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Use ajaxSetup to Configure Error Handling on Ajax Calls in jQuery

$.getJSON method of jQuery does not provide any access to a method in case an error occurs while calling a page asynchronously.

The common use of getJSON method is:

$.getJSON(<<page name>>, <<paremeters>>, <<function to call on success>>);

In case any error occurs while calling the requested page, it does not provide any notification about the failed request.

In order to raise an event in case any error occurs, call $.ajaxSetup before $.getJSON.

$.ajaxSetup provides the facility to predefine ajax settings which will be followed with all subsequent Ajax calls.

$.ajaxSetup can be used like this:

$.ajaxSetup({ error:myfunc });
function myfunc(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown)
$.getJSON(<<page name>>, <<paremeters>>, <<function to call on success>>);

Now, when any occurs while calling the requested page myfunc method will be executed.

In case you are not bound to using $.getJSON you can use other methods provided by jQuery which also supports the onError calls.

It's important to note that make of the shortcut Ajax calls (such as post()) do not include error handling by default. This technique will allow you to handle errors for any such call.
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