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Extended Splitter Window Class

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26 Apr 20011 min read 180.2K   3.8K   34   26
An extended splitter window class that makes creating 'T' style layouts simple

Sample Image - CExSplitter3Wnd.jpg


I needed a 3 window splitter that will split the window in a "T" shape as opposed to 3 columns or 3 rows. This CExSplitter3Wnd class will allow you to create a 3 window splitter according to a pre-defined layout. Below are the patterns that are defined. Note that you can add any layout you wish:

Image 2

Note that PATTERN_5 and PATTERN_6 are created the usual way. The other 4 patterns show the extended style.

To create one of those patterns:

  1. Override the OnCreateClient function in your SDI MainFrame.
  2. Construct a new CExSplitter3Wnd object.
  3. Set style and initial view sizes.
  4. Call the set pattern function with the following parameters:
    • CWnd* pParent
    • SPLIT_PATTERN SplitPattern
    • CRuntimeClass* pFirstView
    • CRuntimeClass* pSecView
    • CRuntimeClass* pThirdView
    • CCreateContext* pContext

SPLIT_PATTERN is an enum defined:

typedef enum 
    PATTERN_1 ,
    PATTERN_2 ,
    PATTERN_3 ,
    PATTERN_4 ,
    PATTERN_5 ,
    PATTERN_6 ,



BOOL CMainFrame::OnCreateClient(LPCREATESTRUCT lpcs, CCreateContext* pContext)
    // TODO: Add your specialized code here and/or call the base class

    m_pTopWndSplitter  = new CExSplitter3Wnd;

    m_pTopWndSplitter->SetStyle(WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER);
    return TRUE;

You can retrieve the different view sizes by calling one of the dimension functions. Each view (first, second, third) has its own function:

void GetFirsWndDim(int* nCurrDim,int* nMinDim);
void GetSecWndDim(int* nCurrDim,int* nMinDim);
void GetThirdWndDim(int* nCurrDim,int* nMinDim);


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You could try Zoran Todorovics VisualFX which provides a more flexible way to add views to a Frame: | :cool:

John Curtis.
Software guy.
Fatlab Software.
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