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C# wrapper for Diablo III API

, 26 Sep 2012 CPOL
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This is a C# wrapper for Diablo III API. The project include the wrapper API file and a GDI+ ownerdraw panel and a Winform demo. You can add any Diablo III tag to the left combobox.


This is a simple wrapper for Diablo III published API. I wrote this program in C# 2.0. The winform program will show you any your interested guys information, which include hero level/class/Paragon and items without opening your game.

You can open the solution via VS2012, click the left combobox and select property-Items, add any your favorite guys Diablo III tag, just like iamfqq#1989, this is my tag in the game.

Here is a snapshot for my program.


If you want to check your friends' Diablo III hero, and do not want to open your game, you can use this application to see detailed information.

Blizzard published the API several months ago and I wrote this wrapper for the .NET developer to do some interesting things.

Using the code


You should add the using statement at head of your .NET file like below

using GameBaster.Diablo3.API;

How to get profile infomration?

Pass the Diablo III tag string to the constructor of Profile class. The tag format should look like: Yourname#Number.

Profile profile = new Profile(tag);
List<Hero> list = profile.HeroList; 

In current version, the Cache is set to true by default. This means the API will download necessary resources and save .JSON and items pictures to the cache path when you first time run the application. When these resources download, the API will not retrieve them again (in order to improve application performance).

How to display the hero's head picture?

This is a sample code to show a hero's head picture on a button.

using (Stream myStream = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream(hero.HeadPicture))
        Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(myStream); 
        btn.BackgroundImage = bmp; 
        btn.BackgroundImageLayout = ImageLayout.None; 

If you go to definition of HeadPicture you'll find similar code. The head picture resources are located at the folder HeadPicture, they had been merged into the windows form application resources.

public string HeadPicture
      return String.Format("Diablo3Profile.HeadPicture.{0}_{1}.png", this._class.Replace("-", ""), this.male);

What's the class Profile?

Class Profile is the entry for this API which include 3 main properties: MonstersKilled,ElitesKilled and a dictionary that contains all of the heros who belong to the tag.

The D3 API doc told us, we could get user profile information via a HTTP GET operation. You could find this line in the constructor of the class Profile. Be careful, do NOT forget the last "/" after the {0} parameter.

this.apiurl = String.Format("{0}/", tag.Replace("#", "-"));  

When you download the data through the WebClient class, you could use JSON helper or any other helper class to analyze the data. Because I do not know much about JSON, I had to use String.IndexOf and String.SubString methods to finish the resolving work.

In fact, in the Profile constructor method, I'd resolved the JSON string and split basic hero information, such as ID, Name, Level, Class, Paragon Class, etc.

What's the class Hero?

Class Hero include the basic hero information just like the last line of "What's the class Profile", and also a dictionary which contains all of the items which belong to this hero.

You could get the hero's items through the D3 API via a HTTP GET. The URL is a little different with the prior profile URL. It looks like this: 

string url = String.Format("{0}/hero/{1}", this.tag.Replace("#", "-"),; 

You may find the D3 API require the tag string should use the "-" instead of the "#" .And the {1} parameter is the hero id, you can retrieve this from the class Profile.

All of the items information are retrieved from public method GetItemList.

public Dictionary<string, Item> GetItemList() 

This method does not need any parameters, and will return a generic Dictionary instance which include all of the items. The key in the dictionary is the item type instead of a individual name, such as "head" instead of "Some Head Item". And the value in the dictionary is an instance of the class Item.

Here are parts of the method GetItemList. All of the main work is done by another method, "GetItem".

<pre>itemlist.Add("head", GetItem(info, "head"));
itemlist.Add("torso", GetItem(info, "torso"));
itemlist.Add("feet", GetItem(info, "feet"));
itemlist.Add("hands", GetItem(info, "hands"));
itemlist.Add("shoulders", GetItem(info, "shoulders"));
itemlist.Add("legs", GetItem(info, "legs"));
itemlist.Add("bracers", GetItem(info, "bracers"));
itemlist.Add("mainhand", GetItem(info, "mainHand"));
itemlist.Add("offhand", GetItem(info, "offHand"));
itemlist.Add("waist", GetItem(info, "waist"));
itemlist.Add("rightfinger", GetItem(info, "rightFinger"));
itemlist.Add("leftfinger", GetItem(info, "leftFinger"));
itemlist.Add("neck", GetItem(info, "neck"));    

In the GetItem method, I simply resolve the JSON string by the parameter key.

private Item GetItem(string content, string key)

Here, we should use the other D3 API via HTTP GET operation.

string url = "" + itemtip;   

The itemtip is split from the JSON data. When you send the GET request to, you'll get the detailed information for this item. The information is big and rich, you can find a number of things, such as Name, Type, Image, Color. You can also find some basic but importand properties, like strength, vitality, intelligence, MF and resistance all.

At last, I add the GDI+ information in the API code. I do not have a clear thoughts on where to put such image loaction, lable location and line location information. Maybe I'll refactor the code and move these complex Points array to other class.

I think, now you could understand the key part of this application.

What's the class Profile?

Class Helper include some configuration info, such as Cache, JSON analysis. Again, I do not have the knowledge on how to resolve the JSON string, So I use the simple String operations to complete this task.

How to merge all of information and show a magic picture?

All of the UI operations are coded in the file MyPanel.cs. The class MyPanel is derived from UserControl, for a better performance, I'd set the style on this control just like below code. The 3 ControlStyles are merged by the "OR" operator, this can greatly improve the GDI+ performance.

private void MyPanel_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
	this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.OptimizedDoubleBuffer | ControlStyles.UserPaint | ControlStyles.AllPaintingInWmPaint, true);

The kernel code are all in the method MyPanel_Paint, which include 7 parts

  • Create a buffered DC: Created the other DC object from an empty image.
  • Draw background image: Draw the background image in the DC. Until now, the D3 contains 10 background images, you can find this from folder Background.
  • Draw hero name and level and class : Simply using the Graphics.DrawString method, the font I use is Palatino Linotype, font size is 48.0F.
  • Draw all of the items: The Items include item picture, line and descriptions. The most important part is these GDI+ objects location information. I stored all of these into the Item instance, you can find it from class Hero, method GetItem.
  • Draw 3 check boxes: The 3 check boxes are the main property for hero, MF and Resistance all. For different hero class, the 1st check box will show the difference property name, such as Strength, Intelligences.
  • Draw tool tip: The tooltip is the detailed decriptions for an item. I extract the basic and hidden data from the JSON attributes_raw section in the methodGetAttributesRaw.
  • Draw buffered image to current DC: When all of the things drawn completed in the second DC, now you can quickly copy the image data to current DC.

Points of Interest

You can find the original Blizzard API here:


This is a version 0.1. The next version will include hero skill information, and will add event handler to some methods.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Charles Ju
Software Developer
China China
I love C#.
I love using windbg to help customers solve the performance issues.

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