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CSerialIO - A Useful and Simple Serial Communication Class

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5 Aug 2010CPOL
It implements the serial communication using a thread to enable data being captured anytime, you just handle the event of READ/WRITE/OPEN/CLOSE via inheriting this class


I have searched a lot of samples supporting synchronous and asynchronous serial communication, but the drawback is that I need to implement a thread or a timer to always keep reading the serial data, so I encapsulated this serial communication class with a thread to make it easy to handle the event (READ/WRITE/OPEN/CLOSE) of accessing serial port.

The SerialCtrlDemo project illustrates how to use CSerialIO class and is easy to present the serial communication event information as depicted in the following UI:


CSerialIO Class

The CSerialIO class is defined for external API and the primary methods listed below:

class CSerialIO{ 
virtual ~CSerialIO(); 
void OpenPort(CString strPortName,CString strBaudRate);//open serial port with 
					//parameter port name and baud rate 
virtual void OnEventOpen(BOOL bSuccess);	//handle the event whether the port is 
					//successfully opened 
void ClosePort();//close serial port 
virtual void OnEventClose(BOOL bSuccess);	//handle the event whether the port 
					//is successfully closed 
virtual void OnEventRead(char *inPacket,int inLength);	//handle the received data 
						//from serial 
void Write(char *outPacket,int outLength);	// write data directly 
virtual void OnEventWrite(int nWritten); 	//handle the event of how many bytes 
					//have been written 

How to Use CSerialIO Class

Take the following steps to use the CSerialIO class:

  1. Add the SerialCtrl.h & SerialCtrl.cpp files in your VC++ project.
  2. Add the line #include "SerialCtrl.h" in your dialog's header file.
  3. Inherit the CSerialIO class in your dialog.
  4. Handle the event (READ/WRITE/OPEN/CLOSE) in your dialog class via overwrite the virtual function.
//Handle the event of opening serial port
void CSerialCtrlDemoDlg::OnEventOpen(BOOL bSuccess)
 CString str;
 if (bSuccess)
  str=m_strPortName+" open successfully";
  str=m_strPortName+" open failed";

//handle the event of closing serial port
void CSerialCtrlDemoDlg::OnEventClose(BOOL bSuccess)
 CString str;
 if (bSuccess)
  str=m_strPortName+" close successfully";
  str=m_strPortName+" close failed";

//Handle the event of reading data from serial port
void CSerialCtrlDemoDlg::OnEventRead(char *inPacket,int inLength)
 CString str;
 str.Format("%d bytes read",inLength);

//Handle the event of writing data 
void CSerialCtrlDemoDlg::OnEventWrite(int nWritten)
 if (nWritten>0)
  CString str;
  str.Format("%d bytes written",nWritten);
  m_staticInfo.SetWindowText("Write failed");


This code has been verified with RS-232 connector, and you can easily customize the event handler in run function of SerialThread class.


  • 5th August, 2010: Initial post


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

China China
I am a software engineer with programming experience C/C++, MFC/Win32,Assembler(C51/ARM),Java and work in Science Park of ShenZhen City,the global manufacturer center,in China.
I like pingpong,basketball,bowling and table tennis sport.

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Posted 5 Aug 2010


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