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by Glenn Prince
In this article, we create an object detection model.
by Glenn Prince
In this article, we'll set up everything we need to build a hardhat detector with OpenCV.
by Greg Utas
Cleaving the Gordian knot of thread safety


by on article "Quantum Computation Primer - Part 1"
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26 May 2017
Jani Giannoudis
Extensive time period calculations and individual calendar periods.
20 Aug 2003
Robert Kuster
How to inject code into another processes address space, and then execute it in the context of this process.
9 Aug 2008
Sacha Barber
A beginners guide to threading in .NET.
12 Feb 2008
Guilherme Labigalini
Sample application that manages multiple segmented downloads and supports HTTP, FTP and YouTube video downloads
14 Dec 2010
Kanasz Robert
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In this article, I will show you the visualization of some sorting algorithms. This tool also allow users to compare two algorithms.
26 Oct 2019
Mehdi Gholam
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Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4, MonoDroid and .net core support)
8 Aug 2011
Bojan Banko
Sudoku solver via a webcam: A nice computer vision application
6 Mar 2008
Hatem Mostafa
This article demonstrates differentiating expressions using a stack and displaying the input expression and its derivative.
27 Aug 2012
Ami Bar
A .NET Thread Pool fully implemented in C# with many features.
19 Nov 2006
Andrew Kirillov
The articles describes a C# library for neural network computations, and their application for several problem solving.
17 Feb 2017
Jacques Fournier
SrcChess is a chess program built in C#
10 Jan 2017
Jakub Szymanowski
The article presents idea and implementation of fundamental algorithms in image processing.
3 Jun 2007
Guillaume Leparmentier
Understand and use color models in .NET
14 Jan 2004
A full length article on .NET Code Access Security
23 Jul 2009
Apriorit Inc, Alex Kolesnyk
This article describes the first steps in low-level programming on the example of developing of simple boot loader
3 Jan 2009
How to use SynchronizationContext
26 Nov 2003
How to hide a text file in a bmp file
16 May 2007
Sacha Barber
AI : An introduction into Neural Networks
29 Apr 2009
Andre Azevedo
An asynchronous socket server and client with encryption and compression.