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Posted 24 Aug 2000


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A Comprehensive CE Class Library to Replace ATL and MFC

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4 Oct 2000CPOL
A collection of classes for CE that do not use ATL or MFC, plus an FTP client, database viewer, and sample application that solves beam deflection equations.


CeLib is a collection of classes that are a cross between ATL and MFC Window classes with some additional functionality thrown in to get some of the functionality you get from MFC (string, network and UI).

I first started programming for Windows CE version 2.0 for HPC and 2.01 for Palm-sized PC. The only tools available were a Visual Studio 5.0 plugin for C++ and a Visual Basic plugin for 5.0. MFC was available for the 2.0 HPC platform, but not for 2.01 Palm-sized PC, in addition it was a 300+ K additional installation and wasn't yet included on most ROMs. I needed to write applications that would run on both so MFC and ATL were out. So I looked at the source for MFC and ATL and some other window class library and stole the ideas and wrote my own.

An application with significant functionality can be created in 20k. The database browser that is included is about 50k and requires no DLLs that aren't already installed.

Version Information

These libraries will build for operating system versions 2.0, 2.01 and 2.11. They have been tested and work on HPC 2.0, Palm-sized PC 1.0, Palm-sized PC 1.2, HPC Pro 3.0, and PocketPC in compatibility mode.

Some Important Files

CePlatform.h Compile time defines to make life easier for version differences in library includes all libraries required for COM and normal Window functionality. Library names are different across different version of CE as well as between the emulator and non-emulator versions, this header hides those differences.

Also note that in Windows CE, many library functions from Windows 95/NT like WINSOCK and TAPI are included in the standard libraries, NOT in special libraries.

CeDebug.h Debug support such as TRACE, ASSERT
CeMisc.h Miscellaneous helper classes

Class Descriptions


CeString reference counted string class, CString plus numeric conversion

User Interface

CeBaseWnd A wrapper around HWND that provides for windows calls, but does not handle messages at all.
CeMsgWnd Message Handling for any class through multiple inheritance.
CeWnd Derived from both CeBaseWnd and CeMsgWnd to create the functionality of CWindowImpl (ATL) or CWnd (MFC), a basic Window wrapper
CeCmdBar Wrapper class for CE command bars
CeCombo Wrapper class for comboboxes
CeSplitFrame Frame Splitter class
CeTabCtrl Tab control wrapper
CDialogScroll Dialog with scroll bars
CeStatic Static control wrapper
CeChildMgr A class for managing child window positioning within a common parent
CePropertySheet Property sheet wrapper
CePropertyPage Property page wrapper
CeDialog Dialog wrapper class
CeFontDlg Font chooser dialog wrapper
CeStaticGroup Group box class

Modules, Control and Threads

CeCriticalSection CRITICALSECTION wrapper
CeWaitableHandle HANDLE wrapper with WaitForXXXXObject() support
CeManualEvent Manual Reset EVENT class
CeAutoEvent Auto Reset EVENT class
CeWaitObjects A class for constructing a list of object that can be waited for in concert (WaitforMultipleObjects, MsgWaitforMultipleObjects, etc.)
CeWorkerThread Thread wrapper class
CeAppModule Wrapper for an application's instance


CeSocket Socket wrapper classes
CeSockAddr Socket Address (SOCKADDR) wrapper
CeFtpClient FTP client class, a native implementation on the CeSocket class

Operating System

CeFindFile FindFile wrapper
CeRegKey Registry API wrapper
CeResource Simple Resource access
CeVersionInfo Version info extraction


CeArray Simple array class
CeSimpleMap Simple map (hashtable) class
CeRect RECT wrapper class
CePoint POINT wrapper class


CeDb CE native database support


CeInkCtrl Wraps the Ink control
CeRichInkCtrl Wraps the Rich Ink control
CeRas RAS API wrapper
CeToolTip Tooltip class


  • 5th October, 2000 - Updated with both functional and PocketPC support changes


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Kenny G
United States United States
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