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Hiee Sirs/Guys .. .
Can You Please Suggest Me Any New Innovative Project Titles For My main project in JAVA And Cloud Computing ..
Please . . .

How about one that teaches the use of initiative[^]?
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Jan-13 15:47pm    
My 5 just for the text you put as innerHtml of your anchor (<a href>...) element!

I really hope you would like my answer in a similar spirit. I fount this quotation — really interesting, please take a look...

I recently found a wonderful passage from a book I use to learn some industrial design. It is written by a very famous designer, the owner of the successful leading design studio represented in several countries, often getting very expensive orders. Even though it mostly appeals to young designers, it is very well applicable to students in any creative field of activity, and very much to programming:

Most problems are solved in a wonderfully simple way: you need to take it and make it. For example, young designers often write to the author, asking him to give them a test task, so they could show themselves. The author always gives them all the same task: create your own task and do it. If a designer really worth something (it means, can solve problems), this person will simply bring the samples of excellent works. And, where to get such samples? You need to make them. And, how to make them? Start with something simple, for example, organize the food in your own refrigerator. And what if there is no any food in the refrigerator? Take a pencil and draw it. And what if you have no pencil? From this point — you are on your own.

Kovodstvo, § 149
[Translation into English is mine — SA]

My own advice I provided in the past, could be considered as some detailing of Artemy's simple conception. Please see:
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Richard MacCutchan 25-Jan-13 4:38am    
Yes, I like the article extract, very good advice.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Jan-13 9:26am    
Thank you, Richard.

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