar 
#Unlock database writes
mongo admin --eval "printjson(db.fsyncUnlock())"

Test the script and verify your Amazon S3 bucket.


Backup Automatization with CRON

To schedule the use the cron scheduler.

sudo su
crontab -e

Each line (without comments) represents a schedule

#every day at 01h 00m
00 01 * * * /bin/bash /home/ec2-user/

Just this. Any questions or problems, please, ask me and I'll help you. Be happy ;]

All codes are in my gist account at:


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Written By
Architect America-NET Ltda.
Brazil Brazil
Lazaro is a brazilian software architect, live in São Paulo, focusing on web development, NoSql and agile practices for startups.

In his personal life he is a part time runner, speaker, amateur astronomer, gamer and an absorbing knowledge ambulant.

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