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by Vinodh-G
VSCollectionKit is a library for building applications views/screens in a consistent and understandable way, with advantages like composition, independent and testing.
by Ahmed Bouchefra
Solutions to problems you'll encounter when creating new virtual devices
by DRappJr
Allow picker to show selected item by a bound ID such as by key/value list choices
by mreinslc
Simple tricks that may help you get your Emulators with Google Play Store up and running and shared between Android Studio and Visual Studio 2019


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7 Aug 2008
Jon Person
In part two of the series, the author of "GPS.NET" teaches developers how to write GPS applications suitable for the real world by mastering GPS precision concepts. Source code includes a working NMEA interpreter and sample high-precision application in C# and VB.NET.
7 Aug 2008
Jon Person
What is it that GPS applications need to be good enough to use for in-car navigation? Also, how does the process of interpreting GPS data actually work? In this three-part series, I will cover both topics and give you the skills you need to write a commercial-grade GPS application.
29 Jan 2010
Detailed comparison between Windows Mobile Marketplace, Apple's iPhone AppStore and Android Market from developer point of view.
29 Jan 2011
Analyzing the Snake game, we'll study an application for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, focusing on localization, Inversion of Control, navigation, transition effects, triggers, Isolated Storage, audio and we'll also use Blend to create a rounded glowing button, and other things...
19 Jul 2010
Joel Ivory Johnson
This is a first in a series of articles to get some one up and running with iPhone development. This first article is to help you identify what hardware you need for development, and gives a quick introduction to Objective-C.
13 Sep 2010
Ali Ozgur
Android tutorial with sample styled calculator implementation
28 Sep 2010
The Manoj Kumar
The Minesweeper game for Android.
10 Feb 2009
A step by step tutorial for getting GPS from any SmartPhone, even without GPS built in, and then making location useful.
20 Mar 2012
Evgeny Vinnik
Step-by-step Android Live Wallpaper creation guide for absolute beginners
24 Mar 2009
It's an interface that works with transparency effects. As a sample, I used an interface just like the iPhone one. In this tutorial, I explain how simple it is to work with transparency on Windows Mobile.
4 Jul 2015
Peter Leow
Putting faces on Your Android App.
21 Sep 2011
Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of XAML Finance, a cross-platform application which works on the desktop, using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), on the web, using Silverlight and on Windows Phone 7 (WP7).
24 Mar 2013
Describes the power of C# in building professional application - Stock Market Watch with Charts on Android platform using Mono C#.
2 Jun 2004
Jonas Follesø
An article on Pocket PC game development.
18 Aug 2010
Felix Geilert
Covers the basics of Android application development (you don't even need an Android phone).
23 Jul 2010
Daniel Vaughan
Get a head start with the new Windows Phone 7 developer tools. Learn how to create a Sokoban game in Silverlight for the WP7 platform.
31 Jul 2013
Shakeel Iqbal
This Article gives a basic concept for developing Android app.
13 Mar 2016
Simple example showing how to communicate between Android and .NET application.
22 Mar 2009
Joel Ivory Johnson
Collection of information on interacting with the power manager to take advantage of or disable power saving features in Windows Mobile devices.
14 Nov 2010
defwebserver, Alan Beasley
A Designer/Developer collaboration in an example of a Windows Phone 7 View Model Style Video Player