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Posted 6 Jun 2013


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Find text in Stored Procedures, View, Trigger, and Function

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6 Jun 2013CPOL
Find text in Stored Procedures, View, Trigger, and Function.


I have often needed to find a stored procedure, view, trigger, and function that contains a certain piece of text, such as a text in a subject line.  

Typically, people are trying to find all the stored procedures that reference a specific object. The best place to do this kind of searching is through your source control tool (you do keep your database objects in source control, don't you?), there are certainly some ways to do this in the database. 

Using the code

Let's say you are searching for 'foobar' in all your stored procedures, view, trigger, and function. You can do this using syscomments:  

DECLARE @SEARCHSTRING VARCHAR(255), @notcontain Varchar(255)

SELECT @SEARCHSTRING = 'foobar', @notcontain = ''

case when sysobjects.xtype = 'P' then 'Stored Proc'
when sysobjects.xtype = 'TF' then 'Function'
when sysobjects.xtype = 'TR' then 'Trigger'
when sysobjects.xtype = 'V' then 'View'
end as [Object Type]
FROM sysobjects,syscomments
AND sysobjects.type in ('P','TF','TR','V')
AND sysobjects.category = 0
AND ((CHARINDEX(@notcontain,syscomments.text)=0 
or CHARINDEX(@notcontain,syscomments.text)<>0))  

If you want to remove some string from searching you can always change the variable value "@notcontain" to the corresponding value, example (remove word "comment" in the search above): 

SELECT @SEARCHSTRING = 'foobar', @notcontain = 'comment'


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Nelson Kosta Souto
Portugal Portugal
My name is Nelson Souto, I develop software for fun and profit since 1992.

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