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SQL 2012 Scheduling Auto Backup

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9 Jul 2013CPOL 85.9K   8   5
How to do scheduling auto backup in SQL 2012


This tip lists how to schedule auto backup in SQL 2012.

  1. Open SSMS and connect to SQL Authentication.

    Image 1

  2. Open Management Tab, then Maintenance plan, new maintenance plan.

    Image 2

  3. Create new maintenance plan, then give name to it.

    Image 3

  4. New maintenance plan has been created like this:

    Image 4

  5. Open the Tool box, select Backup database task.

    Image 5

  6. After create Backup database task, doubleclick the box backup database task.

    Image 6

  7. Backup types on the window like this:

    Image 7

  8. Next is Database selection all DBs or Single DB.

    Image 8

  9. Choose the Backup type disk or tape, then Designation.

    Image 9

  10. Select the backup format like bak, etc…

    Image 10

  11. Verify backup Integrity to user defined mode.

    Image 11

  12. After completing all steps. Go to toolbox, select the Cleanup box.

    Image 12

  13. So double click the maintenance cleanup task.

    Image 13

  14. Choose new for the new connection as same as SQL authentication.

    Image 14

  15. Type the backup type, then backup expire date then OK ,that's all.

    Image 15


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namaste2sadhu24-Apr-14 0:28 
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