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Posted 13 Oct 2005


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JavaScript DatePicker

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24 Feb 2006
The DatePicker is a control for use on the client side of ASP.NET applications.

Sample Image - datepicker.gif


Here is the sample code for a DatePicker in JavaScript. It can be used on HTML pages or as an ASP control - like I use it (see demo files).

Here is the code snippet of the JS code (part of the "render" function):

DatePicker.prototype.render = function()
     var oT1, oTR1, oTD1, oTH1;
     var oT2, oTR2, oTD2;
     this.oSpan = document.getElementById(;
     this.oSpan.appendChild(oT1 = document.createElement("table"));
     oT1.width = "200";
     oT1.border = 1;
     oTR1 = oT1.insertRow(oT1.rows.length);
     oTD1 = oTR1.insertCell(oTR1.cells.length);
     oTD1.colSpan = 7;
     oTD1.className = 'DatePickerHdr';
     oT2 = document.createElement("table");
     oT2.width = "100%";
     oT2.border = 0;
     // New row.
     oTR2 = oT2.insertRow(oT2.rows.length);
     // Previous month.
     oTD2 = oTR2.insertCell(oTR2.cells.length);
     oTD2.title = this.texts.prevMonth;
     oTD2.onclick = function() { this.oDatePicker.onPrev(); }
     oTD2.oDatePicker = this;
     oTD2.innerHTML = "<img src="images/datepicker/prev.gif">";
     oTD2.className = 'DatePickerHdrBtn';
     // Month combo.
     oTD2 = oTR2.insertCell(oTR2.cells.length);
     oTD2.title = this.texts.monthTitle;
     this.oMonth = document.createElement("select");
     this.oMonth.oDatePicker = this;
     this.oMonth.onchange = this.oMonth.onkeyup = 
          function() { this.oDatePicker.onMonth(); }
     for(var i = 0; i < 12; i++)
        this.oMonth.add(new Option(this.texts.months[i], i),undefined);
     this.oMonth.className = 'DatePickerHdrBtn';
     // Year combo.
     oTD2 = oTR2.insertCell(oTR2.cells.length);
     oTD2.title = this.texts.yearTitle;
     this.oYear = document.createElement("select");
     this.oYear.oDatePicker = this;
     this.oYear.onchange = this.oYear.onkeyup = 
          function() { this.oDatePicker.onYear(); }

I did use Russian language and Russian date format because the need of the picker was for a Russian site. But the language and format the picker uses can be changed very simply - just change the array values and the "fill" method:

DatePicker.prototype.fill = function()
     // first clear all
     // place the dates in the calendar
     var nRow = 0;
     var d = new Date(this.dt.getTime());
     var m = d.getMonth();
     for ( d.setDate(1); d.getMonth() == m; 
           d.setTime(d.getTime() + 86400000) ) {
        var nCol = d.getDay();
        if(nCol == 0) nCol = 7;
        nCol = nCol-1;
        this.aCells[nRow][nCol].innerHTML = d.getDate();
        if ( d.getDate() == this.dt.getDate() ) {
           this.aCells[nRow][nCol].className = 
        if ( nCol == 6 ) nRow++;
     // set the month combo
     this.oMonth.value = m;
     // set the year text
     this.oYear.value = this.dt.getFullYear();

That is all. I do really think the control is very useful.


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