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Posted 19 Jul 2004


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Network Sniffer

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19 Jul 2004CPOL
Network Sniffer

Sample Image - Sniffer.jpg


A "Packet Sniffer" is a utility that sniffs without modifying the network's packets in any way. By comparison, a firewall sees all of a computer's packet traffic as well, but it has the ability to block and drop any packets that its programming dictates. Packet sniffers merely watch, display, and log this traffic.

One disturbingly powerful aspect of packet sniffers is their ability to place the hosting machine's network adapter into "promiscuous mode." Network adapters running in promiscuous mode receive not only the data directed to the machine hosting the sniffing software, but also ALL of the traffic on the physically connected local network.

I hope that this piece of code will help you understand the network better.


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Eran Aharonovich
Software Developer
Australia Australia
Been a programmer since 1999.
Experience in:
.Net, C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, DLLs, COM etc.

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