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CStarWarsCtrl - Star Wars Credits Control

Sample Image


This is an attempt to create a control which looks like the credits of the Star Wars movies. Only a few simple GDI functions are used to establish this effect: Ellipse for the stars in the background and StretchBlt for scrolling text. The control is derived from CStatic.


To use the class in your application you need to do the following:

  1. Insert the .h and .cpp files into your project.
  2. Add a static control into your dialog resource.
  3. Add a member variable for that static control.
  4. Initialize the eventsink
  5. Modify the variable declaration.

  6. Change this:
    CStatic m_StarWarsCtrl; 
    To this:
    CStarWarsCtrl m_StarWarsCtrl; 
  7. In your InitDialog message handler set the speed and add some text. Use these member functions:
  8. m_StarWarsCtrl.SetStarSpeed(30);
    m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("A long time ago");
    m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("in a galaxy far far away");
    m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("this application was programmed by");
    m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("Pablo van der Meer");

Contacting the Author

Please send any comments or bug reports to me via email. For any updates to this article, check my site here.
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