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Posted 1 Apr 2009


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Mobile Asset Inventory with Source Code

1 Apr 2009CPOL2 min read
Resco’s brand new mobile business solution prototype for inventory management.

This article is in the Product Showcase section for our sponsors at CodeProject. These articles are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers.

Based on ten years experience in mobile environment Resco decided to create a new mobile business solution prototype called Resco Asset Inventory. It is a fully customizable off-site asset inventory management software solution for managing asset inventory in fast, simple and comfortable way. Resco Asset Inventory is suitable for all types of companies — from small to large enterprises.

The purpose of Resco Asset Inventory is tracking and control of asset inventory, its status, relocation within sites, factories, buildings, rooms, etc. The process of inventory tracking reposes on barcode scanning system.


Asset InventoryAsset InventoryAsset Inventory

Resco Asset Inventory consists of two modules: Functional and Administration. In the Administration part the user can do the import, export, backup and restore of the data. The workflow is clearly defined: Fist of all, the data is imported into the Resco Asset Inventory. Then, particular room is picked up either manually or by barcode scanner. All inventories in the room can be scanned or added manually. At the end, the data is exported to the external database. The Functional part enables inventory management itself. The user can view, edit and control inventory details or add notes. Inventory can be sorted according to the needs of the end-customer. Moreover, the solution possesses of multiple inventory filtering options.

Resco Asset Inventory is powered by Resco MobileForms Toolkit 2009 and supplied with thoroughly commented and well structured C# source code.

Resco Asset Inventory is optimized for mobile devices Symbol MC (successfully tested on MC 50 (2003), MC55 (WM 5.0) and MC 75 (WM 6.1)). But in general, the solution can be employed to any type of mobile device that has integrated barcode scanner.

Resco Asset Inventory is optimized for Symbol MC

The mobile application fulfills all modern UI trends of the current mobile technology. Resco developers focused on the functionality as well as on the graphic design of the solution. The whole application supports full finger—touch control. Thus, user’s comfort is ensured. The solution is provided as the Microsoft Visual Studio project, so it is customizable and can be branded based on customer's needs and preferences. The application structure is easily customizable according to the predefined inventory structure.

Resco Asset Inventory is interconnected with existing inventory database. The system can be easily integrated with back-office systems. Resco Asset Inventory is able to import data from SAP and other 3rd party DB software companies.


There is plenty of solutions of similar kind in the global mobile software market. Most of them are offered by vendors with strict run-time licensing directly to end-customers. Resco, on the contrary, targets Integrators and Vendors that do not have much experience with mobile solutions development. Thus the development process would take them too much time and cause unnecessary complications. Utilization of Resco Asset Inventory prototype with source code and customization opportunities creates perfect start-up for successful inventory management application development.

For more information about Resco Asset Inventory.
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