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Internet of Things

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by José Cintra
IoT architecture proposal for sensor data acquisition modules using the REDIS database and the GO language
by fd9750
Overview of required tools to cross compile/build/remote debug C/C++ projects on a Windows host ( 10 ) for a Raspberry PI 3B
by Abdelhady Naguib
This is an open source GUI tool used to simulate mobile Robot (anchor node) according to different static path planning mechanisms. The proposed tool is part of project at the following link:
by Joan M
Activating and deactivating a smart socket from Windows


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3 Jan 2015
Dan Thyer
Remote control a squirt gun, open the garage, and water the garden all through .net
12 May 2014
Christoph Buenger, DaSpors
Build a low-cost HD video surveillance cam with worldwide access from any browser
17 Aug 2016
Are you a developer? .. then you can build a robot...
4 Mar 2019
Intro and Chapter 1 - In this book, we will learn basic electronics as we build our first circuit, learn what electronic components do and finally build our own devices.
12 Jan 2015
Dan Thyer
I built my own Internet of Things, IoT, home automation system that is controlling 30 different things with 4 different types of microcontrollers with nearly 150 commands. This article talks about IoT design patterns and the lessons learned from the design patterns that I have used.
4 Apr 2016
Mircea Diaconescu
Build a cheap, under 30€, Weather Station Sensor Node with the help of an Arduino board, and use WiFi connection to control it with any Android device.
14 Jan 2015
Naren Neelamegam
A complete walk through on IoT Device programming, Web Service programming and IoT Client programming.
28 Sep 2013
Nicolas Dorier
Leaking the digital on our physical world for .NET Developers
12 Feb 2014
Joel Ivory Johnson
A walk through on modifying an RC car to be controlled by a Windows Phone
11 Mar 2016
Marco Bertschi
Serial communication with an Arduino Board via C# and the SerialPort class from the System.IO.Ports namespace
28 Jan 2015
Connect a (laser-cut) model house to the internet and take control of it's lights and doors!
11 Aug 2016
Finding true North using GPS and a compass with Raspberry Pi.
9 Dec 2014
All about working with with Sensors, Actuators and Other Hardware With Arduino
15 Nov 2016
Hussain Patel
Raspberry Pi - the incredibly small computer of the size of credit card and cost less than $40 has gained popularity not only because of this but its capability for connecting to electronics and devices using the GIPO pins.
26 Oct 2014
A beginners guide to Internet of Things: Common Questions that were never answered!
17 Jul 2009
Create a MIDI expression pedal with an Arduino circuit board
12 Aug 2016
Florian Rappl
We utilize the Microsoft Bot Framework in conjunction with LUIS to make a Node.js powered bot available online via an ASP.NET Web API proxy. A software mock for the smart home system is supplied. Likewise a tutorial for a hardware mock using the CC3200 and / or sensor tags is provided.
24 Jul 2015
A mini howto on using bass.dll & wrapper.
9 Nov 2014
Mahsa Hassankashi
If you know C# or VB you are ready to learn desirable and Simple way for monitoring your environmental condition (measure temperature, humidity, GPS coordinate position, vibration) and set alarms (turn on or blinking LED, buzzer and etc) by installing NET Micro Framework and buy compatible board (F
10 Nov 2014
Introduction to Raspberry pi with Raspbian OS. Also a small example of building a simple circuit and programming the same
17 Jul 2009
Interfacing an Arduino with a character LCD and a graphic LCD
8 Jan 2018
Learn about batteries, breadboards, continuity tests, drawing circuits, reading schematics. Learn what a breadboard is, how it works and build our first circuit on one.
15 Jan 2019
Phil Hopley
First part in a series on a ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot.
16 Oct 2015
A brief explanation of application development for Android Wear, helpful for every beginner and intermediate android developer.
13 Sep 2013
Bought, Imaged and Booted - So far so good!
17 Oct 2015
Pooja Baraskar
Intel Edison is small enough to use as a wearable, so why not we make a smart watch with Edison.
22 Dec 2014
This tutorial present a step by step guide for building the ultimate robotic control and information sinking for Arduino Controlled Robots over Internet of Things
11 Oct 2010
Home built joystick type radio control transmitter based on Arduino
28 Jun 2016
Let's learn something about Arduino & start our journey on IOT!
11 Jan 2019
Marc Clifton
Implementing an SSL capable server in .NET Core WITHOUT ASP.NET, using nginx, and testing Postgres with EF, all running on an rPi.
8 Nov 2014
Simple example showing how to implement live video streaming from Raspberry Pi camera to a .NET application.
3 Dec 2014
Joel Ivory Johnson
This is a walkthrough creating a speedometer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
27 Jul 2016
Steps for building a device you can add to your existing garage door, which implements an atmega328, bluetooth (hc-05) and relay module which will allow you to open your garage door from any paired Android device.
12 May 2015
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Tutorial to create sharp 720P pictures by day and night and has a website that shows the last 10 pictures
20 Oct 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
What are the wearable devices and what is the role of Internet of Things in them and how do they interact to make things better and easy.
9 Mar 2015
Jan Dolinay
This article describes faster but still easy-to-use version of digital I/O for Arduino
30 Jun 2018
Matt McGuire
Using an Arduino Nano to control all the working lights on an old 1978 Suzuki GS500
14 Oct 2015
Mitchell J.
Introducing Wearable Chess - a complete, open-source chess app for Android Wearables!
10 Nov 2014
This is an article in effort to share my learning about Netduino Plus 2 with the examples.
8 May 2016
Marc Clifton
My adventure with hardware and communicating between a BeagleBoneBlack and a C# app on Windows.
20 May 2018
Chapter 4 - Resistors and Resistance
30 Aug 2017
Andrew Kirillov
The article describes cam2web project - an open source application aimed for streaming cameras as MJPEG streams.
17 Jul 2009
Introduction to Arduino hardware platform
24 Feb 2010
An Introduction To Arduino Interrupts
16 May 2014
Jan Dolinay
This article explains why the Arduino digital I/O functions are slow and compares them with faster implementation used in Wiring framework.
22 Sep 2010
Simple implementation of a differential gap control to track the sun East/West movement
27 Oct 2009
Using the Arduino platform for a SIMON game implementation.