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Multi-line InputBox control - MC++

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7 Jun 2002CPOL
A .NET port of my MFC CFrameWnd derived InputBox class, written using MC++


Normal single-line InputBox

Image 1

Multi-line InputBox

Image 2

Demo app

Image 3

Using the class

Just add a reference to InputBox.dll in your project. The class is part of the namespace CodeProject.WinForms. So you might want to add

using CodeProject.WinForms
on top of your source files. Of course that is if you are using C#. For an MC++ app you need to put
using namespace 
on top of your source files.

InputBox Constructor

InputBox(); - This creates a normal InputBox with a single Input Line
InputBox(bool); - Depending on the bool you pass, this overload will create a multi-line InputBox if you pass true and a single line InputBox if you pass false


InputBox m_ib = new InputBox();
InputBox m_multi_ib = new InputBox(true);

Show() - The key function

This has two overloads.

String* Show(String* prompt);<br>
String* Show(String* prompt, String* title);

prompt - This is the prompt text that will appear in the InputBox. It's a Label control and thus it will word wrap.

title - This is the window title of the InputBox

Return Value

The String that was entered is returned, if the OK button was clicked. If the Cancel button was clicked an empty string is returned.

Sample Code

InputBox m_ib = new InputBox(true);
this.textBox2.Text = m_ib.Show("Enter your address please.",
    "Your address");

The class structure

// InputBox.h

#pragma once

using namespace System;
using namespace System::ComponentModel;
using namespace System::Drawing;
using namespace System::Windows::Forms;

namespace CodeProject
    namespace WinForms
        public __gc class InputBox
            Form* InputForm;
            TextBox* InputText;
            Label* PromptText;
            Button* BtnOk;
            Button* BtnCancel;
            bool m_multiline;

            void InitializeComponent();
            String* Show();
            void BtnOk_Click(Object* sender,
                EventArgs* e);
            void BtnCancel_Click(Object* sender,
                EventArgs* e);
            String* Show(String* prompt);
            String* Show(String* prompt, String* title);


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Nish Nishant
United States United States
Nish Nishant is a Principal Software Architect based out of Columbus, Ohio. He has over 17 years of software industry experience in various roles including Lead Software Architect, Principal Software Engineer, and Product Manager. Nish was a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP between 2002 and 2015.

Nish is an industry acknowledged expert in the Microsoft technology stack. He authored C++/CLI in Action for Manning Publications in 2005, and had previously co-authored Extending MFC Applications with the .NET Framework for Addison Wesley in 2003. In addition, he has over 140 published technology articles on and another 250+ blog articles on his WordPress blog. Nish is vastly experienced in team management, mentoring teams, and directing all stages of software development.

Contact Nish : If you are interested in hiring Nish as a consultant, you can reach him via his google email id voidnish.

Company Website :

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Posted 7 Jun 2002


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