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Posted 23 Mar 2006


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Remote Shutdown in VB.NET 2003 and C#.NET 2008

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4.31 (36 votes)
3 Jun 2010     CPOL    
Shutdown, reboot, and log-off your remote PCs.
Sample screenshot

Sample screenshot


This application can be used to shutdown, reboot, and logoff remote PCs. Client application that is 'remoteClientX' must be installed on client PCs and 'ServerX' is used to give commands like shutdown, reboot and logoff.

Listen State Module of remoteClientX

Sub ListenToServer()
    Dim LISTENING As Boolean
    Dim localhostAddress As IPAddress = IPAddress.Parse(ipAddress.ToString)
    Dim port As Integer = 63000
    ''''''''''' making socket tcpList 
    Dim tcpList As New TcpListener(localhostAddress, port)
      LISTENING = True
      Do While LISTENING
        Do While tcpList.Pending = False And LISTENING = True
          ' Yield the CPU for a while.
        If Not LISTENING Then Exit Do

        Dim tcpCli As TcpClient = tcpList.AcceptTcpClient()
        Dim ns As NetworkStream = tcpCli.GetStream
        Dim sr As New StreamReader(ns)
        ''''''''' get data from server'''''''''''''''
        Dim receivedData As String = sr.ReadLine()
        If receivedData = "###SHUTDOWN###" Then
          trShutdown = New Thread(AddressOf shutdown)trShutdown.Start()
        End If
        If receivedData = "###REBOOT###" Then
          trReboot = New Thread(AddressOf reboot)trReboot.Start()
        End If
        If receivedData = "###LOGOFF###" Then
          trLogOff = New Thread(AddressOf logoff)trLogOff.Start()
        End If
        Dim returnedData As String = "###OK###" '& " From Server"
        Dim sw As New StreamWriter(ns)
    Catch ex As Exception
      LISTENING = False
    End Try
End Sub

Here port address is taken as 63000.

ServerX Shutdown Request Module

Sub SendMessage()
  Dim host As String = txtClientIP.Text
  Dim port As Integer = 63000
    Dim tcpCli As New TcpClient(host, port)
    Dim ns As NetworkStream = tcpCli.GetStream

    ' Send data to the client.
    Dim sw As New StreamWriter(ns)
    If rbShutdown.Checked = True Then
    End If

    If rbReboot.Checked = True Then
    End If
    If rbLogOff.Checked = True Then
    End If
    If rbNothing.Checked = True Then
    End If
    ' Receive and display data.
    Dim sr As New StreamReader(ns)
    Dim result As String = sr.ReadLine()
    If result = "###OK###" Then
        MsgBox("Operation Performed!!!", MsgBoxStyle.Information, _
               "Accepted by client")
    End If

  Catch ex As Exception
  End Try
End Sub

Note: remoteClientX must be run on remote PCs & check the network IP address.

t = objComputer.Win32Shutdown(8 + 4, 0)

The above statement is used to shutdown the system. Here 8 is the code for shutdown and 4 is for Force that is 8+4 : force shutdown, same for reboot and logoff.

Force shutdown: 8+4
Force reboot    : 2+4
LogOff            : 0

Note: remoteClientX uses WMI that is Win32_OperatingSystem class for force shutdown, force reboot, logoff.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Hari Om Prakash Sharma
Software Developer
India India

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